Monday, April 29, 2013

Greetings From Tukwila, Washington!

This is Esther...we are her 2 new mothers. Her mother died in Burma when she was 10
Next to her are her sons, Peter 16; John 19: David 18. They are our 3 new grandsons. They love us.  The Father's name is Foke, but he had not come from workl This is an incredible family!!!!!

I am writing Sunday evening@ 6:00 after a beautiful Sabbath Day.  Sister Carter and I were responsible for 12 individuals coming to Sacrament Meeting that have been less active and not been there and it is just awesome to see them and their expressions and their love for what it being said.  Wow, I love this work!
       D&C 4:2   "Therefore, o ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve Him with all your heart, might, mind and strength;  that ye may stand blameless before Him at the last day."
I want all of you to know how much I love this work!  Just know that we, Sister Carter and  I, are
working very hard and love what we see is happening.  This a great opportunity to serve and there are many, many priceless experiences that are continuing to mold my life and deepen my commitment to Jesus Christ. We have been taught of the many seen and unseen forces that work to prepare people to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives or prepare them to be "Rescued and be reminded of those feelings they once had for the Savior and of the joy they felt at their baptism.  I know miracles happen every day, many being small, but they happen and I am a recipient of personal revelation each day.  I stand of a witness of the Love of God for His Children!
    The Book of Mormon speaks of the Lamanites who "are striving with unwearied diligence  to bring back their brethren to the knowledge of the truth"  Helaman 15:5-6   Sister Carter and I are working extremely hard to follow the examples of the Lamanites and to bring our brothers and sisters back too the commitments they made at baptism. I pray each day that I will strive to keep my heart turned to God and to strive continually to do good.  According to Elder Bednar our conversions to the Gospel of Jesus Christ is an ongoing process and not a onetime event.  We do it line upon line and God.
      Roberta has been without all her top teeth for about a year except for 2 teeth.  She is extremely frightened of dentists and her last 2 visits have been postponed because her anxiety causes her blood pressure too rise.  She is 63 and has not been active since being a teenager. We met her in Jan and love her to death!  She has such simple faith; listens and learns as we teach lessons; cried the first time she took the sacrament after so many years of being away and now never misses anything at the church.  We suggested she call the Elders and get a blessing the night before her Monday appointment to have a tooth pulled.  She was going to call us and have us call the Elders....then a thought came that she should call the Elders.  She called them. They called us to meet them there.  They came.  The blessing of peace and calm and Father's love for her was just beautiful.  Elder Buckway is 6'5" and he stood much taller that night.  Elder Nebeker anointed her.  Well, the lesson that faith as small as a mustard seed can bring about mighty things was felt last Sunday evening.   She went to the dentist and was not at all frightened.  He blood pressure was fine and at the end of 1 hour 15 minutes Roberta walked away with greater faith in the Priesthood of God and the blessing that was given to her by the Elders.
..."Be strong and of a good courage;  be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed; for The Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest."   Joshua 1:9  All of you have a beautiful week through your challenges and your good times. This is a glorious time to be see the Kingdom of God roll forth and to be a part of this wonderful plan.
Thank you so much for your notes and letters and your support.  All my love,
Sister Frame

Monday, April 22, 2013

SEATTLE... Many Colors and the Space Needle!!

P-day was a wonderful day in the City....Sister Lance;  Sister Frame;  Sister Carter (my companion) and Sister Moreton.  These two other sisters we met in the MTC and they live and work in Kent...about 15 minutes away. In the city besides seeing the Space Needle and going to the top, we also took a tour that goes underground to the City of Seattle that was burned down in the Great Fire of 1889.  The city of a 30 square area was rebuilt on top of itself and so we saw what it was like in the original state.
Very interesting.

When we went to Safeway the other day, these 5 gentlemen were sitting on a bench outside the store.  We asked if we could take their pictures and they were most accommodating.  They are from Punjab, India. 

 The difference in size, color and shape of the turbans is personal;  the length of the beards, we thought was because of prestige, but it is very personal.  This type of dress and the men are ALL over our area.  We appreciated them sharing with us their faces and garbs. This was kinda fun! The intensity of the colors in the Northwest is absolutely incredible!!

This week was unusual and a bit week in the Missionary Department:
Monday we were in the city.  
Tuesday we went to Federal Way to Zone Conference.  This day I learned that Sid Gilbert's Grandson, Elder Gilbert, is one of the new Assistants to the President.
He did a great job and his family would be very proud of him....especially his grandpa.  The Spiritual Food of the day is incredible as we are taught by Pres. Larkin but it is a long day.  We left home at 8:50 am and arrived back at 5:30.  That evening we also went to Singles FHE so when we went to bed at 9:45 we were dead...and not teaching by us was done.
Wednesday morning at 7:10 I took Sister Carter to the ER because of some problems in her throat and chest.  Went to ER because we had no doctor and really would not have been able to get into one.  We got home at 1:30 and stayed for the remainder of the missionary work done.
Thursday we taught a lesson to Roberta and another one to Barbara.  Went to 2 other homes and they were not there....and Sis. Carter did not feel super.  Went to a specialist at 3:00 and got home at 6:00 and made an appointment for a barium swallow Tues, 23 at 9:00...and not much missionary work done today..
Friday we tried to work harder but it just didn't seem to flow well. Still, we visited 6 families and had dinner with one. That morning I was thinking about..."serving him with all my heart, might, mind and strength"  We just were not able to do that this week because of health interruptions and I was reminded that when we can't work as asked to do...the rewards are not there!  I am not feeling guilty because life is life and things happen.  But I do know that missionary work requires a great deal of effort.  As I made commitments this day to be more focused on Jesus Christ and my efforts to teach and bring others to day was a little better.  
However,  Saturday was Incredible!  Sister Carter is a little stronger each day, and that helps, but we just worked so hard.  We went to the home of 1 non-member and 5 others and the visits were wonderful.  We picked up someone to take to the Baptism, went early to set up (the Elders asked us to make it look nice), attended a baptism for Foke, Esther and John.  Now the family of 5 is baptized.  Glorious!!!  Went to Safeway's and picked up some ice cream bars and went to their home for a while.
So that is my 'unusual' week in the Mission Field.  Hopefully this coming week will be better.
My little CRV is adding about 1000 miles/month.  Love that it is little and can 'flip a u-turn' anywhere because the streets are....very interesting.  Love this car. Thanks again for your letters and notes and help.  I love all of you!
"Pray always, and I will pour out my Spirit upon you and great shall be your blessing..."
D & C 19:38
Please remember Wendy Frame Call in your prayers.   Her family went to Costa Rica during Spring Break.  She is at the University of Utah Hospital with Dengue Fever and is very, very  sick, she will be released today as there is no antibiotic for this and she just has to treat the symptoms as they come.
It is wonderful that family and friends have faith in prayers and we know Heavenly Father hears us.
Much Love,
Sister Frame

Monday, April 15, 2013

"Each Day is a Beautiful Day to Enjoy!"

The post title came from note on a card from a wonderful friend that lifted my heart and spirits the day I received it. And yes, regardless of rain and wind and clouds....I love each day and I hope you do also!
Last pday about12:30  not much was happening so we decided to take the light rail and  zip to Seattle, walked about 35 blocks, ate Piroshky, a Russian sandwich for lunch, watched the people, the birds and the water of Puget Sound and the boats.  It was very relaxing. This morning we are going to Seattle (again) with Sister's Lance and Moreton who are also in our Mission  We met them in the MTC and see them at Senior Conferences and Zone Meetings. Tell you about our trip next week. These are a few of the beautiful blossoms we've been seeing around where we live, some days the rain is worth the bloom.
Our days continue to be busy and to fly by.  Really, we have been in this mission for 3 1/2 months and it was just yesterday when I left.  We are teaching and working with 10-12 people each day.  The joy and the kindness of Father's children is so great.  We love them and we see progress.  Yesterday morning prior to church Roberta texted me.  We had given her a lesson last week to read the Book of Mormon.  She has been a member her entire life but her knowledge and testimony of most things is weak.  So, our lesson continued to focus on her Patriarchal Blessing and also preparing to go to the Temple before we go home.  Her message said she had read 4 chapters in the BofM and she threw her coffee pot away.  She was excited to see us at church.  She has worn white pants and white blouse to church for about 3 months and we had a beautiful blue blouse and black skirt for her.  She was beautiful and so pleased of the progress she has made.  Do you think she made my eyes a bit teary....Oh my!

Friday we went to Mercer Island to a "Senior's Conference.  28 Seniors were in attendance at the home of Pres. and Sister Larkin.  The meal was an incredibly delicious pot-luck experience.  After the meal and mingling, Pres and Sister Larkin spoke with us.  The message was that our assignment in the Mission Field is to build up the Kingdom of God.  We have been set apart by the Priesthood of God  to "Preach My Gospel" and great blessings are being bestowed upon the people of the earth that do not know God.  Pres. Larkin promised that our families will be blessed and Father will care for them ad watch over them.   Our families will prosper because we are willing to make this sacrifice and give this service to Him on our Mission. He closed with Pres. Hinckley's quote that everyone needs a friend and to be nurtured and loved. Roberta says that is why we were sent to find her, love her and bring her back to Christ.  These words make the time, money, effort and energy worthwhile!
I hope all of you are working hard to strengthen your love of The Lord.  Thank you for the years of my life that I have watched and observed you and saw the good and the kindness you give to others.  Every morning each of us should go on our knees and pray for the experience to share the  gospel of Jesus Christ by our words and actions that day.   We are extremely blessed to have the knowledge of The Savior and His teachings in our lives.  Make this a beautiful day.  Take the time to tell those you love how you feel.  Life is so Great!!!
Sister Frame

Monday, April 8, 2013

Where can I turn for Peace.....?

The blessings of modern communication that allow us in Seattle Washington to watch April LDS General Conference live from SLC is incredible and it does bring me peace. Today and yesterday I was absorbed in the spoken words and the beautiful music.  I rejoiced in Saturday Conference as Elder Craig Cardon reminds us of forgiveness and of the importance of continual love and showing confidence in spite of temporary setbacks with substance abuse.  Oh, I am very thankful for the blessings of being tutored by my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Great News!!!   I received an e-mail from Craig.  He passed the Utah State Bar!!  Pretty great and now he adds that to the California Bar.  It is a good thing that all of us can do hard things.
Many are the blessings we have received in doing this wonderful Missionary Work which has caused me to joy in the mist of one of the most sorrowful events of my life.  I have been enabled to have Faith in God to a greater degree knowing he is with me.  I realize that agency is the most blessed gift we have, but when we make poor choices, such as addiction, we totally lose our agency and life is blurry and sad and extremely hard.
We are witnessing miracles daily and we love it!!  We find people home that have not been there in 4-5 visits and they are pleased to see us.  We usually teach a lesson and share our ipad music and their spirits are touched.  They like the reminder of what they believed when they were baptized.  It will take more visits and more time and love but I feel that many of there wonderful people with return to activity in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
We have met a non-member.  She is a friend of a member and had an extremely seriously broken arm so we went with the member to help clean her house.  Then we went back and vacuumed and cleaned and mopped her kitchen.  She loves us and we her.  We do not talk about the church but she continues to ask questions.  So, we will see what happens.We are helping the Elders with the Foke family from Burma.  We just love Esther and she loves us.  They were at conference and we sat by them.
Tomorrow is pday and there is soooooooooooo much rain we really don't want to do much or go anywhere.  We thought we might go to Seattle again but probably not.
Since I have not heard much from my family because of Spring Break I hope they have had a happy, fun and safe week.
We are all extremely blessed to live in this wonderful land of America.  Although I know nothing of what is happening in the world (no tv, newspaper, books ) but I do see hundreds of people in our neighborhood that are thrilled to be here from other countries.
I love my Heavenly Father and I know he knows who I am and what I am doing.  I know that my prayers and faith will bring someone into the lives of my children to bless them and their families as I serve The Lord.  How thankful I am to wear this Badge of Honor that says :
                                                           The Church of
         of Latter-Day Saints
       I love all of you!   I love your notes!   I thank you for your friendships and kindnesses!
            Take good care of all your families and friends and neighbors.

Sister Frame

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oh my, the Sun has been out for FOUR days!

It seems that I might have a tendency to repeat myself, but you must know I do repeat myself EVERY day.  Up at 5:30, read The BofM  and pray till 6:25 and get ready, walk till 7:00,  eat breakfast, shower, get really ready for the day, read and study till 9:00.  Then we meet at the kitchen table and recite our Washington Seattle Pledge,  recite by memory D&C 4 and then my memory recite the "Standard of Truth".  It is so amazing what this ole brain can do with the help of my Heavenly Father.  Then we study our mission lessons, more of the BofM and work on our schedule in our planning book for the day.  So, there is a great amount of 'repeat' but I really do love what we are doing.
Exciting day on this Easter Sabbath, there were 17 people that we have found 'less active' and they were in attendance to Sacrament meeting.  This is just the most exciting event we can be involved in.  They come and they like what they feel and hear and it brings back memories of how they felt when they were baptized.  Each of us need to get out of our 'comfort zone' and look around and find someone that needs a smile or a kind word or a ride somewhere.  Life is so good and remember that a smile costs nothing!
Yesterday we had a baptism for David and Peter.  They are 19 and 18 from Burma and it was just awesome.  I was asked to give the talk on the Holy Ghose (so what's new) and then they and their family and a few ward members came to our Clubhouse and had some goodies.  Our Stake Pres. does not want refreshments at the church.  He feels it takes away from the baptism and I agree.
We gave some wonderful lessons this week to less actives and I must I love my ipad.  The music and the short videos are so powerful to touch people's hearts and then to reinforce the message that was given.
Christina and Romeo Juco, from the Philipeans, invited us to breakfast at 9 and we had fried chicken, taquitoes, long rice with many vegetables, brownies and sprite.  This mean threw off our eating plan for the entire day.  They are such a beautiful couple and they have 2 little boys who are in elementary school.  That evening we went to Gov's where our lesson was just incredible.  The two girls love us to come and their mother has more faith than ANYONE I know and I just love them.  That night we also visited Esther, the mother of David and Peter and had a wonderful visit.
Sat we went to Dick and Annabelle's home and did yardwork for a couple of hours.  He is so much like my Dad and works like a mad-man at 86.  We mostly worked in the flower beds with Annabelle.  I just loved being in the dirt and outside in the sun.  Loved it!!  Loved it!!  That night they asked us to go to Issaquah, about 30 miles north east.  Their son-in-law plays the keyboard in a fun band that plays in a Pizza Parlor.  They also introduced us to daughter RoseAnne.  Pizza was great, salad was incredible and the company was incredible.  Love these wonderful people!
We keep quite busy, infact I don't know when we sit down, except at the kitchen table to work in our Area Book and work our schedule for the week +.
My purpose here in Washington is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them remember what they once felt and remind them of their love for the Restored Gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end.
I love what I am doing.  Yes, there are hard days and some discouraging days but....who doesn't have that in their lives.
Please remember to continue to pray for the Missionaries of the Church.  There is an incredible amount of work that needs to be done.
I love all of you!!
Sister Frame