Sunday, December 30, 2012

Getting set apart...

All of my kids came for dinner tonight before we went to the Stake Center, where President Camp set me apart and promised that "because I was taking care of the lives of the people in Seattle, that he would take care of my family at home." What an overwhelming sense of peace that gave me.  My daughter-in-law Sue was unable to be there as she had to be at the hospital with their 3 day old (6 week preemie) daughter, who was just so anxious to meet her Grandma Frame she had to come early :)

I really am doing this.... I will be leaving Friday afternoon to drive to Boise, and then onto Seattle Saturday with my four daughters, that will be an adventure. My next post will be from Washington as an official Sister Frame, much love to all my family and friends.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Family...

Frame Family 2012
Quite an ordeal to get 35.5 individuals to stand still and smile all at the same time... but here it is, a group of people I'm leaving for 18 mos, hoping and praying I bless their life in a different way.

Monday, October 22, 2012

A call to Seattle

I received my call (after a late-night flight home from San Diego) at 3am on Friday October 19, 2012, to the Seattle, Washington Mission.  My letter stated that my "primary assignment is to labor as a Women's Auxilliary Specialist."  My mission contact in Washington said I would be "pioneering", opening the way for bright new opportunities for sisters to serve mission.

I'm not sure the details of how, where, or what I'll be doing but I am excited and anxious to be able to serve wherever the Lord will have me go. I have also called and met my companion, Sister Joan Carter from Shelly, ID who has already served 2 missions to Russia, and will hopefully be a guide through this crazy journey I am about to embark on.