Monday, September 30, 2013

"Serve The Lord with Gladness......" Psalms 100:2

Hello to all of you on this very, very rainy weekend.  The rains came, the winds blew, water crafts were off the ocean and Puget Sound and it is very cold...for this area.  If feels like the weather in January when I came to Seattle but now, whether it is rainy or not, I have learned how to drive in this area and where to find the homes...which I could not do in the rain and fog of Jan. I just want all of you to know that I love the work we are doing and we are "Serving with Gladness."  We are meeting incredible people and are making so many new friends.  Last Sunday on Sept. 29, there were eighteen less-active people to church that have not been in the building for years.  They have been reminded of 'those things they have forgotten" and realize that they do love The Lord and want to come to church and be taught and be around the people.

District Meeting was Tuesday and was conducted and taught by our new District Leader, Elder Flake from Provo, Utah.  He quoted words by Elder Dallin H. Oaks which tell the Purpose of Missionary Work.  He said, "We do not preach and teach in order to 'bring people into the Church or to increase the membership of the Church.  We do not preach and teach just to persuade people to live better lives...We invite all to come unto Christ by repentance and baptism and confirmation in order to open the doors of the celestial kingdom to the sons and daughters of God.  No one else can do this'.  Yes. this is what a mission is all about and just think of this incredible privilege it is for the 77,000 missionaries that are covering the world.  I love it!

Tuesday we visited with Tsega and Loolia,  This beautiful young mother from Eritrea (north of Ethiopia) is the mother of Loolia and is a wonderful woman.  She loves the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His teachings.  She wants very much to be baptized but right now she is unable.  Her faith in Heavenly Father is incredible!  She talks with Him about all she does...and she listens to His answers.  She has such faith.  I just love this beautiful lady and pray that her righteous prayers will be answered so that Baptism can become a reality because I know "For with God nothing shall be impossible". Luke 1:37

Wednesday Sister Carter and I went to Bellevue to the Temple.  Our session was an ASL session and I realized what a blessing it for hearing impaired people to be able to see and understand the words and the meaning just I am able to do.  Heavenly Father loves all His children and  provides many blessings and opportunities for all of us.  We enjoyed ourselves, had lunch in the temple and took pictures of the leaves starting to change colors.

Many hands make a big job easy!  Relief Society on Thursday evening enjoyed having 18 of us bring 'pot luck salads' and then we assembled 150 Humanitarian Birthing Kits that will be hand delivered to Africa.  Each plastic zip-lock contained: 1 square yard of plastic, 2 plastic gloves, 3 3x3" square of gauze, three 10" pieces of cotton string, a piece of hand soap and a razor blade. This was an amazing privilege to be able to give 'so little that will mean so much' so new-born babies will not be laid on the dirt when born and will have the cord cut with a razor instead of what they do. We visited and laughed and worked (well, not really) and ate the salads and completed the project in 1 1/2 hours.  Hurrah!!

Another day of visiting we went to the stalwarts in our SeaTac Ward.  We visited the dear Phil Smiths.  She is 92, he is 90 and they have unfailing faith and take care of each other in their home.  Brother Smith NEVER misses church though he is almost blind.  We visited the Mcleans.  He is 90, she is 87.  They still live in their home together but a son and his wife also lives there to help. Our other Smith's are just wonderful.  He is 80, she is 79 and he has been a member for six years.   These dear friends love our company, as we do them, and each visit we have prayer, a song and a message but often the younger Smiths are not home because they are helping the 'old' people in our ward.  Can you believe? Brother and Sister Gov have 2 teenage daughters.  She escaped from Cambodia in a  'totally miraculous manner' and her story is beautiful.  She has great faith in God.  She knows He made the way for her to escape.  She loves Him and speaks with Him very often and listens to His answers.

I want all of you to know that I love Jesus Christ very much and I love serving Him, teaching those things He taught when He was here on earth and learning more of Him.  May God be with each of you this week and bless you.  Please take time to recognize the Miracles in your lives and to record them.
Love to all of you,
Sister Frame

Monday, September 23, 2013

What beautiful fall days we have had in the Northwest this past week!  The leaves 
are changing colors and the grass is becoming green.  Wow, it is fantastic!
And then the rain came today and the wind.  It reminded me of the month of Jan.
when I came at the beginning of the year, but this time of the year I really 
don't mind it.  In fact, it was really nice.
P-day this past week was glorious!!  We traveled with Sasser's in their car, taking 
the ferry to Vashon Island which is just west of Seattle.  It started as a cloudy 
day but changed to absolutely beautiful with the sun shining and coolness in the air.
The landscape of the island is very green and beautiful.  We saw sailboats, grape 
arbors, churches and this small light house.  
Though this lighthouse is small and 
very simple, it is powerful to those in Puget Sound as it guides them across the water.
Hopefully each of us look to The Lord as he is a light in our lives and guides us 
through the storms...if we choose to pay attention.
Also, I have been sitting this morning thinking of the changes and, hopefully the 
growth that has taken place within me in the previous nine month.  I find myself
profoundly surprised!  Not that I was a bad person but I have seen areas of weakness 
that are improving and becoming stronger.  I am extremely thankful for my Heavenly 
Father who has been patient with me and has tutored me in many ways as I have climbed 
this mountain.  I see He has placed many people in my path that have loved me and 
taught me and helped me realize what I can be and reminded me of the good that is in 
this "daughter of God".  I will work harder and more effectively daily as I serve Him 
to pay my debt for His Goodness.
This week we have had many experiences that have blessed the lives of our brothers and 
sisters and we have felt the Spirit in many ways. Our most remarkable experience 
happened Saturday.  A less active sister's name haas been on our New Directory for
two months.  As we introduced ourselves she wondered how she had been found for she
had lived in this same home for seven years and was just a bit surprised.  Maria is
about 40+ and as we visited it was very evident that she loved The Lord and also the
teachings of the church.  While living in Calif, before coming to the Northwest, she
was very active in the church.  She attended the temple regularly, was YW President 
and more than once drove the youth of here ward to SLC to experience General Conference. 
She said she just love being in the church. Well, she divorced, remarried a non-member 
and her work required she Sunday work every other week.  She just seemed to "wander 
away" like the lost sheep in Luke 15:3-7.  She was not trying to be against the
teachings and she did not realize where she was going.  Later she felt she was being 
a hypocrite so she removed her garments trying to be honest in the eyes of Heavenly 
Father.  This is her story.  Well, on this day we found her our purpose was to remind
here of what she believed.  We taught her and sang and prayed and she liked what she
heard and felt.  She asked for a Spanish "Johnny Lingo" to share with her husband and
also asked if he had any Spanish Liahonas we could get for her at this time because
 Julio's English is very poor.  Then she wanted to know if there were
Spanish Missionaries that we could find to come and teach Julio....very slowly. This 
was a Miracle!!   It was not luck we found Maria at home on the 3rd visit.  It was not
luck this was her weekend to be off work and had just return from shopping.  No, 
Heavenly Father loves his children and guides others to touch their lives.  We are 
extremely thankful to be an instrument in God's hands and we pray for Maria that she
will have the courage and faith required to "return to the fold".  This was such a 
beautiful hour!!
Well, we just took a break and did our walking in the rainy morning but it felt good. 
Now I am back. I want all of you to know that I LOVE being a Missionary.  I love the
privilege to serve and find those that also Love The Lord even though  some have 
forgotten.  I appreciate so much being reminded in the mission field of the power 
that comes from obedience and the important part it plays in my life.  I am extremely 
appreciative of Jesus Christ and of the Atonement He provided for all of us!
May God be with each of you this coming week and bless you.  Please take time to look 
for the Miracles that are daily a part of your lives.
I am very thankful for all of my family and for your prayers and your support.
Love to all of you,
Sister Frame

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Time is Far Spent there is little remaining....

We heard a very touching story from Elder and Sister Sasser (our Sr. Couple friends from Orangeville, Utah).  They have friends that decided to put their papers in and go o a Mission and  when they received their call, they were surprised to see that they had been called to Siberia (Russia).  They talked it over and decided they just could not do a Mission that extreme.  They sent the papers back and said they were very sorry but they could not accept the call.  A few months later they decided to try again.  They sent their papers in and received their call......  SIBERIA (RUSSIA) again.  They felt very sad to turn down the Mission call again  so they decided if that is where The Lord wanted them to serve they would do it.  This was an extremely hard mission for them.  They were doing Humanitarian Services in the city and they were asked to clean a 'very horrible prison' dirty she could hardly manage doing the cleaning and they only thing that made it possible was her decision to "sing primary songs" as she worked.  This is kind of what our Pres. Choi says...sing,sing,sing!  Well, anyway as she was scrubbing this very dirty floor in the prison and singing primary songs, she heard these words, "Mother, is that you?"   "Mother, is that you?"  So was so taken back she could not believe it because the voice she had heard was their son.  They had his funeral 3 years prior because they thought he was dead.  Come to find out he was taken and placed in the Siberian Prison as a spy.  He was awaiting trial but his name never came up.  He had been forgotten.  They went to the American Embassy and pleaded with them to start proceedings to get him back to the United States   He still has not been released but imagine if they had not accepted the call to go to Siberia.  They never would have found their son.  The Lord works in mysterious ways!!

My picture technology did not work last week so I will try again.  Elder Buckway, our District Leader until last Monday went home to Centerville, Utah.  He and Elder Kearley were such great Missionaries and were wonderful examples of fine Servants of The Lord.

Thursday, Elder Birati went home to the Marshall Islands.  He was one of our Zone Leaders and was such an 'eternal optimist'.  What a privilege to work with all the Missionaries in the Washington Seattle Mission!!

Fokes, our dear Burmese Family, was notified of their eviction last Sunday Morning from their apartments because they were condemned and they were to be gone Tuesday.  Yes, and where are they to go?  So, Foke and Esther and Sister Carter and I went looking for apartments for 3 hours Sunday (just had to be done).  We traveled to 12 apartments to get and idea but all were closed until Monday.  Therefore, our p-day was spend looking for apartments again ....just Sister Carter and myself because Foke and Esther were working.  Now we have a list of 15 that might work but they are all just too much money.  So, two that were in a poor part of town by Foster High just did not seem right and we headed to the other side of town to the Skyview Apartments.  We found and incredible apartment....long story short, this wonderful family has an apartment, new carpet, much larger than the previous one and in a much better area.  Really, God does provide miracles for his children.  They are so excited....and so are we!!!

 Sister Carter and I went to the temple this week and I really feel this was one of the better sessions I have ever participated in.  What a privilege to be able to attend while serving in the Mission Field and to feel the incredible Spirit of the Holy Ghost.

 Miracle of Miracles....Rossie, our 93 1/2 year old investigator we have been teaching  is ready for baptism and I want you to know she is sharper than a tack. She really wanted to be baptized and this took place Sat, September 14, 2013.  She probably only weighs 75+ pounds and is very fragile so we had two Elders in the water to immerse her so she feel safe and secure but her toe did come up.  Therefore Elder Kearley had to immerse her 2 times.   Wow!  This is incredible!    We took her for some hot soup after because she was just freezing and we enjoyed the time together.  Today she was confirmed in Sac. Meeting by Elder Porter.  What a marvelous experience it was!  I am so impressed with her tenacity to want to be baptized and to follow through.  It would be easy to just never have called us and just thought she did not need to change in her 'Senior Years". I am extremely thankful for the privilege of "Rescuing those that have forgotten what they once believed and those who have not been taught".  This is only our 2nd Baptism but lives are being changed and this is a glorious experience!!!

I love the Teachings of Jesus Christ...that because of the Atonement we will all be resurrected and I just hope and pray that as I trying to be more like Him, I will find myself 'comfortable' in the presence of My Savior.  I pray that God will be with each of you and bless you this week.  I hope that each of you will take the time to notice the Miracles that are so often around you and that you will also hear the personal revelation that is given to you.  I love my family with all my heart and appreciate how hard they are working to take care of each other while I am gone!!  I know they can get along without me, but it just touches my heart and soul as they serve each other and Mom!
Make each of your day's be beautiful!!

All my love,
Sister Frame

Monday, September 9, 2013

Cheer and Bless and Brighten.....

The joy and thrill of being on a mission in Tukwila, Washington continues and it seems
 that daily I am learning more of how to scatter the sunshine of Jesus's work to all 
of Heavenly Father's children.  These opportunities come through teaching and
 loving and serving and enjoying each other. 

Monday Irene, a non-member invited six missionaries to her home for a barbeque. 
 It was a delicious layout of food enjoyed by all and it is fun to take a break and
 relax occasionally. You can see Elder Kearley and Elder Buckway needed a break! 
Tuesday was District Meeting until 12:30.  This was a tender time because transfers are
 next Tues and we might night see the three other Elders again plus Elder Buckway goes
 home today.  After our meeting Sister Carter and I changed clothes and went to a home
 and washed walls in a bathroom and the large family room and cleaned and polished 
double paned windows.  This was a three hour experience and it felt good to be 
'physically tired'. Tuesday evening we met with Bishop Floyd and our Elders and Brother
 and Sis McLean for our Missionary Meeting and then went on splits until 9:00. 
Wednesday morning we left home with a member, in pouring rain, for Seattle.  She had a 
3 hour appointment for heart testing in the PoliClinic.  On our way home Nancy realized
 she had lost her phone so we turned off the freeway.  She called the clinic and they 
found it in the restroom.  Only a miracle can cause a phone to be where it was left two
 hours prior in a 9-story Medical building.  We arrived home about 2:00 and then went 
and visited five more people. 
Thursday is planning time until 1:00p.m.   This week we really worked hard at getting
 our schedule out 12 days.  This makes it easier each evening in our 1/2 hours 
preparing time to see where we are going, to make adjustments and to prepare for
 Personal Study and Companion Study the following morning.  After study time we visited
 4 people and found the joy that comes as we Pray, Sing and give a Lesson (PSL) in each
 home.  The Spirit is invited and all are edified and we enjoy teaching them the 
Missionary Lessons. 
Thursday afternoon about four we went with Sassers and Coletha to the Flight Museum 
in Seattle, this was magnificent and we stood a little prouder as Americans at the 
wonderful job that has been done by the aviation aspect of our Great Country. 
 Friday we experienced another trip to Seattle to take Nancy to the doctor but this
 time it only took 3 1/2 hours and all went well.  We visited many people this 
afternoon teaching the Truths taught by Prophets and reminded them of Stake
 Conference Sat evening and Sunday morning at ten o'clock.
We also reminded them of General Conference on Oct 5-6.  It is just such a joy to
 go into people's homes and feel the love they have for us and how they like what 
is taught by the Spirit. This day we went to visit a family and were able to visit 
with Loni and Vea.  Loni is 18 and wants to go to college and then maybe go on a 
mission....but the funds for both are very limited.  We were prompted to find a
 couple who will work with her in her educational goals and help her to realize them.
 We will notify Bishop and left him know of her desire for a mission in a year.  What 
a blessing it was go to this home....and they were not on our planning schedule but 
we were prompted to go visit them. 
I know with all my heart that Heavenly Father loves all his children and wants to help 
them in their righteous desires.  I am just so grateful to be one of His tools in this
 mission and I really appreciate the health and strength He has blessed Sister Carter 
and myself with to "scatter sunshine all along our way each day 
Rossie, our investigator, returned from one of the islands by Seattle, staying with
 her son for a week, and we had a great visit with plans to pick her up for 
Conference tomorrow.
 I continue to stand all amazed at the love Jesus Christ offers me and I appreciate 
the privilege it is to serve Him and His children and also to teach them of His 
teachings. I am so thankful for the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and 
for the power of the Priesthood.  I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God and 
I know the Book of Mormon was translated in these latter-days and contains the record 
 of the people of the ancient America's, which were written by way of Commandment.  
 May God be with you and bless each of you this coming week and please take time to 
experience and recognize the Miracles in your lives. 
Love to all of you!!
Sister Frame

Monday, September 2, 2013

I love to see the Temple...

Tuesday our Zone attended the Seattle Temple and were able to experience the new film.  I felt it taught so well the message of the endowment and I loved it!!  Elder and Sister Sasser (from Orangeville, near Price) drove Sister Carter and myself.  In this picture, Elder Menennga is in the center and Elder Beetis is our Zone Leader on the right.  Truly this was beautiful and the flowers enhanced our experience.  Angel Moroni on the Seattle Temple faces West and he holds the Golden Plates....Learn about that!

Wed we accompanied our dear Burmese Family...Foke, Esther, John, David and Peter to the Temple to do Baptisms for the Dead.  Oh they are wonderful people!  Esther's mother died in Burma when she was 10 years old so now she calls us her 'two mothers' and the boys call us 'grandmas', even as they say prayers at home.  They have been members since June 16, 2013 and we love them with all our heart.  They truly will be leaders in their Burmese Community one but currently they are often shunned because they chose to be baptized.  Today David bore his testimony in Testimony Meeting and told of his trip...." There were 2 cars and our car had Foke, Esther and John.  We were the front car and David and Peter were in the second car.  On the way to the temple, which is the best place to go, the second car got lost in traffic so they called me and we told them where to turn and what was happening.  They found us and we arrived safely.  He compared this to life....sometimes we get lost and we must call upon Heavenly Father and ask Him to guide and direct us to our safe and beautiful goal.  This is incredible for a six month convert!

Two month ago we went to the home of a less active but he said he did not have time;  however his frail 93 year old grandmother came to the door, weighing about 70 lbs and said she wanted to meet us.  Well, last week, after speaking with her backyard neighbors who are members and asking for the phone number of these sisters she called and asked us to come over and visit her.  We have been 3 times and she is pleased with what she is hearing and wants to be baptized.  She is on date for Sept 14,  please keep Rossie in your prayers.  We are very pleased to see how she loves the teachings of Jesus Christ and what she is being taught.

I got my teeth cleaned a month ago and one of my crowns has had a leak and so now I am the proud owner of a new crown.  Lucky me!!!

Blessings continue to follow us as we go out and about.  Bishop asked us to work with a couple who needs to be taught about hygiene.  They live in a 'horrible' motel on Pac 99 Highway.  We have been to visit them often enough so they know we love them and they know they can trust us.  We take them food, milk shakes, food orders etc.  Well, this day as we spoke kind and gentle words but the message was hard and they were very angry.  She said she would never attend church again,  she cried and  she profaned and hollered and he left crying.  Because he left she threw her wedding rings at him and threw the phone in the ofter direction.  Oh my!!  As we continued to communicate with her the Spirit of the Holy Ghost finally touched her heart (someway).  The message that was given was accepted.  Later they called us and apologized.  Yes, seeds of love had been planted prior to our assignment from the Bishop and this distilled through their hurt feelings.  I just feel so strongly that feelings of trust and love must developed as we lived and work with people and this will enable the Love of our Savior to penetrate our hearts. We set goals with them hoping that they will rise us to the level of expectations.  We will go over Monday and see if their goals were accomplished.

We continue to work extremely hard and are seeing the blessing of people embracing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   Visiting those who are less active with a real love lifts their hearts so much. Yesterday Candis called us.  She has some learning disabilities and other challenges.  A man came in to take care of her (she is about 50) and later they were married.  He has been very abusive, but last winter had agreed to be baptized and they had just started coming to church in Jan when we arrived.  About 3 months ago he informed ALL of us in the ward, and also the missionaries, to never come back and they were NOT coming to church.  This was so sad because Candis loves the church.  Well, when she called us,  the police had just taken her to a safe house after someone called because of his abuse and she asked us to come and get her for church.  What a privilege to be the ones called to help....because love and kindness had been shone prior to he hard times and we had taught her of Jesus Christ.

Well, today is Sept 1 and we have 9 months until our mission is completed.  Most of you know Jerry and I have never moved from our ward in Orem since we were married so for me to pull up stakes and come to the Northwest for 18 months was....yes, rather hard!!  But the experiences are priceless and I will never forget these dear people and their love and the incredible Elders and Sisters and Seniors I have worked with.  Take a minute, those who are older (Seniors)  and have more minutes, and evaluate how much you have to share with other and realize how you can bless other's lives.  I love my mission,  I love my Heavenly Father!  I love Sister Carter and I love with every fiber of my being my wonderful family at home!!!!

May God be with each of you and bless you!   Please take time to recognize the Miracles that are part of your daily lives and then thank Heavenly Father for them.

Love to all of you!
Sister Frame