Sunday, April 20, 2014

"Because of Him..."

This Beautiful Easter Message I told you of last week just says it all! From the Message it says, "Jesus is the Son of God and our Savior. Because of Him, death is conquered, our lives have meaning and we can live with God Again." I am extremely thankful for that knowledge and hope we can all live with greater appreciation for what He has done for us and show our love and appreciation by the good and righteous choices we make!

Monday was just such a fun P-day!! Our Senior Sisters in Kirkland, Sister Swenson from Orem and Sister Walker from SLC and also The Bagleys, a Senior Couple from Star Valley, drove to Tukwila and we all boarded the light rail and headed to China Town in Seattle. This is an old area, nothing like China Town in San Francisco but none the less, it was great. This is the picture of the entrance and then the picture of all of us. Of course we wanted to eat but the decision as to where to go was hard. Finally, we ate a the Dim Hung. Now let me tell you... we sat at a LARGE round table with a lazy susan in the middle. No menu....they just kept bringing carts of food, showing them to us and then asking if we wanted that food. The Bagleys had spent a couple years in China teaching English so they had an idea of what we were eating. Actually it was very interesting and some of it was very good. This, one would call, was a 'cultural experience' and we loved doing it!!!
Chinatown in Seattle

Monthly we visit Eng and her two daughters and sometimes here husband is not at work and he comes into the living room with us. This dear lady, a refugee from Vietnam who was forced from her country, has such incredible faith in "The Father God" and her stories of faith and the actions that were required to stay alive and leave her country for safety need to be written in a book. Her faith is so wonderful and such an example to her children. This week we shared with them the message "Because of Him", the 2+ minute video that reminds all of us who Jesus is and what is ours Because of Him!

Roberta, after a year of activity, following years and years of inactivity, is doing Family History, genealogy and now has a Temple Recommend. Her brother will be here from the East coast in May and we will all go to the temple for this glorious occasion. This sweet, humble lady can usually be found making 'quilted fleece quilts' in her 'not so large mobile home' and usually gives over half of them away because people just don't have the money to buy, but want a quilt!. She is currently taking care of her neighbor friend who is dying of cancer and doing all she can to get her to appointments, chemo and to purchase prescriptions and food. We see her on Sundays, Monday nights for FHE and maybe during the week once. God bless this dear sweet lady!

Weekly we take Birthday Cards to the Sisters in our Ward. We had the ward clerk print us a list of just the sisters' birthdays and it is a delightful experience to go to their homes and most of the time are invited in. We share a message, a birthday song and leave with a prayer.

Vicki, who has been less active for years, is now coming quite regular. She has experienced some wonderful blessings. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and after many tests and treatments the message is that all the cancer cells are gone and she will just be required to have radiation twice weekly for six weeks. We are so thankful for her. About 1 month ago Bishop Floyd called her as a Ward Missionary....a calling that really pushes her and sets expectations high. She is called to fellowship and also drive and pickup up sisters for church and also church activities. We just love her for who she is and also for her willingness to serve.
Denise was also told that she had breast cancer. Her's is very serious and did require a mastectomy. This eternally happy, optimistic and incredible woman had surgery two weeks ago and will be playing the organ in church for Easter! (Can you believe that)

I just really appreciate those people, even in the face of great challenges and obstacles, that they continue to be happy and positive. In 1982, Elder Neal Maxwell said, "Affliction seems to bring people closer to God than prosperity does". I guess I am trying to say that life is challenging, to say the least, but how good it is to be around people who choose happiness and a positive outlook on life and whose feelings they share with others lift them and make them glad they were in the presence of happiness!! Whew!! Didn't mean to preach!

Kathy and Conrad
We called Conrad and asked him if we could bring he and Kathy an Easter Message..."Because of Him" and arranged to do it Friday at 5:30. Just a short time later he called back and asked us to come to dinner that same evening...still sharing the message. Conrad is 60 years old and is not a member and we have just grown to love both of them so much. He is experiencing a second bout with cancer and I just hope "it is softening his heart' to listen to the Easter Message. They dinner was excellent with home made burritos and also home made tamales, wrapped in a tamale husk from the Mexican Store, and also tossed salad. Conrad told us they had never had anyone in their home for dinner before. Well, we visited and had a wonderful meal and as it was time to go (Conrad asked us not to go) we asked him if he would listen to the lessons we wanted to give him about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He paused for a minute and then said "Yes". (Do you think Sister Carter and I wanted to dance a jig!!) We told him we would come to his home and he and Kathy would listen and we would bring a ward member. (This is to help in fellowshipping and we are going to ask Dwight to come with us.) This project has been in process for 1 year and 3 months. We met Kathy the first month we were there, went back every month, won her trust and her love and we really all just love each other. Finally. Conrad stuck his head our the door on Jan 1, 2014. We worked with him making him laugh and be happy; we did the monster service project for them, and we go back and say hi and he has learned to trust us and love us. They have now been to church 8 times!! We are so happy for the opportunity to teach him. Please keep Conrad and Kathy in your prayers and know that "The Sisters" are doing all in our power to have the spirit with us to be able to have the Holy Ghost teach him and testify of the truth of what we teach.

This Season of Easter is probably the most glorious holiday of any. Hope you have taken the time to watch "Because of Him" that I told you about last week. I am very thankful for Jesus Christ and that He choose too 'fulfill the measure of His creation' and provide for us the gift and blessing of the Atonement and the Resurrection!
May God be with all of you this week and may each of you take the time to look for Miracles that Heavenly Father blesses you with.
I am thankful for our Entire Family....children, brother, sister, mom, nieces and nephews, not of the Quarnberg Family, that took the time to travel to GreenRiver for the Funeral of "Uncle Widge"
I love all of you more than you will ever know!!

Sister Frame

Sunday, April 13, 2014

"We Must hold up The Lord's Standards clearly and without Apology"!‏

These words are from PMG, p 211 by Pres. Eyring. We had District Meeting this week and our new District Leader, Elder Wohlgemuth reminded us of these words and the importance of having High Expectations...realizing we are Children of our Heavenly Father and He sets His standards so that He can bless us!! This was such a great experience. Elder Wohlgemuth/ Elder Pfister are companions; Elders Chadwick/Gorner; Hermana's Pier/ Boley and Sister Carter/ Frame. Our new Zone Leaders are Elder Stringham/Webb. This is a great District and we are working very hard to step up and as we do we hope our positive results will continue to grow and we will be able to do all that is expected of us.

It is gloriously beautiful in Seattle!! The rain visited just one day this last week and I think there will be about 5-6 more days of sunshine and, like I said last week, the blossoms are beautiful!!! P-day this week we rode the train to the city and just had a great time. We had tastes of cheese and Sister Carter even purchased Mac-n-cheese from The Creamery. We also bought some fresh yogurt and I had French Onion Soup and sat in an 'adorable' alley at round tables with many others and ate the sunshine and loved every minute of it.

Sister Floyd, our Bishop's wife, had an appointment in the hospital Tuesday morning so we went to Pike Market and bought a beautiful bouquet of daffodils, tulips, double peonies and filler in red, yellow and oranges. You just can't believe how beautiful it was!! We were home in about 2 hours. This is a very good break we enjoyed after cleaning and scrubbing floors in the apt, washing sheets and clothes, doing our shopping and writing Pres. Choi and our families. We just whistled out the door, walk about 1 block and jump on the train.

The time we have remaining is getting shorter and shorter and we feel the need to do much more that is good and find people that need to be found. We visited with Ashley this week, who is married and has an incredibly busy schedule and is also a bit lonely. So, we called some of the younger sisters in our ward and encouraged them to invite her to their "Girls Nights". Don't know if she will have time to go but it is so important for all of us to feel loved and cared about. Elders asked us to check on Danaca whom they found knocking doors the other night. She is less active but said she had been thinking about coming to church. So we went and had a wonderful visit; she had grown up in this ward and just got away from coming to church but really wants to attend. We listen and encourage and sometimes we can see another way for someone to accomplish their righteous desires. Our visits continue to be more and better!!  Lailan is a wonderful woman. We have visited a few times but they still do not come although she says her husband wants to come. If they go do church they go to the Meyers Way Ward.  Well, she was not in our planner this last week but when we crossed over the bridge to go see Ramirez's we found ourselves at their home. We knocked on the door and she answered. After an incredible visit with 'someone that just recently lost her mother' and is not sure what she really believes, we invited her to let us teach her the lessons again so she could better understand. She had experienced some rebellious teenage years, an aunt got her to be baptized and then she continued her previous lifestyle. As we sat at the table with tears in her eyes, she just could not believe that we had come to visit her because she needed us. These are the miracles we experience daily.

A reminder to all of the "Because of Him" Video. This two-and-a -half minute video can be found beginning April 13, at "Because of Him" will be posted daily from April 13-20, on,, and and will include the hashtag#BecauseofHim. The Church is publishing this to help "invite others to come unto Christ". Also, another is called "Starting Today". They are FANTASTIC!!!

Friday we did a service project for a wonderful family in our ward. They are kind and caring and humble and sign up to feed the missionaries more than anyone in our ward. We thought it was time for 'payback' for them. We asked Elders Brown/Garriss; Elders Chadwick/Gorner; Hermanas Pier/Boley; Sisters Carter/Frame and Brothers Mclean and Mclean from the Seatac Ward to help...with tools, rakes, shovels, lawnmover and also a weed-eater. We worked in the yard for about 4+ hours and also had pizza delivered and some bakery sweets and water. The yard looked so great and all went well with no injuries...a little sun on the necks...and a wonderful day of service! We all love service projects...the sun, the work, the food and the fun!!! How thankful we are to have the bodies that are strong enough to work hard which makes it easier for us to sleep nights. We love the missionaries we work with!!!!!

Saturday the sun was just beautiful and the feeling of happiness and sweetness was very strong in my heart, probably because the day began with Sister Carter and I going to the Temple in Bellevue. It takes us 20 minutes to drive. We arrive in time for about 1/2 hour of quiet time and it makes the session just very nice.
We went to lunch in the cafeteria and a very kind Brother offered to pay for our lunch because we are missionaries. How kind of him!!

Morris "Widge" Quarnberg - fishing at his best!
Saturday when we returned from the Temple to our car, I had received a note from Uncle Mick Frame that Uncle Widge Quarnberg, from Greenriver, Utah, had a fatal accident on his 4 wheeler 1/2 mile from his home on the way to his wood shop. He had been working in his garden and was returning the 4-wheeler to the shop. Pat, his wife, is my husbands, only sister. His funeral will be Thurs, April 17 in Greenriver, Utah. The love our family has for the Quarnbergs is more than incredible and the greatest blessing is that we know where he is and what he is doing. Probably Jerry and Larry and my dad and Grandpa and Grandma Frame were some of the first to great him. Such a loss for this beautiful world and for all those that know him and experienced his kindness and charity!!

Saturday night we had a "Ward Chili Cook-Off". The food was delicious, some investigators came and all had a great time. Elders Brown/Garriss made a pot of chili and won 3rd place. After eating the chili, a 'dessert auction' is held to earn money for the summer youth activities. Last year they earned $1600 so it is such a fun way to earn the money...some just donate but then they also get a cake. It will be interesting to see what they got.

I hope this letter enables all of you to know of the love I have for Missionary work and for the blessing and 'privilege' to be in the Washington-Seattle Mission. It is a blessing to be able to work with Sister Carter and to experience the blessings of hard work, discouraging times and "Fun with the Spirit". I realize the value of counting our blessings daily and sharing those positive and loving feelings with those we associate with. I know the importance of praying for those that are different from us and asking for strength to understand them and love them. I have learned immensely to "Forget myself and go to Work"!

I read my Patriarchal Blessing this morning and I continually stand amazed at the many times I am reminded of Father's Love for me and for the blessings of this covenant as I strive to live the things I am asked to do...not to be perfect...but to strive to follow the commandments. I am very thankful for this reminder I can read and ponder any time I desire to feel His closeness.

I am immensely thankful for my Mom and my children and their companions and for my grandchildren. I love them very much. I am thankful for Sherrie and Dennis & Merrily and their families; for Mick and Donna and their families; for Bob and Joy and their families; and especially for the families of Widge and Pat... and for Pat! May God be with bless all of them during the days and weeks ahead!!
I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! I love the Plan of Salvation and for the understanding we have of it!
May we all take time to recognize the Miracles in our lives THIS DAY and to record them so we do not forget how loving Heavenly Father is in spite of our daily hills and valleys!!!!

Love to all of you,
Sister Frame

Sunday, April 6, 2014

"This is a Great Festival of Feasting upon the Words of God through His Servants!"‏

Beautiful Flowering Tree!
These words were given by Pres. Choi about our 184th Semi-Annual Conference of the Church or Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which has come and gone. I hope and pray that each of you enjoyed the conference as much as I did. I tried not to take 'copious' notes but to receive personal revelation and I think I was able to listen better and most specifically because I was not writing so much. Sister Reeves really spoke to my "Grandma" heart and I loved her words...especially that the best filter against the evils of the world is personal responsibility and I also found her words powerful as she testified of: FHE, daily scripture study and Family prayer. Elder Anderson spoke powerfully of the trailer that was lifted by a whirlwind and placed on top of another trailer and the lady who was hiding in the bathroom did not even know she had been moved. He compared this to the power of Satan and how it is growing and we don't even know it. Pres. Eyring said he wanted to leave as his heritage to his family the 'example of living the gospel'. Wow! Loved that. I really can't continue because it would be pages but just know how much I was taught for myself. And during one of the songs I wrote all the Apostles on a piece of paper. Yeah! Not so bad for this ole Sister.

Elder Phister & Webb
Zone Meeting was Friday of this last week and once again it was just extremely good. The Zone leaders taught us about Pride and the importance of the 'lack of it'. They reminded us that the Proud stand more in fear of men's judgment. They told us that Pres. Kimball said, "Once you feel humble you are already prideful".  Pres Choi spoke to us of 'gossip'. He said that gossip is "the voice of the Devil!" He said we are raising our bar with the missionary work and so Satan is raising his bar!. Think about that. The harder we work to improve, the harder Satan does all he can to stop us or thwart our effort so we can be miserable like unto him!  Then Sister Choi spoke
Elder Chadwick & Gorner
for Pres. Choi because his voice was going. D&C 42:27 tell us that gossip is wrong and it is a commandment not to 'speak evil of thy neighbor, no do him any harm'. That is what gossip is. Exodus 20:16 said, "Thou that not bear false witness!" and who said that....The Lord!.  This was just such a wonderful meeting closing with the positive thought by Gordon B. Hinckley which says:
   "In all of you living have much fun and laughter.
      Life is to be enjoyed and not just endured!"

Our work continues to be so good and we love the opportunity to meet with the less actives and also with the nonmembers. This week we visited 62 people and of those 20 were non-members and we hope that great and wonderful things can happen for these people.  We visited with Tawny and her son who are non-members. The Elders had been working in her area and helped her carry a table into her home. They asked us to go see her. This was our second visit because she was ill the first time. She has an older son that lives with her and he has some handicapping conditions. As she had showed us around her home and we were preparing to leave we asked if we could sing a song, "A Child's Prayer". Really, she did not know what to say, was rather taken back and then said, "Well, yes I guess that would be ok". We sang the song and her son tried to sing with us. His smile covered his face and she was just so pleased. Then we asked if we would have prayer....this time the pause was longer and I thought she would say no but after about 10 seconds (or maybe an hour) she rather hesitantly agreed. The prayer was offered and was just beautiful and on completion she was crying. Her son took my hand and asked, "Was that Grace?" I told him grace was to bless food and this prayer was to bless him and his mother. Again, his smile covered his face. This entire experience was miraculous and the hearts of an Elderly mother and her grown son were so sweetly touched by the Spirit that we really did not want to even move! We told her we would come back and help her with some service; her son smiled and asked if we would come back and clean the house and cook for him. (Not so much....but we will go back with treats for both).

Sister Frame, Fadia, Mina, Rosea and Dheaa
Sat. after Conference we went to see Dheaa's family. They are from Iraq and are planning to be baptized before we go home. We LOVE them and they love us also. We took a message about the importance of, prayer and reading the B of M. Dheaa speaks the best English as he has to translate for Mina his wife. They girls Rosea and Fadia are learning English and doing well. They rejoice when we leave and say, "fee amman Aallah" (God with You). They were Christians when they came to America so this makes it easier to convert. They are just wonderful people. When we are preparing to leave I say we will be back on Friday and then say "In' sha Allah" (meaning God Willing) they almost cheer!! They delight that we are trying to learn from them....all they do in America is learn from us ALL the time.

Our friend Nancy is learning and learning about the church. She is about 64 and lives with her son who disliked "The Sisters" immensely when we first met. They live above us. We have worked and worked with Nancy and taught her and loved her and have 'tried to kill her son with kindness' and it has worked!! Now, rather often when his mother is not around, he thanks us very much for our kindness and love for her. We take her to FHE and arrange rides for her to go to church. As missionaries we are backing off and matching people with ward members that can serve so when we leave, the members can continue to love and serve their Ward Family and those we have worked with will not even miss us!! (Not really...we will all miss each other when that time comes).

Sunday after Morning Conference the Tongan Ward feeds the Missionaries at the church and it is a "Feast". You just can't believe the beautiful foods and their kindness. These wonderful people feel it is such a blessing to feed the Missionaries and we are truly blessed....blessed to be given spiritual food from the Conference sessions and to have the physical food from the Tongans. Bro and Sis Kato were going to the ward but live in our boundaries so our Stake President asked them to attend our ward. They are Wonderful. She has worked for the airlines and has family in Utah and she flys there so often I get a bit homesick. Love them to death!!!

This has been an absolutely wonderful week working with the people in our Seatac Ward. We have met investigators and continue to work with the less-active....both are Heavenly Father's children and He rejoices when they come to Him.

Conference was incredible and my 'bucket' was filled as I hope all of yours were. How very blessed we are to have the technology to hear and see all that is available. Sometimes I am just amazed to live in a time when a Prophet of God is on the earth with His 12 Apostles. All of us are so blessed.

Thank you for your letters and your emails and your love! How blessed I am to know all of you at home at to feel of your support. I am extremely thankful for my children and grandchildren and my Mom. I pray for the blessings of Heaven to be upon all of you this week and I hope you will take the time to look for the miracles in your lives....even on the days that are dark!

God Bless all of you.
Love and Hugs,
Sister Frame