Sunday, March 30, 2014

"High Expectations bring Results!!"‏

Another Beautiful Blossoming Tree
Sunday night we had a New Member Fireside to be attended by missionaries who bring either new members or investigators plus ward members of the Stake where the fireside is being held. For years this Fireside has been held on Mercer Island or in The President's Home on Mercer Island.  However, Pres. Choi decided he wanted to make it more available to all members in all areas so this Fireside will go to a different Stake Center each month and then begin the rotation in 8 months.  Our Seattle Stake was the first to hold this meeting.  There were about 60 missionaries in attendance; about 40 Elders and 20 Sisters and Sister Carter and Sister Frame.

This was the most glorious meeting I have ever been to in my life....really!! Our Missionary Choir of 60 sang "A Child's Prayer" and you just can't believe the beauty of this music with 40 male voices.  I received so much strength this evening and I am very thankful for the blessing of being a missionary and although our days are long and often hard, this was more payback than I could ever imagine.  We also sang the closing song, "The Time is Far Spent". I wish I could tell you so many things about the almost 2 hour meeting but there is just so much to say!!.  This I can say, "Peace in our lives comes with the Spirit of The Lord.  His Spirit will bless us with this blessing".  And President Choi reminds us continually, "Don't look around at people and compare yourselves but "look up" in all you do and know Heavenly Father knows you and loves you and will bless you".

Monday, P-day, was just the very best.  Sister Swensen from Orem and Sister Walker from Salt Lake live in Kirkland and had not been to the city.  "Never fear", we said because we think we are tour guides.  We had SUCH a great time...they drove to our apartment and we took the rails to the city, went to the cheese factory and got tasted the curds, walked though the market,  went down to Pier 57  to The Crab Pot...and you guessed.   We had delicious crab and had such a great time visiting.  Went back to the market and they wanted a pastry, crossed the street and sampled the 'fresh yogurt' which is incredibly good, walked to McDonalds and got a soda and headed home.  It really is so good to pause a minute from the busy missionary work and relax.That evening we went to FHE with the Stake Single Adults...played Mexican the great time of being with these dear sweet friends!!!

Sisters Frame, Swenson, Carter & Walker at the Pier in Seattle Mar 24, 2014

Tuesday was District Meeting and then we visited Sherry.  She no longer comes to church because of her frustration with 'those that say they believe in the church and do not act in any such way'....according to her.  It just breaks our hearts that she is allowing someone else to determine how she feels and that she not longer takes the Sacrament or pays her tithing.  We love her so much and we continually hope that one of our messages or our songs or our prayer will touch her heart enough that 'forgiveness' can be an action word in her life instead of harboring feelings.

We also visited the Smiths. We were going to visit about 8 more people about 3:30 but the roads were TOTALLY congested.They had been a 6 car pile-up in the north end of the area and cars were getting off the freeway in any direction they could so we just went home.  The roads were impossible!! Another day was just great.  We visited our Primary President and her 10 month son.  She is about 6' tall with beautiful, long and curly red hair.  We find that as we give our messages and sing our sons, hearts are touch and tears flow.  Well her's did.  She thinks she does not measure up and as she watch "Moments that Matter" we felt that she was touched in a way to realize he was doing just what she should be doing.  It was a great reminder to her!

We took Roberta to the FHC and then picked her up 2 hours later.  She really is moving along with her Family History...found some cousins today she did not know she had. We helped Vick for about 2 hours packing materials for storage. Visited Misty who is new in our ward and it really did brighten her spirits.  She had never had anyone sing to her and it really make her happy. Visited Alvarados.  She was home from Arizona and he had his 2nd Chemo treatment today.  Wow.  He was feeling great plus he had cut his long hair and trimmed a way bushy beard to about 1/4 inch and looked like another person.  Loved visiting with them.  They asked us if the Elders had cleaned their yard...we could not lie...and their hearts were just overwhelmed.  She has not been to church for about 20 years and he is a non-member and they just could not believe that people had come to help them.  This project included 6 missionaries, Brother Mendenhall and his 2 children and Sister Brown and her 3 boys.  The total time spent was 22 hours and it looked totally awesome.  Filled 20 bags with leaves and weeds and 'stuff'.  Invited her to the RS Birthday Party and she is coming.  Invited them to the "Chili Cookoff and Dessert Auction" on April 12 and they are coming.  Invited them to the "Interfaith Easter Celebration" April 13 and they said they would come.  This is so awesome!!!! They will also be to church on Sunday!!!!!

Elder Kendall, Sisters Nudd/Boyce; Elder Garriss Mar 29, 2014‏
Thursday our planner took us to Dheaa's and his family.  Oh the blessings from being "The Sisters" who have been asked to visit this family that moved from out ward.  The were SO happy to see us on Thursday and Mina (mom) and Rosea (25) greet us with 2 kisses on each side of the cheek and Dheaa with a handshake.   They rejoice when we can say, Shalom (hello)  In'sh Allah (God Willing)  Allah (God).  I had some more written down but I can't find them. They are delighted when we take them bread and fish.

Our District Leader, Kendell and Garriss and Sisters Boyce/Nudd just brought us a lobster and a cake from a Tongan Wedding and we will take these to Dheaa tomorrow morning before church.  It is so cold and rainy we made them some hot chocolate, took a picture and sent them on their way.  These are truly the Best Missionaries and we love them!!!!

I close with a thought I was reading tonight from D&C 19:38   "Pray always, and I will pour out my Spirit upon you, and great shall be your blessing...." May God be with all of you this week in all you do and say!  Pray always and speak softly... I Love my Heavenly Father and I know He loves me.  I love Jesus Christ and I am very thankful for the Atonement. I love being a Missionary and thank my Heavenly Father daily for the many experiences that He blesses Sister Carter and myself with.

Sister Frame

Sunday, March 23, 2014

"Of One Heart"

Wherever we are, we do it all together!" These were the words Tami sent me on an email today. Four of our children, Steve, Wendy, Tami and Kate, went to Salina to help Grandma Bird clean her home. Also Krista Bird Lisa Bird Evans and Stefanie Silcox Hansen. Just really made my heart happy to hear of the service they were doing for my 93 year old mom, Margie. You can see the group as they were getting ready to go home. Can you realize how much my mom loves and values her 16 grandchildren that love her and her 64 great grandchildren and 2 great-great grandchildren! That is amazing!!!

At the same time in Tukwila, Washington Sister Carter and myself, Elders Kendell/Garriss, Elders Chadwick/Gorner, Sister Brown and Adrian, Trenton and Quincy and Brother Mendenhall and his 2 children spent about 22 hours Saturday on a project of cleaning the front and side yard of a couple in our ward...and they did not know who accomplished this task!! ! She when to Arizona for 4 days to see her mother who is sick and he just had his 2nd recurring bout with cancer return and has started chemotherapy. He is a non-member and we love them both DEARLY!!!! So, the Sister Frame is in Washington and her sister and children and mom are in Salina, Utah doing all the same things. Yes, we are of One Heart and this makes my heart so happy!!!

This week we have knocked far less doors and have returned to finding and rescuing those that have forgotten what they believed...and we certainly love these meetings.Our visits with Marlene in her Care Facility a couple of times a month is just such a blessing to see and feel her happiness as she is confined to a wheelchair. She loves our ipad with the messages, music, our song at the end and also a prayer, which she is occasionally willing to say. We continue to visit with John and Helen and hope our visits lift their spirits and strengthen their testimony of Jesus Christ. He is always worried that we will not drive carefully enough, or that bad people with do things to us....he really does care. You know what, there is never a time in our lives when we don't enjoy others caring for and loving us.

Tonight we were visiting people and went to see Kyle. We never found him home until tonight and he said we were sent from Heavenly Father. He is working for Boeing in Seattle and his wife continues to work in Florida. It is extremely hard being apart and he has not been active. He had been thinking about coming to church because he had found our cards we left a month ago but just had not done it. Tonight as we came and shared what he believed and invited him to come to church on Sunday....with a very positive attitude.... he said he would be there and we hope he is!!

Doris came 3 weeks ago but then had an event she could not miss the following week, was sick the next week but said she would like us to pick her up this week. It is very apparent in all our lives that we find life to be easy to do those things we regularly do. And so, we should make it a habit to the good things over and over again so that they will just be a part of our lives.

Elders Kendell/Garriss
Dheaa and his family are from Iraq and are very strongly investigating our church. He has a lovely wife and 2 beautiful daughters. The Elders are teaching them and invited us to become a part of what they do. We invited and took them to a baby shower at our church and Dheaa had to come to interpret for his wife because the girls could not come. Everyone loves them and Dheaa is especially fun as he speaks the language. His wife does not do as well. They were to move to another apartment on Friday at 6:00pm. We went over at 11, taking them some bread and to see if we could do anything. They had NO boxes so Sister Carter and I quickly went to Saar's and loaded about 20 boxes in my little CRV, called another friend for some newspapers and then headed back to their apartment. They did not know how to pack the glass and
fragile pieces they owned so we spend an hour showing them how to pack and prepared a few boxes for them. He told us he hoped we would drive safely and be taken care of...God Willing! This phrase is expressed every time he speaks his kind and loving desires.  These are incredible people. The sad news is that they moved out of our Ward ...moving just 8 blocks. Elders Kendell/Garriss will no longer be able to teach them and the Zone Leaders will continue the work. They are Elders Stringham/Wohlgemuth. They did say they would like "The Sisters" to continue to visit and be friends with them. Oh, the blessings of being "The Sisters"!!

Flowering Tree 
Brother LeFevre had been outside moving his lawn (he is 80) and then started working on his car. When we completed our service project there were some apple fritters left so we went to visit him and take him a treat. What a very kind a gentle man! He stands at the chapel door at church and takes count of attendance...always a smile on this face and so pleased today that someone cared enough "to bring him a fritter". I just love these dear friends in Tukwila and Seatac and I am sure it is going to be very hard to drive from these cities and head home. I really had become a part of their lives and I love them.

Sunday evening we went to dinner at The Robinson's. They lived in the ward a short time, moved and have now returned. They are such very nice people with two 'little people' who chatted and talked the entire evening. We left a message, a song and a prayer. Then Brother Robinson played the piano and he is just incredible. So glad to spend the time with them and the spaghetti was delicious!!

Dick and Annabelle and Irene had us to dinner for Corned Beef and Cabbage. I have NEVER eaten this St. Patrick's Day specialty until March 17, 2013 and March 17, 2014 in Tukwila. I think that I prefer the
cabbage as the corned beef is rather spicy, but Sister Carter says it is delicious with some mustard on a sandwich. I'm not sure I will have that sandwich!!  These this dear couple are less active, I love them with all my heart and the thought that I will probably not see them again after the next 3 months fills my eyes with tears and my heart with sadness. They do not use the internet so I am extremely thankful for phones!

As we share our testimonies of the Restoration and of the Plan of Salvation, I realize how blessed I am to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and what a privilege it is to be one of 80,000 missionaries serving in the world today. I want you to know the badge I wear with the name of Jesus Christ on my heart all day, gives me great desires to be an example to all who see and hear me and I daily ask for strength to be a better person.

Endless are the people we visit who 'just happen' to need to know specific ideas of how to accomplish and teach certain truths to their families. Christine was so pleased to see what she could do on her ipad and the many stories she could use on Mormon Messages to teach her boys of faith and obedience. Leslie just could not believe the value of the ipad and what was available to be taught to her grandchildren...and also for herself and her husband. Pres. Choi reminds The Senior Missionaries of the blessing of the ipad and to use it as often as possible. We also continue to share our pictures of The Savior in our $ Store frames...they may be cheap but they protect the picture!!

Beautiful Blossoms
We continue our weekly "Sing Along's" with The Smiths and we also invite Nancy to come each day. It is such a blessing to be surrounded with greatness and to experience the love and humility of this dear couple who have been married probably for 70 years. They are just so wonderful and each time we go their love for and kindness to Nancy builds her trust and love for people and for her Heavenly Father. She is growing in the Love of God weekly because of the Smiths. I love Friday's at 4:00pm!!

Countless are the blessings from our Heavenly Father and I am daily reminded of His incredible love for all of His children! I know His heart is sad when we stumble and fall because he wants us to be happy! I also know that when we are 'climbing mountains' that are tall and hard to navigate, it is a time when growth comes because we are more humble as we plead for His help.
I know He is there beside us and we must be more sensitive to His love and kindness.
I am so thankful for such a glorious world. Wow! The blossoms are just so beautiful!
I am very thankful for the diversity of peoples and cultures in our area and I love to see and talk to these wonderful brothers and sisters!
Walking in the morning at 6:45 is now possible because of the sun coming up earlier and I LOVE this event. We walk inside our complex, which is fenced, and there is no need for concern!
I am so thankful that this ole body can love getting up each day and really look forward to those things written in our Daily Planner and seeing what else will happen!
I love my ipad and the availability of using it to teach of Jesus Christ!
I love the availability of technology that allows communication with family and friends.

May God bless you and be with you this week in all you do. Love to my family and my friends!
Take good care of each other, be patient and kind and look for the good in all you experience.
Take time to see the daily Miracles that are given to each of you and be sure to record them so they are not forgotten.

Love and Hugs to all of you!!
Sister Frame

Sunday, March 16, 2014

This is my 70th letter!!! Wow!‏

I remember as a child being spanked by my parents and as a result I now suffer from a psychological condition called, "Respect for Others". I don't know why I wrote this...just thinking a bit of Jerry and my Dad...they were great men who demanded respect in all they did. Our Home Teachers, Elder and Sister Allen, just left and we feel such love and respect for them and then Friday Pres. Choi interviewed all of the Elders and Sisters in our Zone and you just can't believe the Respect I feel for he and Sister Choi. I am feeling so much gratitude for the things my Mom and Dad taught me and since Mom is still here, I want her to know of my great love and respect I have for her!

P-day's adventure was a fun one. We took the lightrail to the Stadium stop...looking for some very nice clothes for Sister Carter's grandson who is graduating from college. He is the ONLY member of her family that is a Seahawk fan, and has been since he was nine years old. Anyway, we probably walked about 3-4 miles. After the Stadium stop, not really knowing where we were going we walked to Chinatown and then to Pioneer Station and then to Westfield, the last stop, and then up to NikeTown. The plan was then to walk down the many steps to "The Crab Pot" for some crab. However, when we completed our shopping it was near 2:00 and we had a dinner appointment for FHE at 5:30 so we decided to go into McDonalds and get a soda and a cheeseburger. Are you kidding me? No I am not!!

We live near Amy who has not been active for 1+ years, at least. We have called her, gone to visit, left cookies, spoke to her in the morning when she goes to work, hung juice on her door and even wrote her a letter. One night she stuck her head out the door and said, "You know what, really this is overkill"! So, we totally backed off and were sad to do it because she was very lonely. Well, a couple of week ago she had a 20 hour surgery that did not go extremely well. She had a friend come up from Texas to be with her for a couple of days and our Bishop gave the friend 'The Sisters' names and numbers to call if she needed help. The friend called and we went and helped her move furniture and assemble a couch before she brought Amy home from the hospital. I think the friend remarked to Amy of how "proud and too independent she had been as she lets no one help her". Well, last week Sue Frame, my daughter, texted asking for info about some speech therapy questions and I did not know the answer. So, I called Amy who is a Speech Therapist and she was so incredibly kind as she spoke and gave me information, telling me to call her any time I need some help. She even thanked us for the juice and card we had left and told us the date of another upcoming surgery. I guess what I am sharing is that all of us need to be loved and each in a different way. But, we must never give up on one another realizing that The Savior never gives up on any of us!!

This was another hard week of knocking doors without much success so we are going to have to do something different. I think I said before that if we need to have better success we must change what we are doing and do it in a different way. I realize how much effort it takes for the Elders and Sisters to daily knock doors, and not always have success, but they never stop trying and because of their efforts many lives are bless to come to know God.

We went to visit Brother Grenniger this week and had a couple from the ward come and be with us as fellow shippers, especially since we can't go to a man's home without anyone else.  He is about 80 and is just such a gentle and wonderful man. He had a stroke a few years ago and is able to speak very little....usually using the words of just yes and no. Anyway, our message was about the Love of Jesus Christ and we used The Mormon Message, "Rescued by Christ". This is just beautiful and as tears rolled down his checks our hearts were so touched to able to again be instruments in the hand of The Lord to help others feel His love. When we finished we had a song, A Child's Prayer and then prayer. We also served root beer floats. We left all the fixins on the front steps and laughed with each other about what the neighbors thought when they watched these 'two little ole ladies' on a doorstep 'pouring and scooping ' something into cups. Great Experience!!!

Friday morning we were called to be at the Stake Center at 8:00 promptly for Zone Meeting in the High Council Room. President Choi was also there to have interviews with all of the missionaries. This is really a wonderful experience to sit at the feet of a General Authority who is also your Mission President and listen and receive words of counsel and love. Mine was the first interview and then I went to an interview with Sister Choi. This experience the first 15 minutes of the meeting with the Choi's was priceless. I immediately went back to the room and jotted down as many thoughts I could remember so I could put them in my journal and not forget them.

The meeting continued with the Mission Vehicle Coordinator telling us about the automobiles. Each car the church buys costs $18,000 and after 2 years of driving it usually sells for $10,000. He reminded all the Elders and Sisters that to pay for these cars, the money has come from $180,000 earnings...from your grandma's, neighbors, parents and those that have very, very little financial blessings. He reminded all to drive with care showing respect for the blessings of even having a car. We then had training from our Zone Leaders, Elder Stringham and Wohlgemuth about the blessings of teaching families, we role-played and learned. President and Sister Wood told us that the missionaries in our Zone, and those that will come bringing new members, would provide the music for the New Member Fireside on March 23. The Presidency decided to rotate it to a different stake center each month hoping to improve involvement of Ward Members in the lives of new members. We practiced a couple of songs. President and Sister Miller taught of efforts we can all improve on in becoming better missionaries and also focused on finding families to teach the gospel to. We were reminded that 27 investigators are required for 1 baptism. That is a great amount of work and the missionaries can not do it by themselves. We need ward members to be involved with referrals and friend shipping as investigators come to church or are baptized. President Choi closed our meeting by 'having fun with the Spirit' and also teaching of the importance of all having a 'change of heart' in all we do. We studied D&C 64:29,30,34 and he also impressed each of us with his message of High Expectations.

This really is a wonderful work to be involved in! As we
 see the happiness in the eyes and hearts of those
that are becoming active or are being baptized, we know their Heavenly Father is even more pleased that His Children are making choices that bless their lives with happiness and help them grow. I don't know if many remember that about 25 years ago when I was working in the Stake YW, we gave each girl in the stake a 'seedling' of a blue spruce pine tree. We encouraged them to plant this 'fragile' seedling in their yard and as it grew to compare the growth of their own 'fragile' testimonies with that of the tree. It was very visible and would be a constant reminder to all of us to study and be obedient and to serve to feed our individual testimony for growth. Well, our pine tree in Orem is humongous...having to be trimmed much because the base is so large. And I wonder, how am I doing with my testimony? I saw this tree at the cemetery as we were walking and my thoughts returned to home and my tree and my testimony. I am continually feeding my own testimony, not to be compared with anyone else, but this tree caused me to think.

I want my children and grandchildren and Mom to know how much I love the work I am doing.
I Love my Heavenly Father and I often feel Him close to me. My Patriarchal Blessing is a great reminder to me of His promised blessings and His love.
I miss Jerry so much because our plan was to go on a mission together but I have learned that by 'small and simple things'...'through hard times'....we can grow and improve and step up and do more than we think is possible.
God be with each of you and bless you in all you do. Again I say, take time to look for the miracles in your lives and record them so you and your family will not forget that our God is a God of miracles and that they continue daily.
Talk to you next week!!

Love, Sister Frame

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"Humility is....Not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less!"‏

These are the words of C.S. Lewis from "Mere Christianity". And the words of President Hinckley's father while his son, Gordon B. Hinckley was serving a mission in England , apply with the same meaning. From the written words of a discouraged son saying he was wasting his time and thought it would be best for him to come home his father simply said, "Think of yourself less and go to work". What excellent advice this is for all of us to consider.

I am telling you....after about 2 weeks of torrential rainfall, the blossoms are popping open and the area is just incredible with beauty. When you come to Seattle in the spring it is breathtakingly beautiful. This colorful azaleas just brighten up this part of the world along with the forsythia and the pink and white blossoms on the trees. I just love seeing all this come to life.

Big beautiful bush full of small blossoms.

We visited a couple in our ward Sunday. Our Mormon Message was "The Will of God" and the message given is to remind each of us to 'willingly accept and even seek correction'. As this dear couple watched this message, tears rolled down their checks. After years and years of loving and working with an adopted child (a nephew) who had caused great and insufferable pain to them, the Spirit spoke to them during this 'Message" and helped them realize the 'pruning' that had taken place in their lives for some 30 years. It was a great privilege to be in their home and realize we were 'instruments' in their lives this day to play a duet of "Sweet Peace" to them.

Monday evening, after P-day, we joined The R Family for dinner. Elders Kendell and Garriss were also with us. Closing the hour with them after a delicious meal the Elders shared a message and then we 4 Missionaries sang "A Child's Prayer" using the ipad for music. The song brought the Spirit so intensely into their home is was wonderful and all had tears in our eyes. Brother R commented how he really appreciated the blessing we brought into their home and said, "We will have you back". Remember, we all are missionaries in many things we do each day. People are watching us and whether they are active in the church or less-active or a non-member, we each need to be very aware of how our words and actions are registering of them.

Tuesday we met with Penelope who was less-active about 8 months ago. Our visit that day was nice, we love each other dearly and as we were ready to present our lesson, her non-member neighbor came to her door to return a book. He stayed, enjoyed the lesson, was visibly touched by our song and we closed with prayer. He commented on how his church no longer sang traditional hymns and that he missed it very much. We invited him to Sacrament meeting with his friend so he could feel the Spirit of Worship through words and music. Who knows, until tomorrow, if he will come but I do know a seed was planted and his heart was touched through words and music on this afternoon.

This week we have knocked on about 100 doors. We have found no investigators but however hard this is, we must choose faith over doubt, choose faith over fear, choose faith over the unknown and unseen and choose faith over permission. Preach My Gospel says we have to FIND people before we can teach them so that is what we are trying to do. So, as this work goes on, I will choose to have faith that we will be blessed with success in finding people to be able to teach and baptize them. This is missionary work and all missionaries are expected to set these high expectations with the faith that miracles will happen.

Our Companion Study this week is from pg 126 in PMG. This page speaks of 9 Attributes of the Savior with statements about each attribute and the scriptures that go with the statements. This is such an excellent experience to spend time during our personal study in these areas and then share  with them with each other during Companion Study. The Spirit resides very strong as we work hard to learn and improve to be more like our Savior. I love doing this! We have studied Faith and Diligence so far. I love a note given to us by Elder Kendell, our District Leader about Faith. Elder Holland said, "Never Let Your Faith be Difficult to Detect". Doesn't that make all of us want to study and work harder and prayer harder to be given greater Faith. Go to this page and read through the activity.

Friday morning we went visiting a lady whose name had just come up in the Ward Directory. Her name had "Do Not Contact" on the paper but we decided to just try again to see if we could understand why she did not want to be contacted. We had gone a week ago and no one was home. We knocked, the door opened and we asked the lady if she was Marie. She paused for about 5-8 seconds and answered yes. Well, we visited about 15 minutes standing outside her door. She shared that she 'always' tells people that "Marie just left and went to the store" but today she just could not get the words to come out. After an invitation to come to church and another pause, she said yes she would enjoy that, (It helps that our church starts at 1:00 for those that love to sleep in on weekends). Sunday morning we was dress and ready to come and she stayed for the entire block..and really enjoyed it. Daily each of us are faced with decisions in our life that will make a difference of good or ill and it is so good to see and feel the effects of choosing wisely.

Today I want to share my testimony with you.
I know that God lives and He knows who I am.
I know Jesus is the Christ and because He chose to drink of the bitter cup, the blessings of the Atonement are all of ours.
I know we have a Prophet on the earth today and that Pres. Thomas S. Monson directs the people of the words. I am really looking forward for General Conference.
I love being in the mission field! I am excited daily to share those things I love and cherish with those who have forgotten or those who know knot what I know and love. When we rub shoulders with these Elders and Sisters in just our Wa-Sea Mission, I can hardly comprehend the power and strength of 80,000 strong Missionaries doing just what we are doing and being tutored and guided by The Lord. This is just so glorious and I love it!!

I love my family with all my heart...ranging from Mom who is 93, young adults, teenagers and elementary kids to the little people...all 29 of them! My Children are so good to me and with the technology of today, I can send a short text and in a couple of minutes or a couple of days get my desired request. Thanks to all of you!! May God continue to be with and bless all of you and may we all continue to look for the Miracles that are daily a part of our lives and then record them so we don't forget them.
Please continue to keep all the missionaries in your prayers!

Love to all of you,
Sister Frame

Sunday, March 2, 2014

"The Good News".....The Washington Seattle Mission is "going forth in the power of my Spirit"!‏

I am sure all of you wonder how I continue to say this has been the very best week of my life....but it has!! It seems that there is no end to the blessings that continue to be with these dear people in the Washington Seattle Mission and I love being a part of it.  In Sacrament meeting last week we were told that in 2014 there are 171 World Wide Temples planned and there are currently 141 in operation. The more temples there on this earth the more blessings there will be for those on earth. And why should we want to have temple we can be worthy to enter the temple...the same place the Savior walks the halls!

President Miller reminds us of the words to the hymn #263 "Go Forth With Faith":
Go Forth with Faith and tell the world
Of  Jesus Christ, The Lord.
Bear witness He is God's own Son
Proclaim His wondrous word.
Go forth with hope and courage strong
To spread the word abroad.
That people of all nations
Are Children of our God!
This is such a marvelous hymn that can uplift us, encourage us, teach us, and bear witness of Jesus Christ and his truths. And although he gave this message to the Missionaries In this mission, we must all remember "Every Member a Missionary".

Transfers were held this Thursday and there eight missionaries moved from our district. Elder Seppi, Elder Pfister who were Zone Leaders are gone and the sad thing is we do not know where they go. Elder Anderson who was Elder Kendalls companion and Elder Griffiths with Elder Chadwick are gone. Sister McBride was transferred who was with Sister Boyce. Elder Searing, our DL, Elder Grogitsky and Elder Ibarra are all transferred. This is just amazing. In the 14 months in the Mission field we have never lost that many missionaries in one transfer. Pres. Choi says, "Don't ask me why I was changed, look up and ask Heavenly Father. He put you there".

P-day, Dick and Annabelle and Irene took us to brunch. We had a good visit and then continued our jobs for the day. FHE this night was fun with "Community Train" and all that were there had a great time.

We have working with our new Ward Directory because we visit the new people to see if there are any part-members or less-actives or learn about the personalities of the new families and welcome them into the ward. This last week and a half we have found 17 persons/families that are not living at the addresses on the ward printout and the current owners have never heard of them.The Bishop loves us for helping find about the people before HT or VT go to them.

Thursday, we needed to be in North Seattle to a meeting and we were going to leave a bit earlier but decided to follow our plan for the day and go to a 'less-active sister's' home and found her there. Last week she was not there. She has not been to church for years and years and after visiting with her she decided she wants us to pick her up on Sunday! Who can turn down the love of these 'two ole ladies'? This makes any day GLORIOUS!!! I know our Heavenly Father is extremely pleased when and of His children decide to make some changes in their lives!!

We had a 4 hour service project on Thursday. A friend is planning to move in August and she broke her right arm a week ago and so she asked us if we could help her pack her books. Are you Kidding me?! She has hundreds, you would be amazed, and she has to look at each one, some she puts in the discard pile and others are boxed for storage. This is the 2nd time for this service and we are finished with books. Whew, but we do love to serve!

Friday Morning a "Special Conference" was held in North Seattle for our entire Zone. Like I said, there are so many new Elders and Sisters we just do not know many of them. President Choi called this meeting and I want you to know it was Incredible!!!! The first part of our meeting our Pres. went through the White Handbook and spoke very pointedly to all of us. We have improvements to make and we need to do them. He teachers with power and has fun with the spirit as he teaches. He then spoke the closing message. I am not able to write what we were taught or how how his example was carried out so I guess I will tell everyone either in a FHE or in a Sacrament talk. The Message he taught and gave was on the Atonement and I am totally amazed at the strength of his words. The Holy Ghost that filled the Chapel during this hour and I hope to never forget the message or the feeling that filled my heart!!

Sister Miller told this story of Russell Wilson, QB and #3 for the Seattle Seahawks. The halftime for the Superbowl was 45 minutes...longer than most. All the players were 'hanging around' doing whatever they do for this extended period of time but Russell Wilson went to the dressing room, removed all his equipment, clothes, tape and then went to the shower. After the shower, he was retaped, dressed and repared to go into the game completely clean as he did for the 1st quarter, refreshed and ready to go. His assignment for the Seahawks was to win the NFL! This was to be a very visible and outstanding win for him. As Missionaries, each of us has been called to be the QB for God's team. We need to come to this assignment, regardless of the quarter, completely clean inside and out; often our outward appearance is rather telling of our inner commitment. The Missionaries assignment is invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end! Wow! What an incredible win for Jesus Christ....and the missionaries who are here to assist Him. This part of our Special Conference just really touched my heart..our appearance at all times speaks so loudly. Members and non-members are always watching and they expect missionaries to be perfect. What a challenge!!

This morning we did a 'bread run' picking up probably 40+ loaves to distribute. We have a couple of trailer courts where the people are so incredibly thankful for what they receive I am just amazed. As we drove through the courts in my little CRV...tears filled my eyes because of the privilege I was having to serve these children of my Heavenly Father, regardless of religion. I am so indebted to my God.

About 1:00 we went to a sweet sister's home. She has not been to an LDS church since she went to BYU in the mid 60's and yes, she is a member but thinks she does not believe it. We met her in March, seeking to find some less actives. She was not pleased to have us come and for the next visit she still was not. About in September she invited us in, sharing information about herself we think she was trying to shock us with and we said, "So What". She felt this lack of judgment on our part and our attitude of unconditional love, which we really felt, and it filled her heart with a sweetness she had not felt for years. So, our visits continue now with a message, a song, and a prayer. Today as we arrived she started to cry saying we had no idea how important it was for her to have us come. Our visit was just the best and as we sang our 'new' song, "A Child's Prayer", she just sobbed!! Not willing to verbally share anything else with us, she just loved having us there. When we asked her if we could do anything for her, her sweet words were, "You came"!! Let none of us ever forget the value of a visit or a phone call. We all need to be loved and that is just the simple truth! I am so glad Jesus was willing to do all he did not me and that I daily feel of His love.!

Today, Sister Carter and I committed to 'knock doors' to find people to teach. Our schedule was totally busy until 4:00. It had rained ALL day and was really rather cold. But, we made a promise so at 4:10 we stopped the car in the area we had decided to work and had prayer. We asked that the elements might be tempered a bit because we needed to get out of the car and walk. We then stepped outside....and the rain stopped!!! We returned home about 6pm, still the rain was gone but rather cold, to a warm home and a crock-pot of chicken and vegetables. I hope to never forget the beautiful miracles that happen daily, reminding me that my Heavenly Father is very aware of me and what I am doing and as I seek to serve and be obedient He will be with me in all I do!!

Hopefully as you read this letter you can understand why each week of my life in the WA/Sea Mission just get's better and better! I really had no idea of the blessings I would be able to share with others about Jesus Christ. This past couple of weeks we have not had the investigators we wanted but we have bee able to see many people blessed each day.

I continue to thank all of you for your prayers in behalf of all the Missionaries of the Church. Yes, those 80,000 that are working so hard to be obedient and strong and faithful. We are doing the work we have been called to do and we love it. The blossoms are 'starting' to pop open. Oh, it will soon be very beautiful.
May God continue to be with each of you and bless you and please take the time to look for the Miracles in your lives!!

Love to all,
Sister Frame