Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I am Home!

"I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith".....in fact my is so much stronger! (2 Timothy 4:7)

Our Sunday ended by Sister Carter and myself traveling to Redmond for a Member/New Member Fireside and this was incredible! We sang in a choir of about 90 missionaries and if you want to feel the Spirit and have your heart skip extremely fast...attend a fireside. There was also a Youth Choir for the Redmond Stake filling the right side of the chapel. Wow! We had probably 20 testimonies given by new members and investigators. The closing song was "A Child's Prayer" with both choirs. WOW! I have never experienced the Spirit like this! What a wonderful last Fireside in the Washington Seattle Mission Field.

Our last week of our mission was absolutely wonderful! Sunday we were also asked to speak in Sacrament Meeting and our topic was "Temple Ordinances for the Living and the Dead". Monday we took the car to the car shop and had all the fluids and etc. checked for the trip home. We also went to Seattle, on the rail, (are you surprised) and just had a delightful day.Sister Carter and I decided we needed another trip to "Our favorite corner of the World". Sister Swenson and Sister Walker came with us and it was so much. It just seems that the fruit is sweeter in the city, the yogurt is tasting, the cookies are tastier and the piece of art I got of Pike's Market is just what I wanted. That evening our FHE group had a Going Away Party which was so fun. These are the people that attend....and again I say what a privilege it is to "love everyone".

Tuesday our Zone went to the Temple together. Pres. Choi invited us and a couple other companionships to come early and do Initiatory for Sister Choi's family. We were there early enough to do 5 other names and then 6 for Sister Choi and I LOVE doing the Initiatory work! It was just so wonderful that one of the names I did in Initiatory I was able to also do the Endowment Work for. Such a blessing and a privilege. I wish all of you could have the blessing of going into the Celestial Room to the view of about 60 Elders and 30 Sisters standing and sitting in the Sacred Place and to feel the power of their incredible Spirits. Oh my, how blessed we were to be there.

Sister Lance and Sister Moreton, who we met in the MTC and worked with for 6 months before the Seattle Mission was split and they were called to the Federal Way Mission, called us and asked if we could have lunch. They were released a week prior to our release. We called Pres. Miller and were given permission to get together....if they came into our Mission because we could not leave. This was a great 1 1/2 hour visit with food.

That afternoon we taught Theresa the NML's (New Member Lessons) on Tithing with Roberta there and I am amazed at how easy it is for her to understand and her willingness to learn and then to obey. We also visited The Robinson family with their two little people and had such a great lesson. That evening at 6:00 we went to Derek and Janeal's home for dinner, with his mother and also his step-father. Derek is the grandson of Rossie who was baptized. This couple just fell in love with the Sister Grandma's and wanted to see us and visit one more time before we left. They entire evening was spent with us sharing our missionary experiences. Richard, the step-father, non-member, just kept telling us we needed to write a book of our experiences. Then we would say something else and again he would tell us to write a book. I know Derek was AGAIN reminded of things he has been taught and believed and Sister Carter and I both feel that the time will come when missionaries will come to their door and they will be ready to be taught and reminded of the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pres. Choi called us about 8:30 and asked us to go visit with a Sister Companionship that were having troubles. He felt that since we were so much closer and we had the skills to listen and love that we would be of value in this situation. So we left of "this Errand of Angels" and pray for the blessings of Heavenly Father to help these dear young souls.

Wednesday after District Meeting, we did much visiting and then took Sherry Lynn to Bahama Breeze for their "Happy Hour" and had a delightful meal. Most important event of the night was that we invited her to come to the Ward Party on Saturday Night... and she agreed. She got her feelings hurt about a year ago and has not been to the building so to get her to agree to come was such a good step for her to make. Yes, she did come!!!! When we got home we were welcomed with a great surprise, the door to our apartment had been "Heart Attacked" by the Sisters and Elders in our district, what a treasure, here are a few of my favorite: 

After dinner we went to YW-YM for the Burien Ward and also the Seatac Ward. This was a Missionary night to speak to and listen to them and their questions about our responsibilites. This was a fun night! I am amazed at how much these two Ole Ladies do in a day and how much we can accomplish. I realize with all my heart that we are just 'instruments' in the hands of of The Lord and He makes it possible for us to do so many things.

Thurs a Senior Meeting was held in the Mission Office in Bellevue. It was just such a great meeting with a light lunch provided for all of us (about 26) and organized and served by Sister Allen. Sister Carter and I were asked to share some successes and challenges we had experienced in the Mission Field. Really, this was just a great experience. We heard ourselves share experiences that were miracles and guidance from the Holy Ghost. We had been sent as Pioneers to this Washington Seattle Mission to find means and avenues that would work for other Senior Sisters. We both felt we had been Instruments in the Hands of The Lord as we paved this path that hopefully other Senior Sisters can understand and also improve upon. I just really love the work we have done and are so thankful for the experience of serving these wonderful people in our Seatac Ward.

Bishop told us a week ago that there was going to be a ward party of Sat. June 28. We were delighted to know and told him we would be there and bring some less-actives. Then he told us the party was a "Going Away" party for The Sisters. We both voiced that we could not do that, that we would be too emotional and cry and please not do it. He said, "Sisters, I am the Bishop. We are going to have the party and both of you are coming and are going to be the guests of honor!! So, yes we went and it was incredible!!!! Yes, tears flowed....can you imagine serving in the same ward with the same companion for 18 months. We are very attached to these wonderful friends.

Sunday morning at 12:15 my four daughters: Wendy Call, Barbara Gunnarson, Tami Lemon and Kate Rogerson flew in just in time to go to church with us and to meet and interact with our incredible "Ward Family". My buttons just about burst with pride for my four wonderful daughters who are my best friends. After church our incredible Bishop Floyd and his wife Denise invited all of us to dinner. After that we visited with the Powers and Irene. A great way to complete 18 absolutely wonderful months.

Monday Sister Carter and I had to be to Mercer Island to the Mission Home of Pres. and Sister Choi. Nine missionaries were going home and we each had personal interviews; those not being interviewed sang hymns and told of one of our most remarkable experiences. They we had a beautiful dinner of salmon and fresh beans and chimshee....which I love. Pres. and Sister Choi are from Korea. Then we sang our Mission Song "The Time is Far Spent" and also sang "God be with You Till we Meet Again". Wow! What power filled the room. I was soooooo pleased that our daughters were able to meet our Mission President and his wife.

We then left the mission....Sister Carter to the airport and me in the car with the girls. We rode around Tukwila, visited with Roberta and Theresa and then Sue and Tracy. The girls loved meeting these dear friends of mine. We stayed in a Inn on 2008 International Highway and then Tuesday morning we rode the Light rail to Seattle and I showed them all the fun places Sister Carter and I went to ALMOST each Monday for p-day...Pikes Market, the cheese factory, Pirosky-Pirosky which is Russian Bakery, down the stairs to Pier 55 and ate CRAB at The Crab Pot....it was DELICIOUS!!! Then we came back up the stairs and had Greek Yogurt, got some fruit and headed back to Tukwila , climbed in the car and headed to Boise for the night with Wendy's in-laws. Such a fun visit!! Seems my car had been blessed for exactly 18 months because in Tremonton, Utah the air-conditioning expired, the left headlight went out on dim, my bank called me and put a hold on my debit card because it had been falsely used in Las Vegas,  I had been actively using it in the Seattle Area for 18 months. Oh My!!!!

We arrived at my home at 5:55 with yellow balloons all over the lawns, kids running and screaming and the garage filled with tables and decorations and people everywhere. I think I was in shock as the tears flowed down my cheeks. I was home!! I was filled with anxiety! I had feelings of wanting to be in Tukwila and also so glad to be home. Never have I had such an emotional roller-coaster in my inner self but then, I have never gone on a mission!! Kids were running to me and screaming as they jumped up for a hug or stood for a hug or stood sooooo tall that I could hardly put my arms around their necks. Oh, what a thrill!! I was Home! My Mission was completed and again I said to myself, "I have fought a good fight; I have finished my course and I have kept the Faith". How blessed my family and I were and my heart was thrilled with joy!!!!!

I must express myself one more time. I am so thankful for a Heavenly Father that loves EACH of his children and wants to bless us. I love Jesus Christ and I am so thankful for His obedience to Heavenly Father to do all that was required to provide the Atonemet for all of us and also the Blessings of the Resurrection. I am very thankful for Joseph Smith and for the Integrity of his heart as he did all he was asked to do....that left his dear Emma a widow at such a young age and his children without a Father. Yes, the blessings of The Book of Mormon are ours because of the Prophet Joseph. I know these words I write and speak are true and I am so thankful for the Blessing of having my Personal Testimony of these truths. I am extremely thankful for the Miracles that happen every day and I am very thankful that I have been made more aware of them. I hope as you have read my blogs you will know more than anything that I love My Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ.
I have loved being a Missionary to teach Their words of truth.
I Love my Family more than I can say and I am so thankful for all they have done for me during my mission with prayers and fasting and letters and notes and texts. For my home they re-roofed, carpet pulled up and new layed, many walls painted, a new bathroom decorated and even tile laid. The list goes on and on and on! How Thankful I am for everything!!!!

May God be with all of you and bless you!!
Love to all that read this!!
Sue Frame

Sunday, July 6, 2014

She's home....

For the faithful followers of Sister Frame's blog, this is a shot of us (her four daughters)  last Sunday just after we flew in from SLC to meet Mom before we attended her SEATAC ward.  What a warm welcoming committee met us there, and more hugs and love for Mom than you can even imagine.  She was officially released from the Seattle mission on Monday at Pres and Sis Choi's home on Mercer Island. We had some amazing time visiting with her dear friends and Tukwila family both Sunday and Monday and then had a chance to ride the light rail to Pikes Market and be "tourists" with Sis Frame as the tour guide before we waved farewell to her home of 18 mos and set off for our drive home.   A stop at the Snowqualmie Falls, a short Breakfast visit with the Calls in Idaho, way too  many selfies, laughter, and mission stories to share now, but a sweet and tender reunion on her front lawn as the yellow balloons, signs, and welcoming committee of 30+ Frame family received their Grandma and Mom back home!!    A farewell entry by Sis Frame to follow and a Homecoming next Sunday, 9am at the Sharon 2nd Ward in Orem.... thank you for all the love and support shown our dear Sweet Mom and Rockstar missionary Sis Frame! Thank you Mom for your example, your faith, and your endless service, we're so glad to have you home!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

"The Time is far spent...."

"....if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work." D&C 4:3 And this is the thought I have in my mind right now. These 18 months have been more than I ever thought I would be privileged to work in. I love Sister Carter and I love the work we have been doing.

Of course, Monday around 11:00 after doing our chores and a few errands, getting a hair cut and shopping at Rite Aid, we 'ran to the city on the train". Seems that we never seem to tire of the ride and the sights and being in Seattle on the Wharf, eating crab at "The Crab Pot" and getting some fruit! This is a wonderful and restful escape for both of us and we both love it!

Monday evening we were invited to eat with Brother & Sister Nelson, our Stake Patriarch and also a Temple Sealer. He has been going out with the Elders to teach Tommy Solomon, though Gina, Tommy's wife, really is not quite ready to listen. She is from Poland and Tommy is from Texas, he a widower and she is divorced. They are now married and living in Normandy Park.Tommy loves what he is hearing about the Doctrine of Christ. I was blessed to sit by he and Sister Nelson at our Stake Conf. on June1. He was a jet pilot fighter during a war and now is a retired Military Man and is very interesting to speak with and humble and oh so kind! It was a good experience to visit with him. And last Saturday at a baptism in our Seatac Ward, Brother Nelson and Tommy were there again and this time Sister Carter sat by him and also did some visiting. After the baptism Bro. Nelson was visiting with us and felt we, The Sisters....the older missionaries...needed to come to dinner with Solomons. We asked him to clear it with Pres. Miller because his home is out of our area...and he did!! Yeah!!

The dinner was so lovely with grilled salmon, grilled asparagus, wild rice from Trader's Joes and a tossed salad and roll. Oh yes, rhubarb cobbler for dessert!! But 'the visiting and chatting as we ate' was even better. We heard of Gina's life in Poland, how she and her two daughters left EVERYTHING and came to America. She was sent as a refugee to Salt Lake (interesting) and then came to the Northwest where she and Tommy met. She is about 5'1" tall and is so cute. Tommy is an African American, about 6'2" tall, and very handsome. They are so fun. The Spirit pervaded the evening and then turned to questions Tommy had about death and the Melchizedek Priesthood. We all visited and I know I was an instrument in the Lord's Hands as we shared in visiting!! Sister Carter and I ended with singing, "A Child's Prayer" which filled the room with more of the Spirit and then Bro. Nelson asked me to give the closing prayer. I wish all of you reading this blog could have been there and experienced the profound experience that we felt as Tommy and Gina, and all of us felt God's love and kindness, and were all taught more of Him.I love my Heavenly Father with all my heart and I know He knows and loves all His children!!!

Tuesday morning Sister Carter had a procedure done at The Highline Hospital. She has Barrett's Esphogas. She was extremely sick about 2 weeks ago and now was having the procedure done, which was also done a year ago. She is doing much better and it is good the tests were done before going home as she will be so busy getting settled, buying a new home and all that entails. It was a good 3 hours for me as I studied and wrote in my journal and organized some notes. So thankful for modern technology and medicines that can help us feel better and preserve our lives!!

We visited with Irene, took Doris a B-day card and visited for a minute or two and then went to teach Theresa a lesson continuation on the Plan of Salvation and some of the commandments. We also went and taught Dwight and Nancy. Sister Carter says she is doing just great....as she always says...but she was tired and we did not work hard this afternoon.

Wednesday we went and had the tires, stems on the tires, air pressure, brakes and also shocks checked for my trip home. There was not an appointment so we went about 9:30 and only had to wait about 45 minutes and also went and bought Apple Fritters for the Missionaries at District Meeting. We were in Burien so we drove to the Stake Center and picked up a jumpsuit we thought would fit Theresa for her baptism; however, we goofed and it was extremely small so we went back on Thursday to do an exchange....and got it right.
District Meeting was at 12:00 so the cold milk and fritters tasted good after meeting. Elder Wohlgemuth did such an excellent job. He is rather sober but today some of the Elders had him smiling and laughing. It was good for all of us. Our Zone Leader, Elder Webb told us the message from Pres. Choi to be shared at District Meetings was "Look Up" for the last 2 weeks of June and bring miracles. The Seattle Zone has a culture of Miracles and we need Father's hand a great deal in the work we are doing of reaching the High Expectations of 100 baptisms in June. We were reminded and taught by Elder Wohlgemuth how Nephi (1 Nephi 4:7) 'went forth' and he followed the Spirit.

When The Lord asks us to do something...we are to go forth and do it and then keep trying even when it seems impossible. God will provide a way for us to accomplish the work. Miracles come by faith and if we exercise this faith and work to have the miracle become a reality, it will happen with the collective faith of the individual missionaries and their companionships. This was a very inspiring and motivational District Meeting. We love the Elders and Sisters in our District.

Thursday we taught Theresa more of the Restoration and of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. She is feeling sooooo much better and is following through with here reading of the B of M, is praying and coming to church. We are so happy for her that her baptism is finally here.....and so is she!! She even had the energy to buy a couple of new skirts to wear to church and also some blouses. This is where the truth shines about 'setting goals' and continue to reach and work towards them...and God will provide a way for us to accomplish the work!!!

We had a beautiful FHE with The Gov's and all were there....mom, dad, Jolyne and Elaine.We taught them of the B of M...showing them the Mormon Message of that book; we encouraged them to set some goals for the summer to read this wonderful book daily and to pray about what they are reading. Brother and Sister Gov are so blessed to be American Citizens. They were both refugees from Cambodia. Sister Gov and her family escaped by hiking over mountains, she was 12, into Thailand. Her experiences were hard but her great faith made it possible for her to find a life in America....and she is so extremely proud to be An American.

Roberta's Temple Day
Friday was a Wonderful Day. We drove Roberta to the Seattle Temple and she needed to be there at 12:30. One never knows what the traffic pattern would be so we were a bit early; walked around outside and then sat in the foyer room. President Choi was walking out of the temple and was excited to see us as we were to see him and seeing us, he came into the room wondering what we were doing. We introduced him to Roberta and he seem so pleased to see us in the temple with someone who had been less-active for 40 years. He invited us outside and we visited with Sis. Choi, President's sister-in-law, two nephews and President's son, Yoon and also introduced them to Roberta. She was so excited to meet our Pres. After visiting, we took Roberta back into the temple begin her Temple Experience with her escort, Candis Wiley. Sister Carter and I went and did Initiatory Work. Oh, how I love to be in this part of the temple. I just love it!!! Our time in the Temple was very nice and Roberta was fill with great happiness as she had been less-active for years...can you believe that!!! We took her to dinner at "Teriyaki & More", loved the food and came home.

Dick and Annabelle
Our Dear Friends
We arrived at Dick and Annabelles about 6:30 and picked about a gallon of raspberries for them and visited for a while. Then we hustled to the store to pick up some potatoes . Dick and Annabelle invited us for steaks tomorrow after the Baptism and we are to bring 'our fried potatoes with onions and bacon' that he LOVES! It is so great to make others happy over little things and Dick is 88 years old....we will do all we can to make him happy!! He just really reminds me of my Dad.

Well, Saturday was our day of a great Miracle. We have experienced so many rocky-trails with Theresa prior to her Baptism. I think I shared she had nearly died because of taking her meds incorrectly and overdosing on them. She was extremely ill! We missed 3 lessons because of her sickness. She was so discouraged, almost ready to give up on life. So, Roberta, her dear "Angel Friend" called the Elders to she if they would come and give Theresa a blessing of health and also give Roberta one because as the main caregiver (not even a family member but just a friend) she was so discouraged and felt it was her fault that Theresa had mixed up her meds. Well, Theresa has two children that rarely come to see her but in about a week they both came wondering what she was doing thinking about being baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Our next lesson the dog started barking (which he never does), the phone rang 3 different times and a clock in her home started chiming....are you kidding me...! It seemed as if 'legions' were doing all they could to prevent this baptism from taking place but Theresa continued on. We gave her two more lessons and left the ipad so she could she Joseph's Life History and she loved it. She was interviewed on Wed. June 18 by our District Leader. He said she was certainly worthy but maybe a bit weak in some understanding but we feel that will come with more lessons and time spent coming to church and learning.
Theresa's Baptism Day!

Elder Gomer, Roberta, Theresa & Elder Phister
We love this dear lady and know it really is a Miracle that she lived, learned, her health improved and was able to be Baptized. There were about 40 in attendance to the Baptism. Sister Choi came and 3 sets of Senior Missionaries, that did not know her, supported her on this day. The Spirit in the Relief Society Room was Powerful....all could feel it and the talks on The Holy Ghost by Sister Crocker, the special musical number by Andy and Jacque Jackson were incredible and the closing talk on Baptism by Brother Schaat was superb! (He substituted because the speaker must have forgotten)
This was a wonderful, glorious day and Heavenly Father certainly blessed Theresa and also Sister Carter and I felt His love for the work we had done. This baptism added to the 100 count of Baptisms in the Washington Seattle Mission in June. YEAH!!

After the baptism, we went to Dick and Annabelle Powers for steak dinner. He was so thankful we would come and spend some time with them. He also invited Jim and Rosie, his daughter and also invited Irene. It was just a wonderful gathering and we closed with our 'trademark' song that Dick loves, "A Child's Prayer". What a fun couple of hours. We love the Powers very much!!

I am writing this at the end of Saturday and my heart is sooo full of gratitude and thanks and love....but the words will not come to express it! I thought when I came on this Mission I was being so good to give head to the thoughts that I should serve. But, the blessings in my life and my families lives have far exceeded all I can ever do. I am so very much indebted to Heavenly Father for all He has given me and also Sister Carter and myself as a companionship and my Family. I just don't know how to express how I feel!!! I have loved this experience...."more than infinity"! (That is what Livi, my grand-daughter says about how much she loves me.)
The Badge I wear over my Heart!
Sister Carter and I are speaking in Church tomorrow and that certainly is a privilege.
So, as I write my next to the last letter, I am very thankful for all I have.
I love my family and my friends...those at home and those new ones in the Seatac Ward.
I will see all of you soon....hopefully on July 13 at 9:00 am in the Sharon 2nd Ward......
641 South 400 East, Orem, Utah.
God be with and bless all of you in the days and weeks ahead....and look for the Miracles that are a part of your lives.

Love to all,
Sister Frame

Sunday, June 15, 2014

GREETINGS from Tukwila, Washington!!‏

Well, as it is getting closer to June 30...I don't know if I should do some packing, or studying, or texting our investigator or friends or write in my journal or write a letter! I feel like I might be another Charles Dickens and his "Tale of Two Cities" "It is the best of times and the worst of times." I have fallen in love with another family in my life, our Seatac Ward Family, and it is going to be very hard to leave Tukwila...yet, I can't wait for the wonderful reunion with all my family and friends I will be able to see at home. I guess I really have not known how to reach out much to others. I grew up in Salina and lived there for 18 years and then away to schooll Four years later, Jerry and I were married and moved to an apartment in the Orem 16th Ward in Orem, Utah. Then 18 months later we bought our 'little starter home' when Steve was 6 month old and I am still in that same home, 6 children later, and have never left our ward...now the Sharon Second Ward. Oh my, I love those in my home ward with all my heart and never had any idea I would learn to love another Ward family as I do those in the Seatac Ward. So, knowing I am leaving soon is not an easy thought in my mind. Yet there is so much to do and I must be careful not to become anxious to see Mom, 12 sons and daughters and 29 grandchildren and friends! So, I just finished preparing ideas my talk as we both are to speak In Sacrament Meeting on June 22. I promised this morning in Recessations: I will keep my eye single to the Glory of God...and I will continue to serve him with all my heart, might, mind and strength and Sister Carter just reminded me "That it ain't over until the fat lady sings"! We both laughed because we sing much and love what we are doing....and really we are working hard and running out of time !!!

Sis Larsen
It seems that I just kinda repeat myself each week but really we do so many different events and come home exhausted each night! Today it has rained all day and we were glad to see the rain because everything needs the moisture. It is nice to have it and you must realize we NEVER use and umbrella because we will look like tourists.

Sister Larsen had us to dinner on Monday night and it was delicious with a baked onion bread and Strawberry nut salad; we also had some fruit. She is a widow, is in the Relief Society Presidency, is just being released from a 5 year mission in this Area and does nothing without a laugh and a smile. She is an incredible seamstress and is respected and loved by so many!!

Monday we just had the best visit with Candis and Alicia. Alicia has had some issues in her life and has not
been to church in years. She decided, as a member of the church, it was time for her to make some changes so she moved to Tukwila and found a place to live...with Candis.Really, it is a wonderful message that the words, "Well, that is just the way I am" need not be. If we seek and work to make things better then the words "Who we are is not who we can become." This is the miracle of Alicia. She has become so much more than who she was and we are thankful to have been a part of her life in this last year.

Roberta and Theresa
This week was very hard for Theresa, our investigator. It seems when she made the commitment to be on date for June 21 baptism, everything went south. She had two lessons and then became very ill, finding out she had mixed up her meds and taken too many of some and not enough of others. Her friend, who is a member, called the missionaries and they gave her a blessing. The following morning we decided to make her some ho-made chicken noodle soup because she looks like she is starving to death...the chemo makes nothing taste good to her and we thought the home cooked food might entice her to eat more. We hope she is feeling good enough to have a lesson Sunday evening at 6:00 She really is going to try to come to church on Sunday.Our Mission has set a goal of 100 Baptisms for the month of June. We were so excited to be able to add to the number, but after seeing Theresa so extremely ill and nearly on deaths door, the number has no meaning, but the privilege to help her be baptized before returning to Heavenly Father is foremost in out hearts and mind. We love her dearly and pray for her strength to return so she can be taught and learn to prepare for Baptism.

We stopped to see Charlie whom we have not seen for 10 month. He was an investigator but just did not make the commitment. I know we planted seeds in this 60 year old man and maybe sometime the Elders will be able to teach him at a time he will be receptive.

Wednesday we had a Zone Meeting in the Seattle North Stake Center. At the beginning of the meeting Six missionaries that are departing on Jue 30 were call on to bear our Testimonies. This was just so hard...I literally had prayed I could express my feelings and Testimony without crying, which I did, but the emotions of love and appreciation for what the Savior, Jesus Christ did for us were incredible. How I love Him! I am so thankful for Joseph Smith and the strength of his character as he did all he did to bring forth the Book of Mormon and to bring to pass The Restoration of The Church of Jesus Christ in these Latter-days!
Oh, I love rubbing shoulders with all these young Elders and Sisters who give me such strength with their examples and the Power with which they serve. I love the Senior Sisters and Senior Couples with all my heart. I am Eternally Thankful for the privilege to serve this Mission!! Elder Richard K Hansen of the 5th Quorum of the Seventy's spoke to us...and also Pres. and Sister Choi. WOW! I know that is what I say each time we attend these meetings but I continue to be spiritually fed and I love the messages. President Choi began the Conference by asking us to open our hearts to receive guidance from The Lord. He urged us to show a willingness to take notes to correct those things we can improve on as we listen today to the words of Elder Hansen. He told each of us to make notes of all the things we learn today because this is what the Holy Ghost is teaching us. We are to write down what is individual for each of us.
One thing I was taught was that when The Lord asks us to do something...we are to do it! We are to keep trying even when it seems just impossible (It seems that everything that can go wrong with Theresa is happening) He told us that God will provide a way for us to accomplish His work!! What a privilege it is to hear something so personal that applies to me right now and what I am doing.
Our meeting with Our Leaders was just wonderful.

We visited Kathy and Conrad and just delight when we are with them. They had returned home from work, and yes, he has cancer and is currently having chemo through a secure port. He amazes us that daily he does landscape work....Kathy right by his side working... unless it is rainy. If there is an emergency and the job needs to be done, the work despite the weather. These two dear people have such tenacity...when he is sick, he says he is not sick and when there is work to be done, they do it! They said they will be to church Sunday and we hope they are. Kathy and Conrad are ones we hate to leave...wondering who will have he time to love them as much as we do. But, I know we are not irreplaceable. God will bless them with someone else that can add to the love and the teachings we have given them...they will water the seed we have planted....and we pray Conrad will join the church!

Saturday we attended a baptism for Paul whom Elders Pfister and Gorner taught and baptized.
This was at 10:00 and then we stayed to help Machelle set things up for Sue and Tracy's Wedding. This was going to take place April 2013 and it has finally come to fruition. We are soooooooo happy for them that they made this choice; so happy that Sue can now have a church calling because she is a member and equally happy for Tracy, hoping he will soon choose to be baptized into the church. Sue has a son, Matthew, who is 13 years old. He love us Sisters and it was fun to be around him at the wedding.

Lulya is having a birthday today and she is now two years old. Tsega is her mom and Molaka is her dad. She was born in American and both her parents are from Erethrea. Tsega comes to church with Lulya all the time but has not been baptized. We just love them so much and it was a great experience to be with her family and people.

We were supposed to help Tawni with her garage sale Sat. morning from 9-12. We have been to her home three times to get materials ready and also to price them and, as I have told you, we sing to them and give them Mormon Messages...they are non-members. Her son is Kevin who lives with her, is 58 years old and of a simple mind....and we love them both so much. More than anything Kevin loves to hear us sing...and always wants us to 'come back tomorrow' or asks us if we can 'come tomorrow and cook for them and clean their house'. He just does not want us to go. Well, we told Tawni on Tues. that we had a baptism on Sat Morning and it would be impossible for us to be helping her. She was disappointed but we had no choice...we are missionaries and needed to be to the baptism. We did tell her we would bring them each a milkshake (I can't count how many milkshakes we have bought for our friends these last 2 months and it makes them extremely happy...just to be remembered) Tawni wanted choc and Kevin wanted strawberry so after the wedding we took them their milkshakes and also one-half of the upper piece of the chocolate wedding cake from Borracchini's in Seattle. Oh my, the frosting is 'to die for'. Tawni and her neighbor-helper, Tanni, just could not believe we really would come with the shakes....and also the cake!! They were both so tired and the fact that they were remembered was such 'a sweet surprise'. Kevin was so happy...but mostly wanted us to 'sing a song' so we sang "I am A Child of God" and his smile spread across his face. Yes, he asked us if we could come tomorrow...to sing but we told him we would be their next Sat. for the 2nd Garage Sale....yes, we will sing for him again!!!

Well, this has been quite a week! We just counted that we have visited 55 people, attended two baptisms, and wedding and a birthday party. Oh, we also attended a 1/2 day Zone Conference in North Seattle and I went to the dentist for my cleaning. Yes, "our time is far spent and there is little remaining to publish glad tidings by sea and by land"...but we only do it by land and love what we are doing. :-) Matt 25:10 says,"...Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me". We really are trying to do all He expects of us and and as we go and do...many wonderful happenings are taking place!!

This is my 84th Blog...two of them were put together... and again I tell you of the most wonderful experiences these last 18 months have been! I had NO idea of the joy and happiness that fill my heart day after day. Yes, I have had some 'very tall mountains' I have climbed and I slipped and stumbled many times but I kept climbing and I experienced vistas of extreme beauty and feelings I have not often felt, for which I am eternally grateful. Alma 26:27 To you Senior Friends that might be reading this blog, please ponder in your minds and hearts the great gift you can give your Heavenly Father by serving a mission. Senior Missionaries, both couples and Sisters, are PRICELESS and very much NEEDED. I hope all of you will experience God's blessings and love for you this week. And as you busily do all you do, please take the time to recognize the Miracles in your lives and record them.
Oh my, how much I love my family!!!!

I had a friend that drove by my home in Orem and texted me this picture with the message...
"Drove by your home and had to stop and take a picture....Frame family busy at work". It was 3 pictures of everyone on my roof....did not even know what was going on. Oh dear, the cat was out of the bag. I just can't thank my kids enough for all they did for me. They was just the BEST!

Well, it is time to get this note sent. This has been a beautiful Sabbath Day and I love all that is happening in my life. Next week will be my last letter....I just can't believe it...so I will close for now.
Love to you all!!!
Sister Frame

Sunday, June 8, 2014

"Count your Blessings, name them one by one....Count your Many Blessings, see what God has Done!!‏

"Count your Blessings, name them one by one....
A small family, husband, wife, and school-aged daughter have been living in here across the street from our apartment  for over a year. All of their belongings spilling out of this truck...  Count your blessings this day, every one of them, we have sooo many things to be thankful for!

Last Sunday, June 1, was a beautiful day in Tukwila, Washington and also it was Tami's Birthday in American Fork, Utah!! We held another meeting of our Stake Conference that I spoke of last week. I have shared with you about Theresa, our newest investigator. She has cancer, is going through chemo and is 59 years old. Our second visit with her started with her asking us when she could be baptized. We told her people usually attend 3 Sacrament Meetings and we put her on-date for June 21. Our lesson was on The Restoration and the Spirit was felt in her home. Well, Sunday morning she and Roberta came to meeting about 8 minutes before starting time and they came and sat with us. Theresa was dressed with a new scarf on her 'bare head', a cute white skirt and also a coat because she is always cold. I asked her how she was doing and she said she had been sick all day Sat. and did not feel well this morning but still wanted to come. I am amazed at her level of commitment...she wants to be baptized so she comes regardless of how she feels. I think there is a lesson all of us can glean from...that we make our values and then stay committed until we reach them. May God continue to bless her with the strength to be taught and then to be baptized!! You just can't believe how excited Sister Carter and I are to have another baptism a week before we go home!!!

This picture is another of Pikes Market where we
 often head for our Monday Pday breaks, we have
 loved visiting here regularly.
We had Zone Meeting on Tuesday from 10-12 which was taught by our Zone Leaders, Elder Webb and Elder Westenskow. They spent most of the time teaching of Repentance and taught with such insightful analogies...amazing they are so young and so bright and strong in their Testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sister Carter had an appointment at the hospital at 12 so we left the meeting about 10 minutes early. She was having her esophagus scoped. They were looking for dysphagia but the hospital was having 'water problems' so it was cancelled and we had lunch (she had been fasting) and went to work.

I wish all of you could have been with us on Wednesday...a remarkable day of work and singing and bearing testimonies and having prayers and feeling the Spirit! Oh, that each day could be so good but then I guess we must have opposition in all things to realize how good the good is!  We found Sissay home....been there a few times. He is from Ethiopia and is a member of the church but never comes. As we visited with him he said he did want to come but does not have transportation. He lives on the 'outer south boundaries' of our Seatac Ward and it is probably about 10-12 miles to church plus having someone drive to get him. We called Brother Pappenfuss and asked him if he would pick up our member. How great it is to have ward members respond with willingness to do what they can to serve.  We took Brother and Sister Smith Milkshakes for his 91st Birthday...amazing how good little acts of kindness feel!!

We drive down Military road a hundred times a day and we have seen Jacob sitting on a 3 foot wall for about 3-4 months. Well a couple of weeks ago we took him a strawberry milkshake (can you tell there is a McDonald's close by?) and he was sooooo happy. His sick eyes sparkled for a minute and then he showed us his swollen foot with infection in it. He was in a lot of pain and told us he lived right in this spot. Well, a while ago, someone told us that #211 was an Emergency # in this area and he should give them a call and they would come and help him. We wrote #211 on the back of our cards and left. He has been gone for about a week and then this week we saw him and stopped to see how he was. His foot had a cast and he was not sure what they did....he just wanted a 'chicken leg' to eat because he was so hungry. Yes, Kentucky Fried Chicken is close by so we went and got him 3 chicken legs with pot/gravy and coleslaw. We also took him a bottle of water. My, you just can't believe the size of the smile this time.  "Oh Sistas, Sistas, dear Sistas" he said over and over with words of gratitude for the food. Then he sang a song about Jesus in his native tongue, South Sudan, that really touched our hearts. It was great to have someone sing to us for a change. I really felt the Spirit with us as we have met and served Jacob...hopefully as the Savior would have done if He were here!!

We helped Tawni and Kevin prepare for a garage sale...spent about 3 hours pricing their sales. Kevin, as I have told you, is a very simple 58 year old man who lives with his mom. He just loves us and most of all he loves the songs we sing and the prayers we say. He whispers to us to come back tomorrow and on other days so his mom doesn't hear him because she tells him not too bother us. This day before we left we asked to sing again and also have a prayer. Tawni asked the lady that works for her to come and listen and also a neighbor. The words and music of "A Child's Prayer" are so beautiful and Tawni just cried as we sang. She is 85, has had a full-face lift and she looks closer to 60, she has many, many things of the world. I think it has been years since she allowed herself to feel the Spirit as she did this day. We have been with her 4 other times...sang and had prayer but it has taken her that much time to learn to trust us and love us and allow the Spirit into her heart! It was just so sweet!!!!!

We took another family to lunch at Burger King. Yes, we are missionaries and the number of times we help with "food and stuff" for others really adds up so this fast food was just fine.They think no one else in the ward loves them but us...and they really are challenging sometimes...but it just takes small and simple steps to help others know of their worth and that they are loved.

Beautiful flowers at the Temple
When I talk of these wonderful days, there are also days like Saturday....nothing went right except our beautiful trip to the temple this morning. We left at 8 and were home at 12:30. I realized in the temple that on this day at the time I was in the temple we lost Jerry. My heart was really happy to be where I was during this time with good thoughts of him. Our 1:00 appointment was not held because her kids and grandchildren can to visit and she needed them more than the lessons. Our 2:00 appointment was a no-show so we went and visited Roberta. She is always delightful to visit with. Our Home Teachers, Elder and Sister Allen, came and visited with us which was great. Honestly, we do love our Home Teachers. Our first ones were Elder and Sister Sasser whom we visited with for hours and now the time spent with Allens is almost as long as the Sassers. What incredibly great individuals!!!

Now it is time to prepare the Weekly Report for President Miller.
We are team-teaching the Gospel Principles class tomorrow so I must get going on that and it will soon be bedtime. We have our family prayer about 9:50, then lights off and we have out individual prayers and are horizontal and asleep about 10:15...but oh, I love this life and will ever be grateful for the privilege to serve!!

This last picture is part of the family that was able to go to the Cemetary on Memorial Day.
How happy I feel when they are able to take the time to remember Jerry...his children and grandchildren....even if not on the same day but that they talk of him and teach their children about their grandpa.
I love my family with so much energy and I am thankful for their letters and their notes.
God bless all of you during this coming week...take time to look for Miracles and record them.
Love to all of you,
Sister Frame

Sunday, June 1, 2014

"Heavenly Father are you Really there and do you hear and answer every Child's Prayer?"

These are some of the most beautiful words and Sister Carter and I sing this song daily, many times a day and so many hearts are touched....not by our voices necessarily but because of the words! How thankful I am for the beautiful and good music in the church.  We visited 40 people this last week and had 27 to Church and did 4 Service hours. I just love the work we are doing. Sunday we had dinner with Bishop Floyd and his Family. They are really remarkable people and we look on them with the highest esteem.

P-Day was Memorial Day, it brought many thoughts of family and Jerry and Dad and my two brothers-in law that have all passed,  but keeping busy helps take away the homesickness. We went to Sue and Tracy's for a barbecue and also Freddy and Matthew were there and it was just a great time. My Facetime was not working...Bishop is an 'Apple" guru so I checked with him and he did not know what to do except to make an appointment with the Apple Store in the mall. I did and after getting a new SIM card, backing up what I had, downloading the 7.0 plan....though most of the logos are different, my Facetime works. I think! I have not used it yet....and this is what p-days are all about!!! Getting what is not working fixed, buy new and bringing order into our lives.  Roberta took us to dinner and then we went to FHE with The Stake Singles. This night we played the fun "Mexican Train" and laughed and ate and just had so much fun. I really do love these sweet friends.  It seem that everyone is wanting to be kind and feed us before we go. The Powers took us to breakfast at "Pancake Chef". He told us he is having eye surgery, his lower lids are drooping, on Thursday so we will make sure to keep in touch with them.

Tuesday we visited 16 people and I want you to know we slept so well that night! Roberta, our dear friend, asked us to teach her friend the Missionary Lessons. Theresa is 59 years old and is taking chemo for cancer. She told Roberta that she wants to know God before she dies and we are so happy to teach her the simple truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We had a beautiful 1st meeting, visited and got to know her a bit and told her how much Heavenly Father loves her. We shared our testimonies of Prayer and also of the love of Jesus Christ. Then Friday we taught her of the Restoration...she is so accepting and we left with a promise that she and Roberta will read the Book of Mormon each day and pray to know if the words are true. The feeling in her home was so good and she has such a desire to learn. She asked us when she could be baptized and we put her on-date for June 21. Yeah!!!!

We went to visit Dheaa and his family. We took them some salmon a friend gave to us. We visited and found that Rosea, the oldest daughter, is getting married this Sat in Kent. Wow! what a surprise. We taught a lesson of Jesus being The Christ, played a song (Sister Carter is ill) and had prayer. This was a sweet visit. We have busy delivering the wedding invitations for Sue and Tracy for June 14, 2014. This is a great event in their lives and her hope Tracy will make the decision to be baptized after they are married.

Sister Carter has Barrett's Esophagus...diagnosed about a year ago. She has been so consciously eating carefully and taking care of herself but it has flared up again this week. In fact, she was so sick Friday we came home early and she was in bed and asleep at 8:05....she is NEVER sick or stops working so this gives an idea of how sick she was. Friday morning she went to Dr. Hartwell and he prescribed some other meds hoping it will help more. She is going to the hospital Tuesday morning for a procedure that scopes her throat. Last time it took about 3 hours and then she says...."We will get to work"...which we will!!

We visited the Juco family and had such a great time. Charles is SO gifted on the piano...I think he is 7 3/4 and he played for us. INCREDIBLE! Christian loves to assemble things with his hands and he had numerous 'lego' very complicated 'things' he had built. He is also an artist. We taught them a lesson, sang and had prayer. She also fed us dinner, which we did not know she was going to do.

Pres. Choi called us to go on "An Errand of Angels", as he called it, and work with a companionship of sisters that were having a very hard time living together and working together.  One of them even wanted to go home if the Pres. would not give her another companion. Even though Sister Carter was quite sick, we went and visited, seeing they really were not doing well with each other. We prayed and visited and prayed with them and left about 9:20 and called Pres. Choi. We gave them goals to work on in the areas they thought they could improve in. We told them we would pop back in 'anytime' and see how they were doing. Well, Sat morning we stopped in about 10:30 and such an improved feeling radiated their little home. (It is amazing how Satan works on making small things seem unbearable and we don't even know how bad things are) The Sisters shared two good things that had happened the day before between them and also 1 area they had individually improved in. It is delightful to be able to be have 'love inspired correction' and to feel strength from God as we listen to the words of correction. How thankful Sister Carter and I are to be a part of this. So, as Pioneers in this Mission, another trail was opened up this Thursday evening with these two sweet Sisters and it was such a privilege to walk it with Heavenly Father guiding us.

Barbara, being less-active since a teenager, who is now 80, invited us to dinner because she loved us so much and for all the visits we had made for these 17 months and how happy we had made her. She and her G-granddaughter took us to dinner at 'Anthony's' on the beach of Puget Sound in Des Moines. It is a beautiful place and the food was incredible. We have loved her, invited her to church and RS, loved her more but she just does not come to church. One or two times she was almost committed to come...but maybe it will happen when we come home.

Saturday morning we went to Schaats, our Ward Mission Leader, meeting the missionaries there because they can't come into our home, and they gave Sister Carter a blessing. How incredibly blessed we are to have the Priesthood restored on the earth in these latter-days! And after that, we went to work. Tsega invited all 6 missionaries in our ward to dinner for an authentic meal from Erethreia, Africa. The Elders are Elders Pfister, Gorner, Brown and Filimaua plus Sisters Carter and Frame.Wow! This was just wonderful!! A tortilla-like bread (kinda like a very thin tan sponge called injera) is placed on the plate then spead lightly with a tomato-spice sauce. Then with spoonfuls we placed a cabbage food, a Cale food, spicy cooked beef and also a mild spicy (for us) beef. Then you tear off the tortilla and mold it around a small spoonful-like amount of the food and eat it with your fingers....no utensils. It was absolutely delicious and so fun!! Tsega love the missionaries but is still a non-member. She was encouraged to more consistently read the Book of Mormon and continue her prayers and keep coming to church.

Saturday night was Evening Session of Stake Conference with the theme of, "Hastening the Work of Salvation",  Elder Hensen of the Seventy's was our Visitor and the meeting was extremely good. Pres. and Sister Choi were also there and they spoke.

So, as of today we have 30 days left of our Mission. President Choi told us we were not to cry as we leave this mission and I hope I can follow his counsel!! The blessings to those in the SeaTac Ward have been incredible from the efforts of the six missionaries who serve in this area. Testimonies are stronger, more members and investigators attend and the Spirit of our Heavenly Father is touching many lives. Bishop Floyd loves the feeling that is permeating out Ward and things are going well. I have seen a plethora of Miracles. I have felt the hand of The Lord in many events. I really feel it has been more of a pleasure to serve this mission than something hard...but yes, there has been much 'love inspired correction for Sister Frame'.

I love The Book of Mormon and I know the words written in it are those of The Doctrine of Christ and they are true. And if they are true, then Joseph Smith HAS to be a Prophet of God in these latter days. The blessing and privilege of seeing my brothers and sisters brought into the waters of baptism are so wonderful and I value this very much. Thanks so much to my wonderful family for their love...notes, emails and even calls. They mean "the world to me' and I love them with all my heart!!

Please, slow down and look for the Miracles that are part of your life daily and take the time to record them so you will not forget. May God be with each of you and bless you this coming week. Live, Laugh and Be Happy and continue to serve others!!
Love to all,
Sister Frame

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend thought: When you are going through something hard and wonder where God is...Remember...The teacher is always quiet during a Test

Rhododendrum colors I've NEVER seen...
Memorial flowers for Jerry, Larry, Dad, and Widge
This letter comes out probably Monday Morning on Memorial Day and my thoughts turn to those that are so dear and loving for me. Jerry has been gone for almost 8 years and had he not passed away I would not be in the Washington Seattle Mission serving as a Senior Sister Missionary. Dad has been gone for 10 years and I have lost Uncle Larry Silcox a year ago on April 25, 2013 and Uncle Widge Quarnberg passed away April 12, 2014. Both of these brothers' deaths occurred while I was in Seattle on my mission. I am incredibly thankful for the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in these latter days that teach of Eternal Life and so thankful for the Plan of Salvation. Yes, death is so hard, but what a blessing to believe there is life after death and that I will see and be with Jerry again.

The EVER hunger Elders: Garriss and Brown
My goodness P-day was very busy for us. Same cleaning as usual and then we went to Burien and did our Dollar-Store run, to the church to vacuum the car and run off some papers, got the tires rotated on the car and that took tooooo much time. We stopped at Rite Aid and picked up some things and then we went FHE and had such a good meeting. I will get a picture next week to put in this letter.When we got home the dripping Elders arrived at our door near at the end of their day, and their money, curious if we had any dinner leftovers.  We did not, but we whipped up the leftovers we had into a warm filling dinner for them, what incredible young men we work with.

Tuesday we went to visit Sister Templeman and she was having such a bad day. In her mind she thought her husband had been shot and she had been in her chair until 10:30am worrying so much about him. She had gotten confused so we played her some beautiful music and visited. We called her son and later her husband went to visit with her. She lives in a Senior Housing Facility.

We went to a home of two non-members who live on Angle Lake to help her get ready for a Large "Garage Sale". We worked for a couple of hours and ended our visit by singing "If the Savior Stood beside Me". This is such a beautiful song and she and her son Kevin and a neighbor Carlos loved the music. This was a great service project and we enjoyed being involved with them. As we were preparing to leave, Sister Rohbar told us she had many frozen "Meals on Wheels" and wanted to know if he had someone we could give them to. We took about 15 meals and gave them to some very needy people. Service again is such a wonderful experience.

We went to visit Irene, another non-member friend who has been very sick and is not doing so well. She is going to the doctor so we hope she will get feeling better. She lives alone in a nice brick home (kinda unusual for this area) with 2 dogs and a beautiful cat (and I don't even care for cats).

We were told Tuesday afternoon we were going to have a Zone Conference Wednesday from
1-4 in the North Seattle Stake Center. Oh, we do love Zone Conferences!! President Choi told all the Missionaries he was so happy hearing 'great compliments' from the Ward Members where he weekly visits about the work of the Missionaries and as they see us work and trust us more, they are more willing to give referrals to help the work of The Lord. Our Member participation is growing fast in the Washington Seattle Mission due in part to the work of the missionaries but he reminded us of Alma 26:11....:"I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God for in his strength I can do all things." Isn't that just so beautiful...beautiful thought for all of us to remember!

Sister Choi taught of the value of singing and of the "Song of our Hearts". We each were reminded that we don't have to have a beautiful voice or be a professional musician but we must sing when we teach people and they will feel the spirit as they 'hear the spirit in our voices'. Sister Carter and I sing many times a day, with the iPad. I am sure most of you know that even though my maiden name is 'Bird'...I do not sing like one but Sister Carter has a lovely voice and she is ever so patient with me. The "Song of our Hearts" is being felt by many people and we are so thankful for the blessing to bless people's lives with the music. We sing "I am a Child of God", "Teach me to walk in the Light",  and our favorite... "A Child's Prayer!" We are now learning "If the Savior Stood beside Me" too. Sis. Choi reminded us from Matt 26:30 that the Apostles and The Savior sang at The Lord's Last Supper. Why? Because singing invites the spirit and peace; it focuses our mind on spiritual matters if the correct music is chosen and it just seems to solve so many problems and challenges. Basically, we are told to Sing, Sing, Sing! Try it in your homes and see how the spirit is invited in!!!

We were asked why we serve The Lord and the answer is...Because we Love Him! We are willing to show our love by keeping the commandments....because, "If ye love me..keep by commandments". (John 14:15) I just hope all of us can evaluate ourselves and see the good we do, the obedience we have and also the ways we can improve the way we show our love for Him.

We did not eat lunch so we went to the City of Wallingford, WA and ate lunch at "Tutta-Bella's" We have been here a couple of other times and the pizza is 'absolutely incredible'. The fun thing was that we arrived at 5:00 during "Happy Hour"....from 3-6...and we were able to have our eight inch pizza for $5 and then get some gelato with a pizzelle cookie. This took about an hour and we are allowed one hour/lunch and one hour/dinner....worked out great!! Headed home and visited two more people!

At the end of a busy Thursday!
Thursday after planning and lunch until 1:00 we had appointments at 2,3 and 4. Our day was just incredible and the visits with Vicky, Veronica and Sherry were better than we had hoped they would be...and again the music is what makes the difference and we love it. We went to our monthly RS Evening and took Pin and Sue who are less-active with us and all of us loved the 'taco dinner' and the evening of teaching "How to bring Peace into a Home". Just could not ask for a better day! We love these dear sisters and Know each of them felt more than our love this day...they knew their Heavenly Father loves them!!

We visited Dawn and encouraged her to come to Church Sunday. Her two sons were baptized on Dec. 28, 2013 and we told her how proud she would be to see the one pass the Sacrament and also she would see him 'be the Deacon sitting on the stand by the Bishop' and be so proud of the progress they have made in their actions. They really are wonderful boys.

Kathy was so pleased that we came to visit. He husband just had his chemo-pump removed today and was not feeling super so we visited on the porch. The music brought her to tears and she was 'willing' to say the prayer before we left and it was just beautiful!!! She has been less active for at least 20+ years; she said they would see us at church Sunday.

Helen's husband was out of town. They live very humble lives so we went and picked her up and took her to Burger King. You just can't believe how happy she was to get 10 chicken nuggets with barbecue sauce, french fries and 'hot water' !!!(I have no idea why she wanted hot water) I do know this....all of us need to feel loved!!
Tillicum Village Travel Group: (From L to R) Harris's, Bagleys, Allens, Sisters Walker, Swensen, Frame & Carter
Saturday 12 Senior Missionaries, 3 couples and 6 Single Sisters experienced a cruise over Puget Sound to the Historic Blake Island...the legendary birthplace of Chief Seattle. We went to Tillicum Village and enjoyed the Northwests Tribal Cultures. Our cruise was narrated by a local Native storyteller and he was excellent! (I told him about the Story Telling Festival in Provo, Utah and he had never heard of it). On arrival we were greeted with steamed clams and the shells we stomped into the 'already made path of broken clam shells'.
Inside the enormous cedar longhouse, we were able to view salmon being carefully prepared over open fires as they have been done for centuries and eaten in a delicious meal.  And after we had eaten we sat back and enjoyed a stage performance of live traditional Native American dances. The sky was overcast but we had NO rain and the day was just the best!

Ha ha...Sister Frame as a Service Oriented Missionary
picking up a sister's spilled food!!‏
Today, I am so thankful for the blessing and privilege of being a Missionary for Jesus Christ and for the opportunity to proclaim His Gospel restored on the earth in these Latter Days!
I love what I am doing! I am happy for the privilege to 'forget myself and go to work'!
I love serving with Sister Carter and what I have learned during these 17 months!
I love hearing from my family and friends through letters and emails!
I love the new friends I have found in Tukwila and SeaTac Washington!!
I am so thankful for great health and for a heart that feels happy!
May God be with each of you and bless you this coming week...and don't forget to look for the Miracles that are many in your lives!

Love to all of you,
Sister Frame