Sunday, February 24, 2013

Where has the time gone???

I am just amazed that the calendar will roll over to March in three days!  Where have the days gone?
When did the time tick away?

We all often speak of events  held in the Stake Center....and there is no meat served?!?
We visited with Charlie and told him we were doing Missionary Splits with the ward missionaries and he was surprised that ladies as old as we were that limber and could stretch that far!!!!
So, I guess it is just a bit funny the things we speak of and think everyone else understands.

We visited with Kathleen Alvarado this week.  Her husband is a no-member.  She said she had been thinking lately about coming to church but her husband did not want her to go.  These are the things we pray for...that hearts can be softened.  That he will encourage her to go to church and not treat her differently when she does.

Brother and Sister Mah who are Chineese (about 75-80) invited us to their home.  NO ONE in our ward has ever been in this home.  He is the most impeccably, organized HOARDER I have ever known of.  They have little money, he says?!?  He says they want to move to a condo with less space so they can afford it.  BUT, they must sort through the STUFF.  Well, we went;  we took a costco chicken and a pineapple;  we were stunned!!  We told him we would help tell him how to do it, but we know we cannot discard his personal property.  We are going over Tuesday with a contract so he can see what is really expected.  We want him to start in the living room.  (Please wish us luck!)  We can go for 2 hours each week for service hours.  We will take away 5 boxes of stuff each week.  We will guide him...for example.  He can keep 2 boxes of books but he must dispose of 4 boxes.  You just can't believe what he has collected.
The home has no heat in it and we just about froze to death.  They wear coats and use a little space heater.  Oh MY.  My children are welcome to start discarding of my stuff...right now!!

I again must say how much I love my Heavenly Father!  If you could feel the spirit of all these young Elders and  Sisters, you would stand amazed!!  They are wonderful.  They lead with the Power of God and are such incredible examples.  We had District Meeting Wed and I was asked to lead D&C 4.
I can't say it as fast as they do...but I did it perfectly.  What a thrill and an accoomplishment for me

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Home to Tukwila

I arrived home from Utah Monday morning about 11:30.  Brother and Sister Sasser and my companion, Sister Carter  were waiting for me at the airport.  I had spent just 48+ hours at home and I want you to know it was very hard to come back to the Northwest....but i was extremely glad I was about to go home and I had made a promise in my heart to 'hustle back to the mission field and get back to work!"  So I am.
There is no lack of understanding of the reality of miracles in my life and also personal revelation.
We had prayed for the opportunity to be able to touch people's heart as we teach the words of truth.
A month ago we had gone to a young lady's home, 20 years old whose mom died when she was 15.
An older woman had answered the door and was very rude.  We were standing in the rain (what's new) and she closed the door and hollered "It's those Mormons".  Melia came to the door and said she had not been to church since her mother had died and really did not want to talk.    We left, but the name of Melia stayed in our minds and hearts.  Well,  we called the Elders and asked them to go over and see if they could speak with her about what she had believed and see if she would talk about her sad heart.  We  could not get her name from our minds so last Tuesday we returned to the home of Melia.  A very kind 'older woman' answered the door and very graciously invited us into her home.  Melia was not home, but she was polite and visited with us for over an hour.  She had fallen in the rain and broken her arm.  We enjoyed our visit and went home, returning again 3 days later to see how she was doing.  After another extended visit, we invited her to our Ward Party and dance that was to be held Sat. Feb 16.  She said she would like a ride and would come with us.

Tuesday we went to the home of Denise Marie.  This was our 2nd visit.  This middle aged lady was very sad as she answered the door and we could tell she really did not want us to come in, but she opened the door and asked us it.  Her story was the same often heard.  She was so lonely.  Her husband had died 10 years ago and only 4 Ward members had come to her home.  She wanted no part of the church.  Do you blame her?  After we visited and shared feelings and love and tears she was a bit softer and happier.  We must all remember the Doctrine Christ Teaches is wonderful and often we as people do not do all those things He would have done had He walked the earth at this time.  We just ended out visit with a prayer and a sister who felt loved and a bit happier.  It will take some time for her to return to full fellowship, but remember ALL of us have the responsibility to serve and love whether it is convenient or not.  We are the Lord's hands and feet on this earth!!  Yes, she did come to the party Sat. Night but did not come to church.  Yes, she had a good time!  We will keep working with this wonderful lady and hope and pray she can have the faith and forgiveness to come back and feel the love and happiness she once felt.

Saturday we went to Marissa's home and scrubbed everything....walls, windows, bathrooms, kitchen and vacuumed rooms.  She is moving from and apt to a nice rental home to live with her Father and her son.  It saved her money and was a good service experience.

Betty Jo and Jonathan continue to be a strong part of our lives.  They are trying so hard to stop smoking....they have eliminated all other addictions, are working with the Bishop and come to all their meetings.
Charlie is again changing his mind about baptism.  This is his decision and we must let him go.  We love him and he knows the power of the Holy Ghost he has felt is real....but,  he must make a choice.
If he ever decides he has the courage to be baptized, we told him to call us.

Friday at 5:00 pm we met in a Firside with Elder Shane Bowen who is a Seventy.  This was held for the entire mission and it was incredible!!  One of his main emphasises was that of obedience.  If the missionaries are obedient, God cannot withhold  blessings and personal revelation.  He will guide us to those that are seeking truth and light.  The power of truth in the chapel was overwhelming.  What a privilege it is to serve my God and to be in is servic,

My life is so busy you would never believe I could run this fast!  I am not kidding you.  When I am horizontal at 10PM I am asleep.

May all of you experience the love and blessings of Heavenly Father this week,   Take time to pray and ponder and serve and know you will be blessed for your efforts.
I love you so much!!!!!!

Sister Frame


Sunday, February 10, 2013

"Home is Where the Heart is"

Families are priceless as all of you know, but extremely so when the Mission President gave me permission to fly home Friday afternoon, returning early Monday morning, to attend the wedding of our first grandchild...Amanda Grace Call who married such a fine young man!   He is Cole Peterson and currently attending the Police Academy at the Point of the Mountain.  Pres Connely married them in the Mt Timpanogoes Temple.  What an incredible event!!!!!

The events of the week in Washington were incredible.  We have been called as missionaries to
"Rescue " those that have become less active because they basically have forgotten those things they believe, have forgotten how loved they are by our Heavenly Father, and  have stayed away long enough that coming back to church frightens them.  I think we can all understand this.
Well, we met Alice 4 weeks ago with a dog in her arms, a scowl on her face and a door opened about 10 inches.  We introduced ourselves as Missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and asked if we could visit with her. She said no.  Well, we are two  'tough ole ladies' and we continue to visit with her....and the door did not close!  She then asked us to come in for 5 minutes!  She has received her endowments, was in the Stake Primary Presidency 15 years ago when the Ward boundaries were changes...and somehow her feelings were hurt.  Her husband is a nonmember, she has few, she has chatted with herself for 15 years probably with negativity as her main focus.  Well, our 10 minutes expanded to 75 minutes with her tears rolling as she explained her unhappiness.  BUT, she said, she  was not coming back!!!!!!!  However we had planted some seeds of  love.   Three weeks later we returned to a friend who was glad  to see us.  She does genealogy and loves it.  Her attitude was softer.  She radiated a different light.  The Spirit of the Holy Ghost had bore witness of truths she knew...and was reminded of.  As we left about an hour later she asked,
"What time does Sac. Meeting start?  I just was wondering...not that I am coming...just wondering".
Will she be there today?  I don't know because I am in Orem, but my prayers are for her to have the courage to be bold in the face of Satan.  I will tell you next week.  Take the time to read Mosiah  28:3
And know this shares my feelings, and hopefully all of us as we...stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things and in all places.
Sister Carter and myself went to Seattle last Monday on P-Day.  We went to Pier 54 and ate 2 pounds of absolutely DELICIOUS snow crab!  Great event and rode the Ferris Wheel on the  pier.....and the SUN WAS SHINNING!!!!!!!  We could see the city and the ocean!
Thanks for being with me as I visit with you.   I love what I am doing.  I love these dear people, in fact I just love people because we are all the same, whether in Rome, Italy,  Orem, Utah or in Dallas, Texas, and I know God loves each of us...we are his children.

I love my Father in Heaven and I hope He is pleased with the work my companion and I are doing in the Washington Seattle Mission.
Please take the time to ponder on your own beliefs and to set a goal this new year to study more, serve more, love more and mutter less.  We all are so blessed to know what we know about the Plan of Salvation and we need to improve our committment to Him and His plan.
Talk to you in a week, and as Steve taught me..."Make this a Great Week!"

Sunday, February 3, 2013

My feet are "webbed"... oh my!

           My shoes are getting tighter because my toes are starting to 'webb'. I think it is because all we see and feel is rain, rain, rain!!! Really, I have never seen so much rain in my life. And when the rain stops, the fog rolls in and the air is filled with mist. It is different than 'your' cold in Utah but I am loving what I am doing. I know you have not seen much of the sun either for forgive me for muttering.
           The weeks in the mission field are just 'flying' by. I have been gone a month and I am so surprised. The days are passing extremely fast and without the use of a calendar, I just can't remember what day it is.
           Last Monday we drove to Bellevue, Washington to have my car serviced. It took us 3 1/2 hours to have the oil changed, tires rotated, a new filter and a fan belt. I am not used to this type of service being so slow so we decided from now on we will stay in Tukwila and have our work done in this area.
          We had a District Meeting Tuesday in the Seattle Stake Center, which is our Ward building. Again and again I stand amazed at the power and authority of these young men who literally take over for President Larkin and teach and train us. They speak with Priesthood authority and challenge and guide us in accomplishing "His work and His Glory". We are continually reminded that this is not OUR work....but His and I am so humbled to be in His service. In fact, during the meeting, my thoughts were of this 'job' I had been hired to do. I was intervied by a Bishop and a Stake President... and then I was given the job by a Prophet of God, Thomas S. Monson. Those are mighty powerful interviews. I know I am an instrument in His hands to find the people I was sent here to find. And the most valuable part of this job is the incredible pay I receive which is personal revelation and increased testimony of the Savior. I am trained to be 100% obedient to the rules of the mission and promised if I am, nothing will be withheld. Can you even imagine how wonderful this feels!!
Our couple friend we found on Jan 9 asked us to take them to Federal Way for an interview at the DI. He got the job and she thinks she will have one in a couple of weeks. They have both been in prison, had very strong and multiple addictions, and have certainly not made 'wise choices'. With our help and meeting with our Bishop weekly, they are learning and growing by leaps ad bounds. They love Jesus Christ and want so much to be forgiven of their past mistakes....and it is happening. This man bore his testimony today and with tears in his eyes, touched everyone in the chapel and his testimony bore witness to all of us of the power of the Atonement and the fact we can be forgiven for our sins.
We continue to visit and meet and remind these wonderful people of the Seatac Ward of how much we love them and how they are loved by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Our row at church now has 6 less-active members and 1 non-member sitting with us and the feelings of love for them are incredible!!!
         It is time to retire and this Sabbath has been a beautiful day.  I know Jesus Christ lives and I know he hears and answers my prayer....daily. How thankful I am to feel the assurance of this and to be able to share it with you. I know as we are willing to repent and follow the teaching of Jesus Christ we CAN be forgiven of those choices that have not been the best....I have seen it in action.
May God be with all of you this week and know I am so happy doing what I a doing. This service also has hard times, but with patience and a willingness to look at both sides of events and ideas, we can improve the kind of person we are.
Good Night,

Sister Frame