Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend thought: When you are going through something hard and wonder where God is...Remember...The teacher is always quiet during a Test

Rhododendrum colors I've NEVER seen...
Memorial flowers for Jerry, Larry, Dad, and Widge
This letter comes out probably Monday Morning on Memorial Day and my thoughts turn to those that are so dear and loving for me. Jerry has been gone for almost 8 years and had he not passed away I would not be in the Washington Seattle Mission serving as a Senior Sister Missionary. Dad has been gone for 10 years and I have lost Uncle Larry Silcox a year ago on April 25, 2013 and Uncle Widge Quarnberg passed away April 12, 2014. Both of these brothers' deaths occurred while I was in Seattle on my mission. I am incredibly thankful for the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in these latter days that teach of Eternal Life and so thankful for the Plan of Salvation. Yes, death is so hard, but what a blessing to believe there is life after death and that I will see and be with Jerry again.

The EVER hunger Elders: Garriss and Brown
My goodness P-day was very busy for us. Same cleaning as usual and then we went to Burien and did our Dollar-Store run, to the church to vacuum the car and run off some papers, got the tires rotated on the car and that took tooooo much time. We stopped at Rite Aid and picked up some things and then we went FHE and had such a good meeting. I will get a picture next week to put in this letter.When we got home the dripping Elders arrived at our door near at the end of their day, and their money, curious if we had any dinner leftovers.  We did not, but we whipped up the leftovers we had into a warm filling dinner for them, what incredible young men we work with.

Tuesday we went to visit Sister Templeman and she was having such a bad day. In her mind she thought her husband had been shot and she had been in her chair until 10:30am worrying so much about him. She had gotten confused so we played her some beautiful music and visited. We called her son and later her husband went to visit with her. She lives in a Senior Housing Facility.

We went to a home of two non-members who live on Angle Lake to help her get ready for a Large "Garage Sale". We worked for a couple of hours and ended our visit by singing "If the Savior Stood beside Me". This is such a beautiful song and she and her son Kevin and a neighbor Carlos loved the music. This was a great service project and we enjoyed being involved with them. As we were preparing to leave, Sister Rohbar told us she had many frozen "Meals on Wheels" and wanted to know if he had someone we could give them to. We took about 15 meals and gave them to some very needy people. Service again is such a wonderful experience.

We went to visit Irene, another non-member friend who has been very sick and is not doing so well. She is going to the doctor so we hope she will get feeling better. She lives alone in a nice brick home (kinda unusual for this area) with 2 dogs and a beautiful cat (and I don't even care for cats).

We were told Tuesday afternoon we were going to have a Zone Conference Wednesday from
1-4 in the North Seattle Stake Center. Oh, we do love Zone Conferences!! President Choi told all the Missionaries he was so happy hearing 'great compliments' from the Ward Members where he weekly visits about the work of the Missionaries and as they see us work and trust us more, they are more willing to give referrals to help the work of The Lord. Our Member participation is growing fast in the Washington Seattle Mission due in part to the work of the missionaries but he reminded us of Alma 26:11....:"I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God for in his strength I can do all things." Isn't that just so beautiful...beautiful thought for all of us to remember!

Sister Choi taught of the value of singing and of the "Song of our Hearts". We each were reminded that we don't have to have a beautiful voice or be a professional musician but we must sing when we teach people and they will feel the spirit as they 'hear the spirit in our voices'. Sister Carter and I sing many times a day, with the iPad. I am sure most of you know that even though my maiden name is 'Bird'...I do not sing like one but Sister Carter has a lovely voice and she is ever so patient with me. The "Song of our Hearts" is being felt by many people and we are so thankful for the blessing to bless people's lives with the music. We sing "I am a Child of God", "Teach me to walk in the Light",  and our favorite... "A Child's Prayer!" We are now learning "If the Savior Stood beside Me" too. Sis. Choi reminded us from Matt 26:30 that the Apostles and The Savior sang at The Lord's Last Supper. Why? Because singing invites the spirit and peace; it focuses our mind on spiritual matters if the correct music is chosen and it just seems to solve so many problems and challenges. Basically, we are told to Sing, Sing, Sing! Try it in your homes and see how the spirit is invited in!!!

We were asked why we serve The Lord and the answer is...Because we Love Him! We are willing to show our love by keeping the commandments....because, "If ye love me..keep by commandments". (John 14:15) I just hope all of us can evaluate ourselves and see the good we do, the obedience we have and also the ways we can improve the way we show our love for Him.

We did not eat lunch so we went to the City of Wallingford, WA and ate lunch at "Tutta-Bella's" We have been here a couple of other times and the pizza is 'absolutely incredible'. The fun thing was that we arrived at 5:00 during "Happy Hour"....from 3-6...and we were able to have our eight inch pizza for $5 and then get some gelato with a pizzelle cookie. This took about an hour and we are allowed one hour/lunch and one hour/dinner....worked out great!! Headed home and visited two more people!

At the end of a busy Thursday!
Thursday after planning and lunch until 1:00 we had appointments at 2,3 and 4. Our day was just incredible and the visits with Vicky, Veronica and Sherry were better than we had hoped they would be...and again the music is what makes the difference and we love it. We went to our monthly RS Evening and took Pin and Sue who are less-active with us and all of us loved the 'taco dinner' and the evening of teaching "How to bring Peace into a Home". Just could not ask for a better day! We love these dear sisters and Know each of them felt more than our love this day...they knew their Heavenly Father loves them!!

We visited Dawn and encouraged her to come to Church Sunday. Her two sons were baptized on Dec. 28, 2013 and we told her how proud she would be to see the one pass the Sacrament and also she would see him 'be the Deacon sitting on the stand by the Bishop' and be so proud of the progress they have made in their actions. They really are wonderful boys.

Kathy was so pleased that we came to visit. He husband just had his chemo-pump removed today and was not feeling super so we visited on the porch. The music brought her to tears and she was 'willing' to say the prayer before we left and it was just beautiful!!! She has been less active for at least 20+ years; she said they would see us at church Sunday.

Helen's husband was out of town. They live very humble lives so we went and picked her up and took her to Burger King. You just can't believe how happy she was to get 10 chicken nuggets with barbecue sauce, french fries and 'hot water' !!!(I have no idea why she wanted hot water) I do know this....all of us need to feel loved!!
Tillicum Village Travel Group: (From L to R) Harris's, Bagleys, Allens, Sisters Walker, Swensen, Frame & Carter
Saturday 12 Senior Missionaries, 3 couples and 6 Single Sisters experienced a cruise over Puget Sound to the Historic Blake Island...the legendary birthplace of Chief Seattle. We went to Tillicum Village and enjoyed the Northwests Tribal Cultures. Our cruise was narrated by a local Native storyteller and he was excellent! (I told him about the Story Telling Festival in Provo, Utah and he had never heard of it). On arrival we were greeted with steamed clams and the shells we stomped into the 'already made path of broken clam shells'.
Inside the enormous cedar longhouse, we were able to view salmon being carefully prepared over open fires as they have been done for centuries and eaten in a delicious meal.  And after we had eaten we sat back and enjoyed a stage performance of live traditional Native American dances. The sky was overcast but we had NO rain and the day was just the best!

Ha ha...Sister Frame as a Service Oriented Missionary
picking up a sister's spilled food!!‏
Today, I am so thankful for the blessing and privilege of being a Missionary for Jesus Christ and for the opportunity to proclaim His Gospel restored on the earth in these Latter Days!
I love what I am doing! I am happy for the privilege to 'forget myself and go to work'!
I love serving with Sister Carter and what I have learned during these 17 months!
I love hearing from my family and friends through letters and emails!
I love the new friends I have found in Tukwila and SeaTac Washington!!
I am so thankful for great health and for a heart that feels happy!
May God be with each of you and bless you this coming week...and don't forget to look for the Miracles that are many in your lives!

Love to all of you,
Sister Frame

Sunday, May 18, 2014

"Without working hard, nothing grows but weeds". - Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley‏

The thought above about work embellishes all we are doing in the mission field. This week we have worked very hard...visiting 43 members and 17 non-members for a total of 60 visits. In probably 90% of the homes we give a message (often from my i-pad and the Mormon Messages) sing a song (using the i-pad for the music) and have a prayer. This little i-pad has been such a blessing in the missionary work we are doing. It is such a powerful tool it will be wonderful when all the Elders and Sisters have one for a companionship. We had 31 to church which is the most we have had...with 6 weeks to go and we gave 7 1/2 service hours. Really, it is Sat. night and we are both 'just tired'. I guess it is a fact that these two "Little Ole Ladies" are stopping a bit early which is 5:15.

Bro Treadwell
I love that we visited many people and seemed to make a difference in their lives. I hope over the last 16 1/2 months I have rather become more like Bro.
Treadwell's "Tin Man"...who was tireless and has no need of food or drink or sleep. Of Dorothy's companion in "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz", the Tin Man was always the most sensitive, tender and emotional of his companion. I do feel I have been blessed by the Spirit to grow in these areas and sometimes I certainly yearn for 'more sleep' instead of none at all. Brother Treadwell was in a car accident at 17 and has been paralyzed from the waist down. He married a beautiful woman who was also in a wheelchair and they adopted a daughter. His wife passed on and he lives in this home with an 'incredible' yard he plans, plants and grooms. We love his positive and happy spirit.

We visited Alicia who has been less-active for many, many years, she is a recovering Alcoholic and is just such a wonderful lady. This week we taught her "The Will of God" on the Mormon Messages and shared thoughts and scriptures that tell of the Love Inspired correction that was given to Elder Hugh B. Brown. She is such a delightful woman with such strong determination to "reach the high expectations" she has set for herself.!!

Brother and Sister Mah delight us with their desire to do things for us. He is 80 years old and she is about 75.

We have been to the home of Pepe about 7-8 times and have only visited with her two times. She is very less-active but has told us she would like to come to church. Well, last week her brother passed away and she called "The Sisters" to find out who the Bishop is and how to have a funeral in our Seatac Ward. Her parents are from Samoa and they flew to Seattle and were so touched that the Bishop would conduct the funeral for a man and his family he did not even know. We went early to see if we could do anything....she said in a paniced voice that there were no tables set up to feed 100 people. So, these "Minute Men" (that would be The Sisters) went into motion and found 5 young teenagers sitting around. We asked if they would help and their polite and respectful manner was such a 'tribute' to their families...whomever they were. The job was completed in about 30 minutes; we called a sister in our ward who has decorations and she told us to hurry right over (10 miles) because she was leaving in 1 hour. We call the RS President and she said they were not doing 'the food'. Oh my!! This was at 10:30 and the funeral started at 11:00. The funeral was ending at 12:05 and we could 'smell' no food and both Sister Carter and I had a heart attack. We did find out a while after worrying that the food was catered. "Whew!" The casket could not go through the side chapel doors so I was assigned to hold the door open at the back of the chapel. As the casket is being rolled out, the Samoan Congregation started singing beautiful Island Songs and chants and I want you to know this was very much a cultural of the many we have been blessed to experience while in the Washington Seattle Mission.

We had a delightful visit with the Campbells...a young, vibrant couple.
He works at Boeing and she teaches "Circus". They moved into his Grandfather's BEAUTIFUL yard and home.
The Rhodendrums in the NW are so beautiful. This is Sister Carter/ Sister Frame admiring their flowers and this is the adorable couple.

District Meeting was this last week and it is probably the last time our District will be together. Transfers will be on Tuesday, May 20 so there are usually many changes. This is the picture of our District:
Elders Pfister, Wohlgemuth, Gorner and Chadwick.
Hermana Boley; Sisters Carter/Frame and Hermana Pier.
We have had such excellent meetings where Elder Wohlgemuth, who is our District Leader, has taught us very well and we just respect him very much. We meet in the Normandy Park Building and Sister Carter and I REALLY miss being at the Seattle Stake Center where all the other missionaries are.

I wanted to send more pictures so you will have an idea of what is going on with the people.
I love them all and after living in the same home and the same home ward for about 45 years, I have been amazingly surprised at how much love I have in my heart for all these New Friends. We have been in and out of more home than even our Bishop Floyd and it seems as we meet with them in their homes, they are more willing to trust us and love us and listen to and feel our testimonies.

I love The Gospel of Jesus Christ with all my heart and feel it a blessing and a privilege to be able to serve Him. I love the Book of Mormon and I know the words I read are words of truth and are those teachings of Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for the Prophet Joseph Smith and for all he did to bring forth this great book and to be an instrument in the hands of God to organize the Church in these Latter-days!!
It was so incredibly AWESOME to speak with my Mom and all six of The Frame Children and Grandchildren on Mother's Day. I love them and their words of kindness and love and support for the work I am doing. I love the letters they write and the pictures they send and the love they seem to have for each other!!
May God Be with all of you this week and bless you. Take the time to look for the many Miracles that are a part of your lives this week and record them.
"I know My Savior Lives and Loves Me Still". I am so thankful for this knowledge!

Love to all of you,
Sister Frame

Monday, May 12, 2014

"Therefore what manner of men ought ye to be Verily I say unto you evan as I am " 3 Nephi 27:27‏

I watched this Mormon Message on Last Sunday when I was fasting, titled "Christlike Attributes" and I was filled with such gratitude for who Jesus Christ was and what He did for all of us. This really was a great experience to have to start a new week and I am thankful for the awareness of the "Attributes of Christ". Aristotle said, "We are what we repeatedly do; Excellence. then is not an act, but a habit." This beautiful thoughts helps us to be able to realize those attributes of our Savior, we need to practice and practice them over and over again until they become a habit!

Monday we attended FHE and had a potluck dinner. We continue to drive Nancy with us and realizing each event she attends she grows more like the Savior and stronger in living the values we believe in. Oh, I love this 'spaghetti mix' of brothers and sisters' all so different from each other but no matter, all are my brothers and sisters and loved by God just as I am. It seems as if each person who attends leaves the evening a bit happier as we 'forget ourselves" and reach out to the other person, concerned with their happiness.
Tues. we had District Meeting until 1:00. I seem to say this every week, but I just am amazed at the wisdom and the ability these young Elders have as they conduct and teach us as District Meeting. We reviewed what we had learned last week at Zone Conference and our main topic was how to 'understand' those we teach, serve, love and associate with. Elder Wohlgemuth also discussed 1 Nephi 31:2-3 about The Doctrine of Christ and the plainness of it. The best way for all of us to teach is to 'keep it simple'. I love the meeting and our assignment during the week was from 6-9. He ended by saying, "if you believe in God, then what are you doing to show Him you do".

That afternoon we went out and taught six people. It was a good day. When we returned about 5:30, the rain was just pouring down so we decided to stay home. I had four pair of slacks that needed to me altered and re-hemmed for Elder Webb and Garriss so I spent the evening stitching. This felt good to sew and also to serve. They Elders were extremely happy when they were done the following day.

Wednesday was a beautiful day!! We taught Anita and Jean who both live in Bow Court.God's hand was very visible in our lives this day. It was just so absolutely amazing how happy we made Anita. Whenever we go it seems that is the day she has been thinking of us and hoping we would come. She still has not attended church but literal angels have touched her heart that was angry and hard. We asked her to come to church on our last day, June 30, 2014. She said she really would rather come to FHE the week before because she only wears jeans. This is a miracle that she would even suggest coming. Oh, we love her and we always leave her with a spiritual message, a song and a prayer....and a BIG hug. You know what, all of us just need to be love and when so many people live alone....with usually a dog or cat....the touch and hug of another person is just priceless!!

Jean is such an incredible 90 year old, almost blind non-member and she is just the best!! After visiting for a while we left her with a spiritual message, a song....and oh dear, we started to chat about something else...and then headed for the door. This dear soul said to us, "Well, if we aren't going to pray together I guess I will say God Bless the Sisters"! Oh my, we were so embarrassed that we goofed. She was just adorable as she waited for us to come back and have standing prayer and holding hands.Roberta just needs us to stop and see her...tell her of our love...give her also a message, a song and a prayer. She is going to the temple in about 3-4 weeks for her Endowments

Then we went to pick up Doris. She does not have a car and LOVES to eat at "Jack-in-the-Box"
Yes, she also loves the largest burger and fries and lemonade so that is exactly what she got. As we were eating and visiting her comments was, "You Sisters just have no idea how happy you have made me by taking me to lunch. I just love you both and Thank-you so much!!!" Wow! Do you even wonder why this is such an incredible experience of serving others and representing The Lord, Jesus Christ.

We had Bishop's meeting at 6:00 in our Clubhouse with him and the 4 Elders who work our Seatac Ward. Then we ran to two men's home...both named Steven. One had thought we were tax collectors when we went to his home a month ago. He told us "Steve" had moved so we gave the name to our clerk and it was sent to Salt Lake. The other "Steve" has been less-active for most of his life because of some things his father did. We had a really good chat on his porch and left with an invite to church...he did not say no but also did not 'promise' to come. However, The Sisters planted a seed in his heart that His Heavenly Father cared about him and sent us to see how he was. Then we went back to the Clubhouse and met with Brother Schaat, our Ward Mission Leader and the Elders and us again. This was a most glorious day. We love the people; we love the work and we love the privilege of feeling The Spirit so many times this day.

Another day we were trying to introduce two ward sisters to each other so they might become friends and then when we leave neither of them will feel as alone. They are Penny and Vicky. We took them to "The Happy Hour Special" at Bahama Breeze. Everything is $5.00 per serving and it was so much time. We are not sure it will give us the results we wanted but both of the sisters had just a great time. We feel that "time' will be our Friend and they might become friends.

We made soup for John and his wife. He is ALWAYS saying that no one cares about them and they are sad. He is 80 and she is about 72 so we have always tried to go out of our way to go give messages, songs and prayers to try and cheer them up. Whew! He really is a handful but nevertheless, he is a child of God and deserves to be treated with love and kindness.

Norm and Alisa were so happy to see us another afternoon. They are both in their early 80's and love for us to come and see them. Our message this day was from Luke 15:11-32...about the Prodigal Son. Then we showed them the Mormon Message of "The Other Prodigal Son". This was just an wonderful time of teaching and feeling the spirit and knowing they did also.

On Friday we picked up Nancy and went to Smith's home to sing and share a message. We were a bit late and had another event to attend so we did only sing about five hymns and visit for a few minutes. They love to have us come and then I always hustle up the hill to get their mail so this 92 year old man does not have to do it on this day. Love them so much!!

Friday evening, May 9 we were going to Benaroya Hall in Downtown Seattle for an event with the Ensign Symphony and Choir performing Dr. Crawford Gates "Visions of Eternity". Our plan was to take Irene, a non-member but she became very sick with her bad heart yesterday so she did not go. We invited Dwight and Nancy, dear, dear friends who are both music majors and it was just awesome. We walked 3 blocks from the light rail but it was just so nice outside and when the concert was over we found the light rail under our building so we just took an elevator down, caught the trail and were home in about 23 minutes. This was such a great event and we loved it!!! The Hall is on 200th University and it just makes sense that the University Station stop for the light rail was in this area. The is the first time in 16 1/2 month we were in bed late....10:40 instead of 10:30.

Well, tomorrow is Mother's Day. I am very thankful for my mom and I love her very much. I am thankful she has been strong and well, except the winter I left for Seattle, and everyone says she is still doing well.
How thankful I am for the six beautiful daughters I have that are mothers and also for their strength of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as they love their husbands and serve them and their children.
I Know that God lives and that He knows me and loves me! I am so thankful for Jesus Christ and for His obedience and The Atonement He performed for all of us. I also know He lives.
I LOVE the Book of Mormon more each day I read and study it and I know Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God in these latter days and that he was instrumental in Restoring the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth.
How thankful I am to be able to serve my Heavenly Father. Thankful for the many Miracles that are a part of my life. Each of you take the time to look for 'your miracles' and write them down.

God Bless each of you always.
Love to you,
Sister Frame

Saturday, May 3, 2014

A promise of the Lord!

"Whether it is the best of times or the worst of times, He is with us.  He has promised that this will never change"    Pres. Thomas S. Monson

When we hear the words of the Prophets or the Leaders we work with, they are meant to be as if The Lord has said it himself and what a blessing it is to all of us to hear what His words are to guide, direct and uplift each of us.  This was been a great week in my life...the work has gone well and we were able to have Zone Conference Wed. from 9am-4pm....wishing that it could have gone on longer!!

Sunday was just such a great day!  The sun was shining, the temperature was wonderful, all six missionaries in our ward spoke....for 3-4 Sacrament Meeting and then The Ward Mission Leader closed the meeting with his remarks.  This really was a good meeting and there were 29 less-actives in attendance.  Our "High Expectation" for when we leave in 8 weeks is 40 in attendance to Sacrament.  We hope this will happen.  We have worked very hard to teach them with The Spirit that will help them choose to  want to come weekly and be fed spiritually.  Even if the number is not what we set for a goal....the road to this expectation has been a wonderful experience and we have met and known and learned to love many, many people!!
Monday we went to North Seattle and had a "fun get-together" with Sisters Swensen/Walker,  Sisters White/Stanworth, Elder and Sister Harris and Elder and Sister Bagley. We were going to meet for a picnic in the park but the weather turned chilly.  We met in Sisters White/Stanworth's apartment  and talked and visited and laughed for a couple of hours ....oh, and we also could I forget to say that!!   That evening we also had a dinner appointment at 6:00 with Elders Brown/Garriss.  When Sister Carter and I arrived at the home, they had completely forgotten the Missionaries were coming and they just about died of embarrassment.  It really was so sad for them and we were just fine.  We texted the Elders and told them to meet us at Dave's Diner on 188th Street and we would treat them to dinner.  This was the last week of the month and we knew they were low on food and also money;  it really was fun to be with them for an hour and hear what they were doing and how their teaching was going.  Since they do not have cars...only bikes and feet...we do not get to see them as often as we have been able to see other Elders so this was a great time for all four of us.

  Tuesday we went to Dick and Annabelle's home to work in their yard.  Dick is 87 and Annabelle is 82.  She has had knee surgery and is not recovering very fast the 'two ole Sisters' go to serve outside and it felt WONDERFUL!!  We did the front yard and the side yard in about 3 1/2 hours and actually it looked really quite well.  Annabelle had sandwiches made for us when we were finished and a great time was had and we came home with pink cheeks (Yeah) and some pink on our arms and necks.   We love these two dear people and are so pleased that they usually come to church 3 out of 4 times each month.

Wednesday was our Zone Conference and this is absolutely the best Zone Conference we have had in 16 months in the Mission Field.  The Spirit was tangible and as Pres. Choi started the meeting he asked us if we were ready for the conference and if we were ready  to accept the guidance and council given to us individually by those that would teach us.  We were told He would teach us things we never realized before and we needed to prepare ourselves with an open heart.  What we would hear would be very valuable whether we were new missionaries or leaving soon.  This was so impressive to me and I wanted so much to listen and glean what was available for ME!    We were taught of David and Goliath; High Expectations and being compared to popcorn; Why are Pres & Sister Choi, Pres & Sister Miller and Pres & Sister Wood always sitting on the stand in our Zone Conferences;  Learning by Struggling;  Obedience...the fundamental Law in the Kingdom of God;  pushing rocks;  Challenges and blessings; Agency;  Learning to read Pres. Choi's mind.....and on and on and on!!!  What more can I say.  I just hope all of you can have the opportunity to sit at the feet of a Mission President, such as Pres. Choi and Pres. Larkin, and be able to feel their spirits and to be taught truths from on high!!!

   Thursday is planning day until 1:00 and then it is back to work on the streets.  Today we went to about 20+ homes looking for the people that were on our New Ward Directory.  When we returned home, we listed 15 names that were not living where the addresses said they were.  We spoke with neighbors, apt managers and anyone else that could validate the information we had and we will turn this list in to the Ward Clerk on Sunday.  This makes it possible to go and find the people we think are living at the addresses.  This was a very good day and at 10:15pm we were horizontal and 'dead' asleep in about 32 seconds!
     Friday we visited Jack and shared with him the Mormon Message, 'The Will of God' about  The Current Bush and Hugh B Brown.  Jack was sitting on the back steps watching it and tears came to his eyes and he was just simply  'touched' by the Spirit and it was so good for him.  Later as we visited he told me of an experience when he had fallen off a hay wagon onto the blacktop.  His uncle was sure he was injured badly and stopped the truck and ran to him.  At this time Jack was crying as he told me the story about how he knew Heavenly Father had protected him.  When we visited Jack about 14 months ago, he had not been to church in over 15 years.  Why?  I guess he just got lost in the shuffle...his wife died, his mother died and his son made some very poor choices.  I guess maybe he did not feel much love....untill two 'ole Sister Missionaries' came to his home and invited him to come to church...AND HE CAME!!!!!
   This morning during part of my study time I went to my ipad and listened to Pres. Choi's Priesthood Session talk on Oct 2009  Conference.  It is called "I Love Loud Boys".  Please take the time to listen to this beautiful message given by my incredible Mission President and feel the Spirit I am able rub shoulders with so often.  Oh, I love Pres. and Sister Choi with all my heart!
   Today we went to the Temple at 8:00 am...session starting at 9:00 and home about 11:45.
This is such an incredible opportunity to be able to attend the Seattle Temple as we pause from the hectic schedule of missionary work.  When we returned home and visited with a couple of our appointments we went to the Bread Bank....wondering if Joe would be in a good mood or not.
He was so glad to see us....gave us about 70+ packages of bread of many kinds, bagels, English muffins, donuts, sweet rolls and rolls and sandwich buns.  Also there were round balls of Sourdough Bread!    It took us about 1 1/2 hours to dispense of this commodity and the people were just so happy....especially when we gave the little people a 6-pack of donuts!  We hope that giving this bread away, with  Missionary tags on our hearts, will expose the church to many, many people and that they will feel the Love of Jesus Christ as we do this service to His children.
   Well, this day is far spent, our week is completed and our Fast has started. I hope that the blessings of our Heavenly Father rest upon all your heads in the week to come. I haven't heard much from my children this week, which probably means all is well OR that the world has collapsed and they do not want me to worry.  But regardless of the reasons, I am thankful for their prayers and their support as I am doing something I never thought in my wildest dreams I would do....and I love it sooooo much!!!
I have a Testimony that Heavenly Father knows me very well and wants me to live in a manner that I can find happiness as I love and Serve.  I know Jesus is the Christ and the Redeemer of the World.  I am so thankful for the Atonement and for the blessings that are all of ours because of it.
Take the time to recognize the Miracles in your lives and to record will forget if you don't.

I love all of you very much and thank you for the notes and letters.  They mean the world to me.
God be with you and bless each of you this week!

Sister Frame

"The Process of Becoming...."

"When I was a child I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things."  This council from our Zone Leader, Elder Webb,   reminds all of us that we need to have a vision of whom we want to be and with the power of repentance, become that person and  live with no regrets!  We need to set our expectations high and reach and study and grow to achieve our vision.  We were taught and reminded of the importance of our attitude and how it affects what we learn and how we use the learning.  As I sat in the High Council Room in our Stake Center I was just amazed at the power of the young Elders and Sisters that were in the room and their humble testimonies.  The Spirit of our Heavenly Father was so strong in this gathering and  I will be eternally thankful for the example of these young people, for the privilege of rubbing shoulders with them and for being taught at 'their feet'.  All of you would be just amazed at what these future leaders of the Church are like as they serve The Lord in this Washington Seattle Mission.

We had no large adventure in the AM of P-day but did the usual cleaning, shopping, chasing and also had the oil changed in the car.  We went to Costco to see if they could teach us both how to 'download' the pictures we have on our phones and my ipad...but I guess we will both wait to go home and have our  'techi children or grandchildren' do it for us.  We left at 5:00 for our last Senior Missionary FHE in the Washington Seattle Mission...for us.  There were about 30+ of us in attendance; the food was delicious (of course), a lesson was taught by Elder & Sister Bingham from Utah.  It was fun, a bit competitive and we learned some bible facts.  Sister Carter and I were called on to bear our testimonies because that was our last meeting with them  The next FHE is on July 21, 2014...and we will be home.  Really, it is kinda sad...wanting to be home and in Seattle at the same time.

To give you a idea of what our life continues to be like, last week we visited a total of 68 people....47 were members and 21 were non-members and we love EVERY minute of what we are doing.  Really, we do!!  There were only 19 in attendance to Sacrament Meeting and that makes our hearts sad....but I guess this life is about choices and we can't force or coerce any man to do anything against his will.  It just makes us sad.  But, the glorious part about the work it that baptisms continue to happen in all areas of the mission with a goal of 1663 in 2014.  And yes, I do have the faith that this High Expectation can be accomplished!

Tuesday we loved visiting with Janette, Karen, Roberta, Dorothy, Janice, Barbara, The Smiths and The Mendenhalls.  We have been singing "A Child's Prayer" for the past 2-3 weeks;  we always sing with the ipad and this week one of the sweet people we visited told us we really had improved in our singing and we were really quite good.  Now, I didn't know if that was a compliment or what...but at least we have improved and that is what life is all about.

Wednesday after a busy day we had Ward Coordination Meeting with our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Schaat and all six of the missionaries in our Ward.  We hold this meeting in our Clubhouse because the Elders walk and it takes them too long on the bus to get to the church.   We asked one of the companionships what they had had for dinner (after a very rainy day) and they had eaten ramen noodles and did not complain at all to us.  Well, meeting went until 9:10 and we told them we wanted to get them some food.  We got 4  McDonald's orders of what they would like,  they took the bus home,  we went to McDonalds and 25 minutes later we met them at their apartments.  They were very appreciative and it is fun to help them when we can.  We can't give them money but we can get them food so that is what we did!!

Our bread experience came to a screeching halt about 1 month ago.  Joe must have had a bad day;  he

Thursday night was the 4th Thursday RS Activity.  We invited 3 less-active sisters to go with us and they had such a great time.  This was an evening about Missionary Work.  Sister Carter has served 2 missions to Russia prior to the one in Seattle so they asked us to make Russian Piroshkis for part of the meal.  We cooked from 4-6 and walked out the door at 6:10; then we drove to pick up our friends, headed to the church about 8 miles away and were 15 minutes late....oh, I do not like to be late and they all wondered where 'the food' was.  This was a great evening.  Sisters Long, Kato and Brown shared Missionary Experiences.  Sister Carter, Sister Frame shared experiences about how to prepare for a mission and then Sister Miller, wife of the 1st Counselor in the Mission Presidency spoke.  Great Evening and all loved it very much.

Fridays we still continue to sing with The Smiths and Nancy goes with us.  I think we have been doing this for 3 months each week and have 8 more Fridays to go.  We just love being with these dear kind and loving Christlike people.

Today is Saturday and after we had finished most of our appointments we went to the bread dispensary at 3:15 and all the bread had been thrown into the dumpster.   Yes, I found a plastic box and I went 'dumpster diving' because we needed bread for the missionaries and a few of our people.
It had only been thrown away for about 15-20 minutes so I knew it was safe.  I know you wish you  had a picture of Sister Frame in her skirt leaning and stretching from on top of a box into a dumpster to get bread!!  We certainly did cheer up those that were out of food at the end of the month and needed it plus this adds a bit of 'fun' to our Missionary experiences!!

Saturday at  5:30 we went to a baptism for Bro. Williams whom Elders Brown//Garriss had taught.  It was beautiful and his family (non-members) plus about 25 others were in attendance.  This Seatac Ward is so good to support baptisms of people they do not know.  Then at 7:00 Nancy and her son fed us dinner in our Clubhouse.  Vicky was also invited and the food and visiting were just so good.  We taught Nancy and her son was not too pleased with us;  however, he has found out that we really are pretty nice ole ladies (in fact he loves us and appreciates what we have done for his mom).

Our Sweet Tongan Sisters sent this thought out on our phones on Wed.  It said:
    "Don't give up what you want most for what you want now!"
These are pretty powerful words!   Too often we lose sight of the Eternal Goal.  It is our duty as missionaries to prepare God's children to once again live with Him and their Families. And remember, we are all the words we speak, by the example we show as we talk and walk, by our business dealings and what we do when we are 'out and about'.  People are always watching each of us and looking for an example to help lift them. May God be with all of you and bless each in your personal endeavors you are involved in. Take the time to appreciate the good that is around you.  Look at the sunrises and enjoy each beautiful sunset.  Be so thankful for the blessing of being alive.  Live, Laugh, Love each other and be Happy!!!
told us we could come and get bread at 2:15 but the bread bank closes at 2:30 and then they immediately 'throw away into the dumpsters' all that is left.  That makes us so sad.  We had gone 3 times and there was no bread so we decided to discontinue trying to help those that had so little.  Our last visit was 2 weeks ago (the bread is given away on T, TH and Sat) but Thurs we decided to go at the last minute and get 1 loaf for us. 
As we drove in, all the workers (Russians) ran to find Joe and tell him we were there.  He came outside, very kindly, and gave us all the bread  we wanted ( 2/3 had already been thrown in the dumpster) and then asked the gentlemen to give us 5 banana boxes of produce and then 7 banana boxes of cakes, donuts, pies and all types of pastries.  It was so amazing!!!  We were so thankful for their kindness (a Miracle) and we drive very carefully and quickly to the two humble trailer courts....and the car was emptied in about 45 minutes.  We saved a box of produce and a box of 3 cakes, donuts and other sweets for Dheaa and his family.  My goodness, you just can't believe how excited his family was!!  The blessing is that it just doesn't take very much to help people and make them happy if we take the time.  Many speak no English, but a smile is an International Language and it is fun to give away!!

Thanks so much for the notes, letters, pictures and all the strength you have given me.
I guess the plan is for me to speak in Sacrament Meeting on July 13, 2014 at 9:00am.
Love to each of you!!
Sister Frame