Sunday, April 20, 2014

"Because of Him..."

This Beautiful Easter Message I told you of last week just says it all! From the Message it says, "Jesus is the Son of God and our Savior. Because of Him, death is conquered, our lives have meaning and we can live with God Again." I am extremely thankful for that knowledge and hope we can all live with greater appreciation for what He has done for us and show our love and appreciation by the good and righteous choices we make!

Monday was just such a fun P-day!! Our Senior Sisters in Kirkland, Sister Swenson from Orem and Sister Walker from SLC and also The Bagleys, a Senior Couple from Star Valley, drove to Tukwila and we all boarded the light rail and headed to China Town in Seattle. This is an old area, nothing like China Town in San Francisco but none the less, it was great. This is the picture of the entrance and then the picture of all of us. Of course we wanted to eat but the decision as to where to go was hard. Finally, we ate a the Dim Hung. Now let me tell you... we sat at a LARGE round table with a lazy susan in the middle. No menu....they just kept bringing carts of food, showing them to us and then asking if we wanted that food. The Bagleys had spent a couple years in China teaching English so they had an idea of what we were eating. Actually it was very interesting and some of it was very good. This, one would call, was a 'cultural experience' and we loved doing it!!!
Chinatown in Seattle

Monthly we visit Eng and her two daughters and sometimes here husband is not at work and he comes into the living room with us. This dear lady, a refugee from Vietnam who was forced from her country, has such incredible faith in "The Father God" and her stories of faith and the actions that were required to stay alive and leave her country for safety need to be written in a book. Her faith is so wonderful and such an example to her children. This week we shared with them the message "Because of Him", the 2+ minute video that reminds all of us who Jesus is and what is ours Because of Him!

Roberta, after a year of activity, following years and years of inactivity, is doing Family History, genealogy and now has a Temple Recommend. Her brother will be here from the East coast in May and we will all go to the temple for this glorious occasion. This sweet, humble lady can usually be found making 'quilted fleece quilts' in her 'not so large mobile home' and usually gives over half of them away because people just don't have the money to buy, but want a quilt!. She is currently taking care of her neighbor friend who is dying of cancer and doing all she can to get her to appointments, chemo and to purchase prescriptions and food. We see her on Sundays, Monday nights for FHE and maybe during the week once. God bless this dear sweet lady!

Weekly we take Birthday Cards to the Sisters in our Ward. We had the ward clerk print us a list of just the sisters' birthdays and it is a delightful experience to go to their homes and most of the time are invited in. We share a message, a birthday song and leave with a prayer.

Vicki, who has been less active for years, is now coming quite regular. She has experienced some wonderful blessings. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and after many tests and treatments the message is that all the cancer cells are gone and she will just be required to have radiation twice weekly for six weeks. We are so thankful for her. About 1 month ago Bishop Floyd called her as a Ward Missionary....a calling that really pushes her and sets expectations high. She is called to fellowship and also drive and pickup up sisters for church and also church activities. We just love her for who she is and also for her willingness to serve.
Denise was also told that she had breast cancer. Her's is very serious and did require a mastectomy. This eternally happy, optimistic and incredible woman had surgery two weeks ago and will be playing the organ in church for Easter! (Can you believe that)

I just really appreciate those people, even in the face of great challenges and obstacles, that they continue to be happy and positive. In 1982, Elder Neal Maxwell said, "Affliction seems to bring people closer to God than prosperity does". I guess I am trying to say that life is challenging, to say the least, but how good it is to be around people who choose happiness and a positive outlook on life and whose feelings they share with others lift them and make them glad they were in the presence of happiness!! Whew!! Didn't mean to preach!

Kathy and Conrad
We called Conrad and asked him if we could bring he and Kathy an Easter Message..."Because of Him" and arranged to do it Friday at 5:30. Just a short time later he called back and asked us to come to dinner that same evening...still sharing the message. Conrad is 60 years old and is not a member and we have just grown to love both of them so much. He is experiencing a second bout with cancer and I just hope "it is softening his heart' to listen to the Easter Message. They dinner was excellent with home made burritos and also home made tamales, wrapped in a tamale husk from the Mexican Store, and also tossed salad. Conrad told us they had never had anyone in their home for dinner before. Well, we visited and had a wonderful meal and as it was time to go (Conrad asked us not to go) we asked him if he would listen to the lessons we wanted to give him about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He paused for a minute and then said "Yes". (Do you think Sister Carter and I wanted to dance a jig!!) We told him we would come to his home and he and Kathy would listen and we would bring a ward member. (This is to help in fellowshipping and we are going to ask Dwight to come with us.) This project has been in process for 1 year and 3 months. We met Kathy the first month we were there, went back every month, won her trust and her love and we really all just love each other. Finally. Conrad stuck his head our the door on Jan 1, 2014. We worked with him making him laugh and be happy; we did the monster service project for them, and we go back and say hi and he has learned to trust us and love us. They have now been to church 8 times!! We are so happy for the opportunity to teach him. Please keep Conrad and Kathy in your prayers and know that "The Sisters" are doing all in our power to have the spirit with us to be able to have the Holy Ghost teach him and testify of the truth of what we teach.

This Season of Easter is probably the most glorious holiday of any. Hope you have taken the time to watch "Because of Him" that I told you about last week. I am very thankful for Jesus Christ and that He choose too 'fulfill the measure of His creation' and provide for us the gift and blessing of the Atonement and the Resurrection!
May God be with all of you this week and may each of you take the time to look for Miracles that Heavenly Father blesses you with.
I am thankful for our Entire Family....children, brother, sister, mom, nieces and nephews, not of the Quarnberg Family, that took the time to travel to GreenRiver for the Funeral of "Uncle Widge"
I love all of you more than you will ever know!!

Sister Frame

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