Sunday, December 29, 2013

I Believe in Christ....

This glorious week of Christmas has been filled with so many opportunities to love and serve and to experience the teaching of Jesus Christ that what I feel to say is ..."I do Believe in Christ"!Elder Oaks said, "Our lives of service and sacrifice are the most appropriate expressions of our commitment to serve the Master and our fellowmen." Our blessing this week have been extremely powerful and I am so thankful that Sister Carter and I have been instruments in the orchestra of the "Teachings of Jesus Christ". Our friends, Sue ad Tracey invited us to serve and feel the homeless again. We prepared 50 brown sack meals with ho-made chili, water, rolls, an orange and a twinkie. We had gone to the manager of a grocery store and he dropped the price of oranges from .69/lb. to .39/lb and asked us to come the morning of the event so they would be fresh and 'hand pick' the 50 oranges. Then he GAVE us the twinkies. So thankful for the kindnesses of many people that made it possible to help others. Loved this experience!!

Christmas Eve from 4-6 we went to Bow Lake Mobile Park and helped Doris with her Christmas Program for those who had no family. We visited and sang carols and ate and closed the program with two verses of "I am a Child of God". (We forgot the last verse...remember I am getting older and forgetful but the message was still beautiful!) This is a wonderful privilege to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ through song.

Rossie - December 31, 1919 - December 18, 2013‏

Our Dear Rossie, the 93 year old friend who was baptized on Sept 14, 2013 passed away on Dec. 18, 2013. Her Graveside Service was held in the Tahoma VA Cemetery which is in Covington. This however is out of our Mission, but her grandson Derek called and wanted Bishop Floyd to speak and asked for his phone number. He asked us to come and we told him we could not attend and would not ask....and we were so sad. She would have been 94 on Dec 31.  Well, Pres. Miller text us about an hour later and told us Pres. Choi gave us permission to go. The Service was held in a permanent structure to protect us from the never ending rain of the day. After the service all left but Bishop Floyd asked Sister Carter and I to follow him to her plot and be with him during the Dedication of the Grave. We arrived at a new area of the cemetery with only mud, hundreds of headstones...and continual rain. Upon our arrival a crew of 6 men standing and a backhoe driver were just preparing to fill the grave with dirt. Bishop asked very kindly if he could have 3 minutes to 'dedicate the grave'. The mocking looks of the men and their manner of disrespect showed how they felt and the driver of the machine said, "30 seconds"! Bishop started and such power came upon this small gathering as we bowed our heads and the words of the dedication of the grave were very impactful. When Bishop completed his prayer and I opened my eyes, these men stood with a look of respect and awe for what they heard and felt and I felt so humble to be apart of this powerful event. Never have I 'seen the power of the Priesthood' visible and I cherish this event that afternoon in the rain in the Tahoma VA Cemetery. We prayed we would be Emissaries of The Master and the Holy Ghost definitely blessed us in this manner.

Juan, Sis Valtierra, and Antonio 

Sister Frame, Elder Flake, Sis Carter‏

Our most glorious event of the week was the baptism of Juan and Antonio. I told you about them last week. Oh, I just don't have the words to tell of how reverent and quiet these two young men, who are usually rowdy, acted this day at the baptism. In attendance were about 55 people; five non-members, 4 sets of Elders and then the remainder were our Ward Family. What a blessing for these boys and their mother to see and feel the love of those in the church that care about them and are 'part of the Village' that will love them and teach them. Elder Flake did the baptizing and being 6'7" tall, the water came to his knees and he had to stoop very low. This is the most incredible baptism of our Mission. We have known this family for 11 months and the blessings of the Holy Ghost softening the heart of their father to allow the baptism is immeasurable for the boys and for future generations. I am so happy and thrilled at the close of this week of Christmas. My greatest gift was the blessings of love and service and feelings of the Spirit as we worked. To experience miracles is priceless and I am unable to write in words the feelings of my heart.

The Blessings of Family is totally immeasurable!! I was able to 'FaceTime' all of my children and most of my grandchildren. What a wonderful time I had and felt!!! I Love the technology that makes all of this possible. Our four Elders, Flake, Anderson, Griffith and Brown, came over to our Clubhouse for their allotted time and 'Face timed' their families. Then they made us the most wonderful picture frames, they had painted and written on and placed their pictures in. Unbelievable!! So kind!! We love these Elders who work so hard in the service of Jesus Christ. Their parents would all be so proud of them.Thanks to so many of you for the Christmas Cards and your kind words.  Mom sent me money to go to "The Crab Pot" on Elliot Bay and eat fresh crab and think of her.  I promised I would, in fact I think we are going Monday, Dec 30th so "think of me and be jealous" :).  May God be with all of you this week and bless you in your endeavors. Please take time to look for and recognize the Miracles in your lives....and record them.
          Love to all of you,    Sister Frame

Monday, December 23, 2013

"Sleepless in Seattle... No, Christmas in Seattle!"‏

The days and the events of these December days seem to be running together but I must share with all of you the incredible experiences we are having. Saturday evening we picked up Veronica,
an investigator working with Elders Flake and Anderson. She is a beautiful young adult, parents from Russia who were refugees when she was 4 1/2. We went to Bellevue for a magnificent piano recital by Sun Beam Choi...our Mission President's son who is a concert pianist and also a professor of piano at BYU. The beauty of the sounds from the piano and also the incredible movement of his hands, the large screen in the chapel was down and a camera was on the keyboard and his hands, was just unbelievable!!! What a glorious Christmas to all present last night. I was reminded of the Parable of the Talents in Matt 25:14-30. His words were, "Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things and I will make thee ruler over many things; enter thou into the joy of The Lord." How well Sun Beam had increased his talents through many, many hours of work and practice. This is such a great reminder that I will do likewise and work at increasing those things I have to share with others.
Macy's Dept Store Christmas Tree--Downtown Seattle
My "beautiful Christmas tree" in Seattle 2013

Lights in Seattle in the Rain---Sister Carter and I

Prior to the concert we took Veronica to the Temple, just next door to the Stake Center, and took her inside to the front desk. Then we went and sat down in the room off the foyer and chatted about her questions, also sharing our testimonies with her of the beauty of the temple and of the blessings it is to be married for time and all eternity. It amazes me that the Christmas Season throughout the World is so designed with Lights...bright, clear, colored and shiny! May this be "The Light of Christ" shining to everyone and many "know it not". The lights look beautiful, makes one feel so good and always has a star that is brighter than anything else. What a beautiful Holiday for all Mankind!! Friday night Sister Carter and I went to the city on the lite-rail with Sue, Tracey and Matthew. It was so good to 'sit and ride', see so many lights
Downtown Seattle
and visit and chat with those we have come to love. How good it feels to love and to be loved. How can we ever express enough Thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for showing and teaching us the way 'to be filled with love towards God and all men" (Mosiah 2:4) and to experience the peace and happiness that comes from the choices we make to do so. I love the teachings and messages from our Scriptures. Our MTC class for our Ward Missionaries continues to go well. Elders Flake and Anderson taught the first two lessons. We, the Sisters, taught the second two lessons and Elders Griffiths and Brown teach the last 2 classes. These have been wonderful experiences for all of us. AJ and Latoya came with us to "The Angels Sing" a week ago, they came with us to Church on Sunday and someone asked AJ to sing in the ward choir. He was so pleased to know that he is needed. Isn't that what we all want? He grew up in Guam, left the Catholic Church and his family to be baptized. I stand in awe of people with that kind of testimony, commitment and faith. They are such good people. We picked them up for church this morning and it was so good to see them.  Last Sunday Roberta arranged for all 6 missionaries to eat in the Clubhouse at The Bow Lake Mobile Park. She was so proud to be surrounded by these four tall, well groomed, good looking missionaries called of God to eat at her table. Her little trailer is extremely small and there is not room but she loves the missionaries so she arranged for the dinner. These are such privileges to rub shoulders with these kind and humble people. We just love her!! Monday evening we were invited to Pipkins for dinner and just loved the food prepared. But even more than that, once again the same words come forth, we love and respect this sweet family with all our heart. They are humble and kind and having far less material goods than most people and filled with more love than '10 average people', we just love to be in their home. What a privilege to do this work!!! Daily we have been teaching Antonio and Juan with their mother, who is less-active, in the room. These have been wonderful and challenging experiences. Our hearts get discouraged but we continue to teach and love and share the word of The Lord. Last night Bishop Floyd called us and asked to act as "Santa Clause" for these boys because someone donated some money. Sunday we will chat with Dawn and then see what we can do on Monday and Tuesday to bring a happy spirit into their lives. We have spent a couple of mornings making sweet rolls and then delivering them to the many people we love and admire. The truth is that 'the more you share and give away the more your are blessed'. Isn't that a wonderful feeling to know and to appreciate. Our dear, sweet friend, Rossie Hanes passed away this past week. We were pleased that her grandson Derek called us an let us know. We went to visit him, with a plate of sweet rolls, and after 1 1/2 hours we left with still more love in our hearts for Rossie and her Family. What an incredible experience to meet her and baptize her just 2 months prior to her passing. I know God work in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. This beautiful Christmas Season as all of us enjoy the blessings of The Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, we rejoice in the feelings of love and kindness from everyone. It seems that these feelings increase because these are the powerful traits of Jesus, whom we call Our Lord and Our King. I love Him with all my heart and I am immensely grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ that was restored in these Latter-days by a Prophet of God, Joseph Smith. May we all strengthen our commitments to obey God's teachings and to 'increase our talents of love, understanding, kindness and service! I hope and pray all of you have a Beautiful Christmas Week and that each of us can remember those things that matter most in this life and be less concerned with the material aspects. Take time to be aware of the Miracles in your life this week and record them so you will not forget them.

                 Love to all of you,
                    Sister Frame

Friday, December 20, 2013

Monday, December 16, 2013

"The Angels Sing"

"To reach a goal you have never before attained you must do things you have never before done!".  This thought by Richard G. Scott is a truth that I really like!  If I want to be healthy, I have to study healthy habits and patterns and then follow through with them by buying groceries I have never purchased, eating meals I have never eaten and saying no to sweets that I've never rejected before.  If I have a goal to read my scriptures daily  I need  to set aside time to read them, have a schedule of topics or chapters I want to study and then I must prioritize my time so I have no excuse not to read them.  Sounds easy does't it?  Well, easy is not always best.  President Miller trained our Seattle Zone while President Choi held Personal Interviews and these were the words he taught and it made so much sense to me.  This is a marvelous privilege to be interviewed by a General Authority who is your Mission President and as he asked me if I would accept a goal of baptisms with Very High Expectations.  "Yes" I said knowing I needed more faith than fear and knew that to accomplish this I needed to follow the words of my opening message....and Sister Carter and I will.

We are currently working with Antonio 11 and Juan 9 and Dawn, their mother who is less-active and Jose, their father who is a non-member.  He doesn't think the boys are respectful so he doesn't want them baptized.  Our first lesson was not good...neighbors in the house were talking, the phone was ringing, mother got up in the middle of the lesson looking for a scale to weigh herself on and NO ONE was listening!  We left very discouraged and in the car we prayed for guidance and help.  What are we to do to help them want to listen?   The boys have been to church for 4 weeks and participated in the Primary Program, riding to church and sitting with the Mendenhall Family.  They have 5 children and often you can see Antonio holding one of them and helping in Sacrament Meeting.  These boys say they love church.  Mom has been able to stop smoking for 3 weeks.  After talking with Jose, he finally expressed that he doesn't want the boys baptized because he will be left out.
So, this is the family we love!!  The 2nd lesson was from the B of M Alma 17 and how Ammon wanted to be a friend to the king so he told him he would be his servant.  We showed a Mormon Message of Ammon chopping off the arms of the Lamanites, the boys and Dawn did not move and liked what they saw which taught the importance of service and how we are to listen to God, who is our Heavenly Father who loves us.  The third lesson we used another Mormon Message and the boys and Mom were totally involved asking questions and telling us about what the ipad had shown and how they understood.  Sister Carter and I feel we are making progress.  Juan volunteered to say the closing prayer and it was very well done!

Sister Carter and I went to the Temple on Wednesday and the words I heard and the feelings I had in my heart were just so profound.  I had a very positive experience and I am thankful I could do the work for Ann and at the same time be reminded of the promises and covenants I have made over the past 47 years!  I love the temple very much and appreciate President Choi who told the "Seniors" we can go to the temple when we need to.  I look forward to serving in the Mt. Timpanogoes Temple again in August!!

We took Esther and John to the store to do some shopping.  Then she wanted to go to "Bartell Drug".  She saw some beautiful wrapped boxes of candy and she was just like a little child.  She was sooooo happy and excited that she could afford these gifts.  Remember, they have only been in America, from Burma and then Mylesia, for just over a year.  This is such a new and wonderful experience for her and her family.  Just love them so much!!

To all of my family and friends I want you to know the feelings of the Spirit of Jesus Christ and of Christmas are strong in Seattle.  In fact, one of the soloists sang "Christmas in the Northwest",  It is a beautiful song Two lines of this song are, "Christmas in the Northwest is a gift God wrapped in Green".   Look for the words and music online.  It is awesome.

This week I read a thought that said:
"When we love somebody, we show it by doing something nice"!
We need to learn to serve more and more and love doing it.  We need to surprise people with a good deed they had not planned on receiving.  We all have these types of opportunities at home, in school and at church and as we loose our lives in the service of Father's children, Satan's temptations lose power in our lives.  This wonderful season of the year and is a time of Love and Service.
"The Angels Sing", our Christmas Celebration was finally presented.  Friday we invited Nancy, a less-active member to come with us and the program was glorious.  The Kennedy Catholic High School Orchestra was magnificent, there were 12 soloists from a Private School and the Will Power Big Band Sound and Jazz were just great.  I did hear Angels Sing as the music of violins and soloists were heard and then the Big Band played, both music of the 60's and Christmas, I felt Jerry's angelic feet waltz me around and around the chapel.  It was just wonderful!!  Sat. night we took LaToya and TJ, another less-active couple and the sounds this night were a 100 voice Children's Choir, Hispanic Choir, Sounds of Tonga and 6 opera singers you would never believe.  What a wonderful two nights in the Chapel.

So I close this Sunday night letter with joy and happiness in my heart for the birth of Jesus Christ and the meaning His live gives yours and mine,"And The Lord called his people Zion because they were of one heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteousness;  and there was no poor among them."  Moses 7:18 May God be with all of you and bless you and keep you!  May we count our many blessings daily....put them in a jar each day and then read them on Christmas Eve.  May we smile at all we meet.
Please take time to look for the daily simple Miracles in your life and record them.
Love all of you,

                                                                                     Sister Frame

Monday, December 9, 2013

Missionary Badge....

"If you're not a full-time missionary with a missionary badge pinned on your coat, now is the time to paint one on your heart---painted, as Paul said, not with ink but with the Spirit of the Living God".  These words express the feelings of our Prophet Pres. Monson and his living Apostles that as members we really need to help in His Harvest of Souls because Missionary Work can't go forward without the work of neighbors, friends and family.

This has been another amazing week as we have continued to invite another 112 people to our Christmas production of "The Angels Sing".  I feel like a primary child that 'sang as we walked and walked and walked' and I still am astonished,when we deliver the invitations all over the city of Tukwila, at the kindness and appreciation we feel from 95% of those people we visit!!

Wed. morning we went to visit Anita, a totally less active lady whom we have worked with and prayed for these past eight months, told us she was thinkings of us that morning and hoping we would come to visit.    Initially she told us she was not interested at all and had many issues with the church.  Well, time and patience and love and the Holy Ghost have made a difference in her attitude.  She seemed very interested in coming to the Christmas Program!!  We asked again for her to come to church and her best excuse is that she only has jeans.  "That makes no difference", we told her....and we really mean it.  Hopefully in the next 5-6 months we can help her realize the beauty of coming to church and feeling the love of the ward members and experiencing the privilege of taking the Sacrament.  I know all things are possible and we pray she will listen...and obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

I woke early Thursday and one of my first thoughts was of Esther so I texted her later telling her I hoped she had a wonderful day and that we loved her!   She called back (she never calls...just texts).  While talking she shared that the car had problems and that David and Peter had missed Seminary last week and the 1st 3 days of the next week.  The seminary students here leave for our Stake Center, about 10 miles away, at 5:30am because class starts at 5:45.  Her family is Burmese and she is too shy to ask for help thinking they just had to solve their own problems.  I am surprised that some of the students did not make an attempt to notify the boys and help solve the problem but no one did.  I notified our Bishop and he gave me two names to call for help.  The one said he would call me back...which he did not do and the other was all ready driving in the totally opposite end of town.  Today at church we found someone to help.  The car should be repaired in a week.  I guess I mention this because it reminds me of how thankful I am for the 'Village of people' that helped raise and drive and feed and love all the Frame Children!  The passel of children raised in our home could not have become whom they are without others help.  Yes, often all of us get tired of running and serving and doing all that needs to be done but what a blessing it is to serve...'when ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are in the service of your God'  Mosiah 2:17

What more can I say than, "I LOVE Zone Meetings".  We met Friday morning and this was our first meeting after transfers.  Some of our dear Elders and Sisters were gone and new ones that arrived will become just as dear to us as we will learn to serve and love them.  I say these words every time we meet at our District or Zone meetings but I continue to just be amazed at the ability of these young men, and sisters, to teach and train and motivate all in the District to go and do and accomplish all He needs us to do!.  We were taught of "Righteous Routines" we participate in daily.  These help us achieve our High Expectations.  Our dear group of young Elders and Sisters in our Zone had set a goal of baptizing 26 people in December.  During this meeting, after going to our Individual Districts, we returned and the new Goal set was 64.  This is Incredible!!!  Our Zone has led the Washington Seattle Mission forever and our Sweet Sister McBride spoke to us and  told us..."We can do it" with just as much power and authority as Elder Seppi and Elder Gardner, our Zone Leaders. Please keep our mission in your prayers, in fact, please remember to pray for all the missionaries.  We have been called to Hasten the work and the time is clicking away.  We need your faith and prayers as we join together in the Harvest of Souls for our Heavenly Father!! 

We just returned from another day of working hard...teaching, walking, delivering bread from the Bread Bank, service project at the Stake Center, visiting Brother Grenniger and Brother Treadwell, stopping at our apartment for 1/2 hour and then picking up Mah's for our Christmas Ward Party. Saw Brother John Hyde who lived in the Sharon 2nd Ward and now attends another ward in our building and it is good to see him!!   Sometimes I wonder where Sister Carter and I get the energy to keep going and doing.  No I don't, because I know my Heavenly Father needs us to do this work while we are here...and time is running out.  I know He knows me!  I know He knows and loves my children and provides untold blessings in their lives.  With all I have, how can I not "serve Him with all my heart, might, mind and strength".  
Thanks again for all your notes and letters and for the love you show me and my family.
Thanks to those of you who were so good to my Mom last week and during Thanksgiving Holiday.
Thanks to my family for loving each other and for serving each other.
I Thank my Heavenly Father for my testimony  of Jesus Christ, who is the Savior and Redeemer of the World.  I am extremely thankful for the Book of Mormon and for the truths therein.

May God with each of you and bless you this week.  Take time to look for Miracles in your lives and to record them so you don't forget the power of small and simple things!
Love to all,
Sister Frame
P.S.  Just  wanted to let all of you know. Our incredible neighbors who live next door and share the same walls just moved out....they have rats!!!!  Oh, I would die if they came into our apartment.  I am not even kidding you!!!   Our landlords were unable to catch them and acted rather casual about it so our friends moved!!!  I certainly hope they don't chew through the wall.  If you receive a call that I have had a 'heart attack' never wonder why.

Monday, December 2, 2013

"Live in Thanksgiving daily....."‏

"Live in Thanksgiving a habit that will enrich our lives and the lives of those we love"..... This is a thought by Joseph B. Wirthlin and I love the message!  Think of those people you know who are happy.  Aren't you Thankful you know them because they cause you to smile or laugh or make you feel good by just being around them.  They seem to have a light in their eyes that makes all things brighter and better.  They seem to live in Thanksgiving daily!
Thanksgiving Day in Seattle this year filled by heart with gratitude when I saw pictures of 85 family members who had put forth great effort to be together.  They traveled hours and hours and thousands of miles...mostly to see Grandma Bird and this just fills my heart with Thankfulness!!!  I love the technology that makes it possible to receive short videos from family members, those snapshots that prove that the child is taller than the father, and the pictures of all those in attendance.  They were just beautiful and I want all to know, "I am so glad Mom married my Dad". Knowing I wouldn't be there, my children sent me this tree of grattitude with each of their "thankfuls" on the leaves of the tree so that I wouldn't miss Thanksgiving with them

I want to share my Thanksgiving Day of 2013 in Seattle, WA.  Sue, Sister Carter and I made up a 'team' to provide an authentic Thanksgiving  Dinner for Fokes, our Burmese friends.  Well, due to some language barriers and mixed up schedules, Fokes had also told another family they would eat with them.  So, as the 'minutemen' we are are known to be we cooked ALL the food and made 30 plates of delicious Thanksgiving Dinners.  Our first plan was to take two meals to Dick and Annabelle because they were going to be alone and they also needed someone to visit with them.  As we had been preparing the food, we called Irene, whose husband had been an Officer in Tukwila before he passed away, and since she still knows many policemen she called them and ask for some 'instant plans' as to where we should go.  Then we loaded the CRV with 28 plates of hot food, drove to Pike's Market on 1st Ave along Elliots Bay and found a park just north of it.  We saw two officers meandering along the road so wisdom told us to check with them and receive permission to feed the homeless, making them aware that these 3 'little ole ladies' were in the park so they would 'watch our backs' if The Lord was not already doing it!
This was one of the most marvelous experiences I have had.  One lady was in the park alone; yes, wanting food and she was also watching for others that needed it and then would report to us.  All others were children...and by 4:15 it is getting rather cold and by 4:45 it is dark.
A nicely dressed couple, maybe Italians, stopped us as we went into the park wanting to know what we were doing.  We told them two of us were Missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and we also had a friend.  But they wanted to know "why we wanted to feed these homeless people".  We shared our feelings of the gratitude we felt for all we have and that we wanted to give to those who have not.  "Where is your church...can we pay you or give some money to your church?" was what he said.  He told us he was from Bothell, north of the city and I told him there were missionaries in that city.  He seemed eager to know more and told me he would go to his internet and find the church.  What a sweet experience!  Did we plant seeds by our actions?  I certainly hope so.

After leaving the park we fed a man living under an overpass and with his toothless smile and very kind words of "God Bless You" my heart was touch with tenderness and being reminded that God loves all his children and wants happiness for all.  We fed a single man sitting against a cold building and it was much colder now.  He told us he was an 'undercover' officer but would still love the food!  Was he?  I think he was but then how do I know and does it really matter?  He was alone on the street and cold.
Yes, there are some things wrong in our world but there are many things that are right!  I hope that what we did on Thanksgiving Day were 'small and simple' deeds that helped make a few more people's hearts happy and 'right'.

I need to say I am "Thankful for kind people".  This week as we have personally invited over 123 people, not counting doors not answered, to our Christmas "The Angels Sing".  I say again how wonderful it is to have the privilege to invite so many people to celebrate Jesus Christ's birth and to hear their kind words of gratitude for the information and to also feel their loving hearts.
 Beautiful Red Berries

Sat. we went to Smiths.  Sister Carter cut and styled Sister Smith's hair.  Sister Smith is 93 and has an extremely large 'Dowager's Hump" on her back and she also has an incredibly beautiful smile on her face.  She stood 5'8"  as she raised her children and now her eyes are level with her doorknobs.  Brother Smith is
Even closer and brighter!

almost blind so I wrote on the computer
his "Message of Testimony" which he places in many Books of Mormon and continues to share and give them away at 91 years old.  I love these people and I am so Thankful for their commitment to God and to life and for their love for each other!  I want you all to know how much I love this work.  Yes, it is work but "I can do hard things!"  I love My Savior and I am extremely Thankful for the Atonement and the blessings received from following and living the teachings of Jesus Christ.
I love my Mom for her strength and stamina and that at almost 93 she continues to "Sister Teach,"  attend the temple, and usually she walks around her block.
I love my family...yes, Jer's kids!!  Some of them have so many of the characteristics and actions of their father...and I love it!! I love this country of America and the blessings that are ours as we live here!!  Thanks for your continued love and support.  May God be with you and bless each of you in all you do and please don't to forget to look for and recognize the Miracles that are yours each day and don't forget to record them.  I am totally amazed that there are so many simple miracles daily.
Love to you all,
Sister Frame

Sunday, November 24, 2013

This could be rather repetative.....!

It seems to me that after about 48 weeks in the Washington Seattle Mission my words and letters home are rather repetitive and boring.  I really hope not, but there is a certain concern.  My daily schedule is almost exactly as the day before and on and on and on.  Our Mission Pledge says the day begins at 6:30 am (my time is usually 5:15 because that is when this crazy body awakens) and then we retire at 10:30pm (but Sister Carter and I are usually in bed by 10:30 pm). Really, it is a wonderful way to be organized and to leave the cares of the world behind but to try and make it more interesting is sometimes hard.

This week we did a 3 hour service project with the 4 Elders included.  Irene, who is 78, had all of us come about 4 weeks ago and remove all the upstairs furniture out...or into the basement and then pull up the carpet and all the pads.  It was a very big job (the carpet was extremely soiled by her 2 dogs and 1 cat....really, there are more animals in the homes than there are people).  Then this week we all went back to put it all in place.  The elders moved the very heavy furniture and we also moved furniture and we made all the beds and vacuumed the house as we completed and it was a 'beautiful' gift for her and we loved doing the work!  She also grows kiwi's and since the first frost was this week, they are now ready to be picked and she needs this 'team of workers' to come back and pick the fruit, she will put it in a box in between newspaper and keep it for about 10 days and WaLaa....they will be ready to eat.  We are excited.

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago our Mission President Choi challenged us to have 20 contacts per day...which we have done.  You need to remember we are working with many less-actives and some new investigators...but not 20/day so this takes much work.  As we sat down this evening our count is 125 people we have visited with this week by knocking on doors.  We are outside and this week, though the sun has been shinning, the temperature has been between 42-46 degrees (according to Sis. Carter's Droid).  The air is very 'crisp' and a bit cold but really the experiences of meeting and visiting with this many people has been incredible.  This is a picture of the invitation we leave with them. 

Saturday Greg ad Angela were married by our Bishop Floyd in the Relief Society room in our ward.  This is the second marriage I have seen the bishop perform and he does a very nice job.

Angela is a non-member and a beautiful woman and Greg is a member.  She has had many lessons by Elders and also Sister Carter and I but still has some questions so we hope the time will come that she will join the church.  Angela was so thrilled to see us there, as she walked into the room with the music she squealed our names with excitement and stopped for hugs from both of us.  She and I feel that we probably knew each other before we came to earth.  

This week Sister Carter and I went to the temple to do an Endowment Session at 10.  Well, the roads were very, very busy and slow so we arrived in the dressing room at 9:55...too late.  Well, too late for an Endowment Session but such a blessing to do Initiatory Work.  This is the first time I have been in Initiatory since Dec. 2012 and I have missed it very much.  I really love doing this part of the Temple experience.

Sunday we had dinner  with "The Crockers" and also with Elder Porter (Layton, Utah) and Elder Griffiths (Holiday, Utah).  You would be amazed at the kind of young men these Elders are and the way they teach and handle themselves in the homes and how they pray for the members and bless their homes.  It really is a privilege to be with and associate with them.  
Monday Sister Carter and I had dinner with the Foke Family.  This is the Burmese Family that we have 'adopted'.  Esther tells us we are her mothers because her mother died when she was 10.
The three boys call us 'Grandma' and we love them dearly.
Foke Family: Foke, Esther, John (20) David (18) and Peter (16)

We have also taken it upon ourselves to be the "Bread Delivery Van".  The Methodists have the food bank in their church and a person applies and is able to partake of the goods with identification that they live in the area.  We do not use this program but outside the building they  have RACKS and RACKS of Franz Bread and it is delicious, especially the 24 Grain bread.  This Food Band is opened three times a week from 11:30 to 10:30 and we often stop and pick up a couple dozen loaves of bread. We give the Elders (2 Companionships) about 4-5/ week.  We give Jack a loaf, Essy upstairs a loaf or two, Irene a loaf, Nancy a loaf, we take one, and give our Ward Mission Leader who is a struggling student with a wife and 2 children 4-5 a week.  Anyway, we give away as many as we can.  What is not taken will be thrown away...into the dumpster so we really try to help as many as we can.   The Elders give part of their to a homeless man who does not have enough food and the 'circle of love' goes around and around and around.

This is really for Steve but tonight for dinner we went to the Ramirez family for dinner, our dear Mexican family we love so much, fed us Pozole....chicken and hominy beans and juice topped with shredded lettuce, sliced radishes and squeezed limes and crushed oregano in your hands and sprinkle on top.  Soooooooo good!!!!!!!

I daily see the work of my Heavenly Father in the lives of the people in this Tukwila and SeaTac area.  They are humble and extremely good people and I love that I have gotten to know so many of them and to feel of their love.  I have learned to love the Book of Mormon more and more and I know with all my heart that the words of this miraculous book are true and it proves that Joseph Smith is a Prophet in these latter days.  I know the value of prayer though often it is not answered when I wish it were so I pray for more patience and things 'just seem to have a way of working out'. Thank you so much for your love and kindness!  Thank you for your letters and all you do.
May God be with you and bless you.

All my love,
Sister Frame

Monday, November 18, 2013

"...the flower fadeth; but the Word of God shal stand forever" Isaiah 40:8

Monday morning after washing, mopping, cleaning, vacuuming and studying we needed a break and jumped on the train for the city.  The lite-rail (or train) is just a short block from our apartment so we are a bit spoiled. When we got to Seattle we walked 'down' to Pikes Market and saw these "Cabbage Bouquets" for just $10. They are just beautiful and then I found the verse in Isaiah and knew I had to share the bouquets with you so you could all read and see the flowers and know the power of God's word.  Hope you enjoy these three bouquets!!

Weekly, on Monday, we receive The Washington Seattle Mission "Good News".  This week Pres. Choi wrote the letter and he expressed gratitude for all the hard work and effort that is exhorted each and every day.  The he said, "This is the time that The Lord is hastening His work. His High Expectations must become our expectations.  We must raise our vision to His vision.  And although our thoughts are not His thought yet, our diving goal is to become like Him....that each of us can focus upon the Lord's thoughts and ways so that we can further His work." Pres. Choi is a Seventy and our Mission President and how grateful I am for his love and his desires to us to 'step up' to do His work.

Every week I also remind all of us to look for the Miracles that are a part of our lives. Thurs. @ 3:10 we drove down a very long lane to visit Dorothy whose home in on the shore of Angle Lake.  I drove down the lane and undecidedly turned the car around and headed it out. We still had about 500 feet to walk before we reached her home. After our extended visit at 4:20 (and almost dark) we went to the car, turned the key and there was 'narry a sound'... not even a click as I turned the key...because I left the lights on.  So I called AAA and the driver could not find the address until after his call to me.  It is now 5:30 when he arrives and its very dark.  He came down the very narrow lane and was pleased to see my car headed out the drive, attached the cables and WaLaa!!! the car started.  Why did I turn the car around instead of driving next to hers? These are the simple miracles I speak of...not luck!  I shared these thoughts with the driver and he was very 'impressed', shared my testimony of a Heavenly Father that loves his children just as we love ours and keeps his eye on us.  This was a great missionary experience, planted a seed and hope someone else will come into his life and water it and teach him.  I am glad the lights came on but now the radio, clock and CD are not working plus the 'maintenance required' light is on.  Saturday we spent 45 minutes at Auto Zone and after the gentleman checked all the fuses he said he did not know how to fix it.  Oh my, it is not fair that these '2 ole ladies', who are both widows have no one to take care of these car problems.  Sometimes life just is not fair!

Our count for the people we have spoken with this week is tallied to send to President Miller.  We  visited many, many people because we were tracting and 80% were non-members.  The plan for our visits was to give each home a ticket and tell them about "The Angels Sing" which is a Non-Denominational Celebration of Music held in our Seattle Stake Center.  This production has been held for 7 years and some of the diverse participants are:  The Ebony Church Gospel Singers;  The Catholic Kennedy School Orchestra;  The Spirit of Sounds Acapella Singers; The LDS Choir; Mt Rainier Orchestra; Community Orchestra from So. Puget Sound and Soloists from U of W.  I am sure you can feel what a glorious experience this will be of Celebrating Jesus Christ and His Birth by reading the program.  We pray for all that come that they will fill the beautiful beginning of The Christmas Season. One lady we visited is extremely pleased to hear of this production.  She has a depressed friend and is looking forward to bringing her to the performance.  Alli, an Islamic gentleman, told us he would like to come;  then he asked us if we would come to one of his Islamic Celebrations and we answered with an excited acceptance.  I do hope this works out.

To all of you I express my love for my Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ!  I know that Jesus is the Savior of the world and because of His willingness to all He was asked to do, you and I have the incredible blessing of the Atonement that enables us to be forgiven for the sins and mistakes we repent of.  How incredible!!! I hope all of us can work harder at doing 'all we have been asked to do' to serve those with whom we are given a stewardship....and love doing it. I am very grateful Tami and Steevun Lemon lived through a Trek on the Wyoming plains during winter storms of November 14-16 with Steev's Young Adult's Ward. Thanks for your letters and emails.  Love to hear from all of you I love you all so much and pray for you and your success daily!
May God be with you and bless you and will you take time to look for the Miracles that are a part of each day of your lives....and record them.

Sister Frame

Monday, November 11, 2013

"The Lord is My Light.....‏"

I don't even know where to start with one of my most glorious weeks!! Wednesday we went to Zone Conference in North Seattle Stake Center and this was the best Zone Conference I have attended.  We were taught of the power of prayer in attaining our goals and that unity between companions and being of one mind helps us reach our goals.  Sister Carter and I have worked extremely hard understanding how to obtain unity and many, many times we find ourselves ending each other's sentences, answering questions in verbatim and often just thinking the same thoughts and words. We laugh and marvel at what happens.  These are incredible experiences and we know as we work harder at the unity required for successful missionaries, we will be blessed to find those that are looking for the truth and also rescuing those that have forgotten what they once believed!
Again we are reminded that "nothing happens in missionary work until you find someone to teach". We are to talk with as many people as we can each day and yes, it is natural to be somewhat apprehensive about talking to them, but as we pray for the faith and strength to be more bold in opening our mouths, miracles will happen.  This is an example of the strength of prayers and the blessings it brings:
Sat. night as we had spoken with 18 people and we were dead tired, really we were, we pulled the car over to the side of the road and prayed for guidance and strength and courage to find 2 more people. You need to know it starts to get dark at 4 in Seattle and by 4:50...IT IS DARK and it was also raining.  Well, at this time it was about 6:45 pm.   Our purpose as we visited was to invite people to our "Angels Sing", which is the Inter-Denominational Christmas Program on Dec 13 and 14.  We decided to find 2 homes with the front light on and windows that looked inviting and....they were just down the road.  We we spoke with two men, one at each door and they were very kind and polite and acted as if they appreciated the invitation.  We are not sure they will come but we planted seeds of the Glory of Jesus Christ and of the beauty of His brothers and sisters worshipping Him and His Father. Our prayers were answered and we continue to count the many ways He blesses us.

As our Conference was concluding, Pres. Choi asked  all if we would accept the challenge to visit 20 or more people each day.  Yes, we stood with those that accepted the call.  This was Wednesday afternoon, so on Thursday, yes we visited 20 and returned home at 9:15;  Friday we visited 20 and returned home at 8:10 and Sat (after a glorious baptism in the morning) and taking a Sister to lunch who needed to chat for 2 hours,  we visited 20 people and returned home at 7:15.  This was an incredible feat for these two 'little ole ladies' but there was no way we were not going to accomplish our goal....the first week and we did it!!

Our Zone set of goal for 2014 of 301 baptisms and we really know it will happen!!   It is marvelous to sit in the presence of these young Elders and Sisters and hear of their faith and desire to do the work of The Lord and to have High Expectations (D&C 76:51-70)  I will never be able to express enough thanks to my Heavenly Father for the incredible experiences I have been able to participate in during my Mission and I will never be able to pay off the debt for all He has blessed me with!!

Elders Anderson & Flake, Sisters, and Bro & Sis Bracey
Sat. morning, Nov. 9, 2013 Brother Al Bracey was baptized a member of the Church.  The experience was so wonderful and it was just so good that 24 members of our Ward, not knowing Al or Kathy, supported them and came to the Baptism.  Hopefully,  all of you members in the Home Wards understand how important you are in the Missionary work of the Church.  The Missionaries just can't do it alone.  The new members need your love and friendship and kindnesses.  He was baptized by his good friend Brother Levorsen and was confirmed Sunday morning by Elder Anderson.  Elder Flake and Elder Anderson, Sister Carter and myself taught them the lessons, plus other missionaries that also planted seeds and taught them. 

Wednesday we went to Bellevue and met with the Senior Sisters, Sister Swenson from Orem, Utah and Sister Walker from Salt Lake City, Utah.  They live in Kirkland and are also working the same kind of Mission we are.  This was a delightful experience to get to know them and to share notes and common experiences we have had.

I continually stand amazed at the Power and Truth of the Book of Mormon.  I love this Book and I know it's words are inspired  and true.  This morning as I was studying Alma 62:41,  I was reminded of our individual responsibilities in controlling our reactions to various circumstances of life.  We know the wars and the adversities went on for extended periods of time (wars of the B of M went on for 14 years) and in verse 41, we are told that "many had become hardened....and many were softened because of their afflictions, insomuch that they did humble themselves before God, even in the depths of humility.  These words written are beautiful and remind us that we may not be able to change our circumstances such as poor health, trying economic conditions or loneliness...we do have the strength as  we call upon our Heavenly Father, to control our moral agency and turn our hearts to God.  This we can do!  I remind my children how CRP keep Jerry alive the many times he the 1st Responders came into our home and applied the techniques he needed to be saved.  So we should use CPR...go to church, pray and read the B of keep our Souls alive and to give us the strength to make the moral decisions to be 'strong in the face of adversity'.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve this mission.  I value the privilege to ' Be about my Father's business'.  Thanks so much for your notes, letters, prayers and love.  I don't know what I would do without hearing from my children, grandchildren, family and friends because truthfully, I do get homesick and sometimes it is really 'kinda hard' but I love all of you very much and value the time you take to communicate with me.May God be with each of you this day and bless you in all you do.  Take time to look for the Miracles that are part of each day of your lives and record them so you don't forget them.

Love to you all!!
Sister Frame

Monday, November 4, 2013

Wow!! Our First Storm Hit....

Today is Sunday and Friday evening a big storm came with rain all night and massive
winds. Saturday it was very cold and was windy and awful.  We really wished we could
have stayed home but that is not the agenda so we headed out to do our work.   First
thing we did was to head west about 8-10 miles because we wanted to see Seahurst Park.  It's 
shores are on Puget Sound and we were told the waves would be enormous and we wanted
 to see them. Well, no such luck.  The park is closed until May 21, 2014 because they
 are taking out the seawall and improving the area.  So we drove south and came to an
 area where I could  get this picture.The waves were not as large as they had been
 and I am really glad I was standing on land and not on the water. On the way there
 was a tree blown over on top of a car, there was all sorts of debris on the roads,
and a tree was uprooted and tipped over on two power lines and leaning on a 
motorhome. What a mess!!  There was a police officer with his lights on blocking the
 street with the downed lines but we went past him to visit a less-active sister. 
We were glad after a long day in the wind and the cold to come to our little
 apartment safe and warm and have stir-fry and rice.  Simple but great.
We have four Elders also serving in our SeaTac Ward and we just love them.  Since our
 transfers a week ago they are now car.  I think it is because
 Pres. Choi wants them walking on the streets so they are more visible to the people.
Also, in this area we have many, many people who walk to the lite-rail, walk to work,
 just walking on the streets and so as the Elders are on foot, they will have the 
opportunity of meeting more and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.  I 
think the Elders are doing just a super job and they really are meeting more people. 
They are: L to R: 
 Elder Anderson, Elder Flake (6'7" DL) Elder Griffiths, Elder Porter (Senior).
 Wow, this has been a very busy week.  We have visited more homes than we ever have
 but we have not been able to find as many people home as we would like.  However,
 since we took Angela and her boys, Jordan and Rashad to the Halloween Party, we also
 gave her and Jordan a ride to the Food Bank.  They are learning to trust us and 
know that we will help them in any way we can.  Yes, service is one of the more 
productive ways of people seeing what we are really like and allowing us into their 
lives to teach them and to love them.   We are taking Angela and the the boys to 
church and are excited to do it.  Oh dear, the phone just rang and Rashad is sick 
so they are not coming to church.  This is the 'real experiences' in the life of 
Dawn has been working very hard with the Elders, trying to stop smoking and to stop
 drinking coffee.  She and her two boys came to the Halloween Party and experienced 
kindness and fun and were able to come into the Cultural Hall at the church.  Anthony
 12 and Juan 9 are coming to church today.  Mom is baptized but they are not so we 
hope this investment of time and love, now 9 1/2 months we have worked with them and
 also with the Elders helping them, we now see them at church!!!  Small and simple
 means bring people unto Christ.
This week on Monday we were invited to have dinner with Jess Ramirez and his Mom 
and his 2 daughters and also with Flora Saevedra and her 3 daughters.  Also Elder
 Porter and Elder Griffiths were there.  It was just wonderful!!   These people are
 incredible....Christlike in every way, kind, loving and fun.  We had original 
Mexican food with boiled flank steak, rice and a fried egg on top.  I am amazed at
 how good it was.  Flora is not baptized and her English is very broken but her 
daughters are baptized.  She and her girls live upstairs in the home and also Jesse's
 mom and Jesse and his daughters live in the basement.  They are both divorced but 
he helps support her and the girls.  This is a work in progress and we hope and 
pray that Flora will get baptized.  She comes to church each Sunday.  Oh, I love 
them so much!!!
We drove Irene to the Ferry early Tuesday morning at 6:15 and were able to see the
 Night Lights of Seattle because it was still dark and it was beautiful.  We are also
 going to give her a ride in a month so we will be able to see the Christmas Lights.
 Thursday Irene and Sister Carter and myself prepared dinner in our own homes and 
went to Dick and Annabell's home and ate with them.  Their daughter Marie was there 
and it was a wonderful time.  We really have grown to love these dear people and we 
love to be with them.  Dick and Annabell are now coming to church and we see grown
 in strength and understanding.
We continue to visit and love Karen.  She has not been to church for 20 years...has 
received her endowments and was very strong, an incredible genealogist and such a fun
 lady who had her feelings hurt.  Yes, she did come 3-4 times in March-April but has 
not been there since.  Her husband is not a member and they ride motorcycles in the
 warm weather so we are hoping that she will start coming again and become more
 converted.  It is so hard to know that decisions are made that are not best.....for
 all of us...but that Agency it the most important gift given to us.  As Jacob says,
 "O be wise, what can I say more".   (Jacob 6:12)
This week is one of those where I  can feel the influence of Satan in my life and I 
realize the continual effort it takes to 'stay true to the course'.  I know I am a 
child of God and I know He loves me and I am trying to be like Jesus.  Yes, it takes
 effort for me and also for all those I love.  Don't become discouraged and let 
darkness be a part of our lives.  We need to look to the Light of Christ. 
2 Nephi 10:14 we are told that The Lord will be a light unto them that hear His Words. we need to take a time to go to Church, pray and study (CPR) to learn his words 
and to keep our spirits alive.
 I love my Heavenly Father with all my heart and I am so Thankful for Jesus Christ 
and for the Atonement He offered for each of us!
May God be with you and bless you this week.  Look for the Miracles that happen 
to you daily and record them in your journal.
I send my love to Mom and my children and my grand-children!!!! 
I surely wish Jerry were here with me to 'work this mission'!  Sure do miss him!!!!
Sister Frame

Sunday, October 27, 2013

"The Falling Leaves Drift by our Windows......"‏

Roberta Gedhert
The Autumn leaves in the North West are just breathtaking! Really, they are! This is a picture of our sweet friend Roberta, whom we took to the Seattle Temple on Friday to do her first Baptisms for the dead. She has never been in the Temple, except for the open house in November of 1980. It was a glorious experience for Sister Carter and I to be with her. She was the only patron in the Baptistry and President Bishop, 1st Counselor in the Presidency, came and spoke with her. He reminded her that she was now in the most Sacred Edifice on earth and was worthy to be there. He invited her to never forget this blessing and then to  never 'move from this course' that allows her to be in the Temple on that day.
Secondly, he reminded her that on this day doing Baptisms for her G-Grandma, she was blessing her with a privilege that her G-Grandma could not do for herself and to always work on her Family History so she could do more of this work. Since Roberta became active, about 6 months ago, she has done 7 Generations of work for her father's family and is also working on her mother's family. She never misses church or RS night events or her Visiting Teaching. We just love her. Roberta is one of the most humble sisters I know. She has very few of the 'things of this world' but her heart is overflowing with love for others. She is constantly making quilts for those she loves and also the Elders. After doing the Temple Baptisms, we took her to lunch in the cafeteria and then she was able to go upstairs and be in the front foyer of the temple....behind the recommend desk and she was so astonished at the beauty of the chandeliers!! I am so thankful to be part of the plan that introduced us to Roberta and helped us to get to know her. She is amazing!

Sunday we were able to count 17 less-actives and 1 non-member at church. This is such a wonderful thing to see these people in attendance. Kathy and Al came. He is a non-member and she is less-active but they love what they are being taught and really enjoyed being at church. It was awesome to have all that came there.

Monday we needed a break so after washing sheets and clothes, vacuuming our little apartment, scrubbing bathroom and kitchen, I made sweet rolls and after writing all our letters we walked to the Lite-rail and rode to the city and down to "Pikes Market". We really needed nothing but just had to get away so we each bought these 'humongous' cookies that we cut in fourths and eat with yogurt for breakfast. Then we walked back up the sidewalk for 2 blocks, got a soda at McDonald's and came home. The Norm Smiths took us for lunch at "Sizzler" at 2:30, had a great meal and a delightful visit. We love these sweet people. He is 80 and she is about 73! FHE was at 6:30 that evening, the sweet rolls were done and off we went again. It is a fun time to meet with these wonderful people we have grown to love!

Tuesday was Transfers...Oh My, we lost our Great Elders Kearley and also Tracy. It is really hard to let these young men go when we have grown to love them so much as they work very hard and also send people to us. Elder Porter's new companion is Elder Griffiths from Holladay, Utah. Elder Flake's companion is Elder Anderson from Rexburg, Idaho. They are just great Elders. And the biggest news is.....neither set of Elders have cars!!! They are walking and taking the buses. This is very unusual BUT, they are young and strong and are willing to obey....and then understand tomorrow.

My car breaks are wearing out so Eric, a member of our Single FHE is helping me. He told me to go to Auto Zone and get new Front and Rear brake pads and also the front and rear rotors. The following day he installed them for me...only allowing me to buy lunch for him. He says we are doing the Missionary work he is not able to do. What a great guy he is!! We visited with the Gov Family this week and it was an exceptional meeting. The Spirit was very strong and all of us that we there really felt His warmth and the truthfulness of the words that were spoken by all. The come to church when we visit but the weeks we don't make it, they usually do not come.

Thursday afternoon we prepared dinner for the Powers and also Irene and we ate at Power's home. We had liver and onions, which we all love, and the fried potatoes that Dick loves. It is a good experience to go to their home and share with them love and friendship and usually just listening to them chat. I have said that Dick is 88 and he is 82. Thursday night for RS we took Sister Mah and also Jerylyn, a non-member. We had a lovely dinner and then went into the Family History Center where all we taught how to do Family Search. Jerylyn liked what she learned and is interested in the church.

 Tonight was the Seatac/Burien Wards Halloween Party. We drove the Mah's over and then came back and picked up Angela and her boys....Jordan and Ramone. It was a fun party and this little family, who are non-members, loved what was going the treats. We were able to go to 52 homes this week which is really quite good. We see success with some and then we see other slip and slide away a bit but we can NEVER give up hope that somehow we or someone else will make a difference in their lives. Well, the week is over and it just flew by. I don't know where the time goes but it is really moving rapidly. Sister Carter and I are doing well. We feel we are making progress with the people we are working with and look forward to continued success.

 I did not get to chat with my Mom this week so I hope all is well in her life. I am sure it is. I usually get a note or two from most of my children and they sound well. May God be with all of you this week and Bless you! Take the time too look for the Miracles in your life this week and to recognize them.

Love to all of you, Sister Frame

Monday, October 21, 2013

"Now Behold, a marvelous work is about to go forth....."‏

Friday we were going to visit another family and we saw a field of dahlias behind a home. They were very beautiful so we "marked the spot" with a plan to go back the following day. The gentleman that owned the home and the property was about 80 years old, who digs up and replants each bulb each year. He told us the flowers were $3.00/dozen and we were welcome to come anytime and leave the money in a can on the back porch. He also has scissors and clippers to use. Well, we picked 2 dozen, purchased a nice vase for $.50 from a garage sale and made a gorgeous bouquet for our Bishop's wife. She was so appreciative and wondered how we knew she was having a hard day, plus she was a bit sick. This is just a simple miracle that shows Heavenly Father's love!
This is such a wonderful season in the history of the world to be alive. Our Modern Prophet reminded us of our Savior's words, "Go ye therefore and teach all Nations...". Joseph Smith declared"....the greatest and most important duty is to preach the gospel" and then the words of Pres. David O McKay phrased, "Every member a missionary". To these words President Monson adds his own that now is the time for members and missionaries to come together to work together and to labor in the Lord's Vineyard to bring souls unto Him. Whew!! This is quite a calling for all of us and it is just important that each of us do something to 'bring souls unto Him' in our own ways. This is the Seatac District and all six missionaries are working in the Seatac Ward.  
We have had some very interesting and wonderful experiences that last week.
We went to Ronald's home about 7pm on Sat evening. The front gate was locked and the yard was very nice with fun Halloween decorations and it looked safe so we went in the side gate. Well, we walked to the door and a black German shepherd dog just walked up to us and nosed around as we walked on the sidewalk. Then a big, larger white German shepherd walked up to a us a bit more briskly and they both turned around and walked around the house. We knocked on the door and Ronald answered nicely but asked us how we got on the porch. Well, we walked up the stairs and here we are. That surprises me that my dogs are not doing their job! He told us he had company and invited us back any evening after nine. The following day we told the Elders of our visit and Elder Flake told us to be sure we kicked the chair-linked fence before we opened the gate the next time we went. We returned Tuesday evening on splits...kicked the fence and to our total horror, the white dog came tearing around the corner of the house straight at us growling, barking with his teeth barred and then the black one also came. He was so close too jumping the fence, really; we turned and almost ran and he never stopped barking and jumping and being mean....and the door was never opened. I guess he really did not want us to come back. We realized that Heavenly Father protected us with Angels when we were in the yard and calmed the dogs followed by no barking! Another miracle in our lives. 
We met Ilene, a non-member two weeks ago. She was skyping her husband in the Phillipenes when we knocked on her door. She wanted to talk so she said she would call us and we left our card. SHE DID CALL US! We are so excited to be teaching her about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in these Latter-days and to teach her the truths we know and hold dear. I love being a missionary! 
Seatac District: Elder Porter, Tracey, Sisters, E. Kearley,  & Flake‏
Friday was Zone Conference. President and Sister Choi spoke, our Mission Choir sang "A Child's Prayer" (which was incredible) and Elder and Sister Paul Johnson, Church Commissioner of Education spent the day with us and also spoke ad trained us. One of my favored quotes of the day was by Sister Johnson and it is..."When obedience becomes more than an irritant and becomes our quest, in that moment God will endow us with Power!" Isn't that awesome! It was such an amazing experience to get answers for the challenges I have been praying about during our conference. I continue to be reminded of God's love for "this daughter' and to know He loves all His children. Yes, another wonderful miracle given to be in my life.
May God be with each of you and bless you this week and may each of you take time to recognize the Miracles in your lives and to record them.
Love to all of Mom, Children and Grandchildren and Friends! Thanks you so much for your notes and letters and your prayers. They mean very much!

Sister Frame

Sunday, October 13, 2013

So What.... !

Just wanted you to see the beautiful flowers at Pike's Market on Puget Sound this time
of year.  Caught this little boy carrying flowers for his mom....prices are $5-$10. 

 Our opportunity to enter many, many homes each week is such a privilege in my life.
I love to visit and listen and learn and I really enjoy hearing the stories of my 
brothers and sisters and why they 'do what they are doing' whether they are active 
or less-active or non-members.  This past week we called a sister in our ward to go 
with us to visit Marvin, who is an incredibly fine, 56 year old, less active, 
widower because  two Sister Missionaries cannot be in a home with a man,  even if he
is 80 years old and has had a stroke and can only say 'yes' and 'no'.  This requires
that we call another person so we can be in the house.  Prior to the cool weather
coming, we have been meeting with him on chairs in the yard. Well, this day after 
viewing and discussing the Mormon Message of "Your Potential-Your Privileges", 
narrated by Elder Uchtdorf, the Spirit of the Holy Ghost was with us in his kitchen.
It felt so good and Marvin liked what he heard and he was reminded of what he knew 
from many years past.  We then invited him, again, to come to church on Sunday.  He
said he had not been to church since he was 19-20 years old and then I heard myself 
say, "So What!  That was then and you can start in two days".  To all who read this
blog, these are very powerful words! Some examples often used by all of us are: 
1)  I have not fasted in months so I am not able to fast.   "So What....start 
    fasting this month. 
2)  My sister has not called me for two years. "So call her and start 
    a relationship." 
3)  I just cannot teach Gospel Doctrine because I am not smart enough. "So What....
    study, pray and practice and you can do the job with the help of Heavenly Father."
We all have weaknesses, faults and have not done things we were expected to do. 
"So make your own choices and start over today."  You will be very
 blessed for your efforts and your desire to improve.   I KNOW!! 
We had Zone Conference this week.  Elder Vang ad Elder Seppi counseled us with wisdom.
They taught, again,  of the first Law of Heaven which is Obedience.  Remember in 
1 Nephi 2:3 we are told that Lehi was obedient unto the word of The Lord;  likewise 
in Luke 22:42  Jesus Christ knelt to pray saying "remove this cup from me; 
nevertheless not my will, but Thine be done".  Jesus was obedient to His Father. 
It is an act of faith and though we don't understand all those things we are asked
to do...we obey!  And not 92% of the time or 99% of the time but 100% of the time. 
One of our Elders told us his high school football coach had taught them, "The Devil
is in the details."  We must choose to do the small elements.  We may not have been 
100% obedient in not shopping on Sundays.  "So What....start this Sunday and do it!"
Elder L.Tom Perry said on pg 122 of PMG..."The discipline contained in daily obedience
and clean living and wholesome lives builds an armor around you of protection and 
safety from the temptations that beset you as you proceed through mortality." 
Isn't that the most powerful thought.  We must be protected and it really is not that step at a time by small and simple ways.
Our Mentors, Home Teachers and dear,dear, friends, The Sassers, are leaving the 
Washington Seattle Mission Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013.  They are driving their
candy-apple red Doge Charger 'filled to the brim' back to Orangeville, Utah. 
Oh, how we will miss them.  Their departure will make Sister Carter and I the 
only Senior Missionaries in our Zone.  We have enjoyed their wisdom and friendship 
and their laughter and tears....and Sister Sasser's Southern accent.
      We learned to love them
          as we have served by their sides.
      They have fed us and taught us
         and shared many rides.
       We look to each other with
          much respect and love.
      They now complete their Mission
           with Blessings from Above!
 Well, I just re-read my letter and I am sure you can tell I am filled with feelings
of love, appreciation, emotions and admiration for those people I have spoken about 
this week. Our week has been very challenging, though we have had a couple of 
'glorious' experiences.  We have worked very hard, going to 55 homes and I want you
to know when we are vertical at about 10:10pm it requires about 32 seconds for sleep
to overtake both of us.  It feels so good to be exhausted because of physical service
rendered and love and emotions felt.
Again I tell all of you how much I love my mission!!
Thank you so much for your prayers and letters and love!
May God be with all of you and bless you this week.  And please take the time to 
notice the personal Miracles that God has given to each of you....and take time to
record them.
Love to all of you,
Sister Frame