Sunday, January 19, 2014

Life is Ducky!

Tami sent me this beautiful snow sculpture I think she found in Alpine, near Wendy's home and I just needed to share it will all of you. I really am a bit tired of the rain, and the snow duck brought some thoughts of home and a bit of yearning but then I realized 'snow needs to be shoveled and rain does not'. Therefore, I am just so thankful to be where I am at this chapter of my life!!!
I love being a missionary and meeting and teaching and loving so many people. What an incredible privilege.


Today was the baptism for Veronica Chernichenko. We did not teach her 
but she is the lovely young lady we took to the temple and also to the piano concert for Sun Beam Choi. We have become very good friends and we just love her!! I think I told you about her. She and her family moved from Russia when she was 4 1/2 years old...about 15 years ago. Her parents speak very broken English. Her Father is a truck driver and her Mother stays at home with their 10 children. Veronica is currently living with a friend and her family and going to school. As Veronica has been taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ she did not share her experience with anyone...her family or those she was living with...because she said they would do anything they could to prevent her baptism. She is an amazing young lady and really is a Pioneer for her family....for her parents generation, her brothers and sisters and also for her own family and children and all those that have gone before her and have not hear the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Sister Carter and I were asked to speak at the Baptism. We reminded her that this day is very exciting because she is participating in her very first ordinance of the Gospel and she is making her First Covenant with Heavenly Father. She has shown she has faith in Jesus Christ and really believes that He will do all He says He will do for us. She also has shown she has a repentant heart and is willing to be baptized and follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God!
We reminded her of Mosiah 18:9...that as she is baptized she says she will 'stand as a witness of God at all times and in all things and in all places'. This is such a wonderful reminder for all of us. And then we asked, If you were called into a court of law, could you be 'convicted' of being a member of "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" by the way you live and act and by the words you speak and use. That is a very good thought for all of us to think about and evaluate how we are doing.

This week has been a very different one. I had to go to the dentist and they did the first part of a crown on my back upper molar. This is not terrible but just frustrating that I have to take the time to go to the dentist while I am on my mission. The car headlight went out and the brakes are making funny noises.
Monday night we went to dinner with The Browns. He is the 1st Counselor in our Bishopric and is such a 'gentle giant'. Sister Brown is in the Stake Primary Presidency of the Seattle Stake. 
The Boys are all basketball players...the two oldest having graduated. It was really a nice evening and we left with a message "Sanctify Yourselves" (Mormon Message), a song and prayer. These are great experiences to be with ward members. We looked back on old Progress Records and found a lady named Brenda and her 11 years old son. We went to see her and she wants to hear the lessons so we start teaching her on Tuesday.
We met another lady in McDonalds who wants to know more about the church and said she wanted to come to church on Sunday. Hopefully she will be there. She gave us her phone # and we will give her a call. It daily seems we are sooooo busy. Our contacts this were were 32 members and 10 nonmembers with 21 people to church. 

We had District Meeting Wed. of this week and many changes have been made since Transfers on Tues. We have 2 Zone Leaders and they each have an Assistant. Elder Seppi is our Zone Leader and Elder Webb is his assistant. Elder Stringham is the other Zone Leader and is over another part of our Zone and his assistant is Elder Ibara. Our District Leader is Elder Searing and Elder Grogitsky . Elder Griffiths and Elder Chadwick are in our Seatac Ward and so are Elder Kendell and Elder Anderson. Sister McBride and Sister Nudd are also in our District. These two Sisters teach the Tongan people. It is just wonderful to meet these new Elders and Sisters. We really love them.

It is Saturday night and we just finished our work. Bishop and his wife called. They said they had made too much ham/bean soup and wanted to know if we would share it with them. What a delightful hour to be with them and their son Steve and Granda Boyd. We love this family!!
We are going into the Senior and Junior Primary today and teach them of John 13:14-15 and Matt 5:1-2. We want to encourage the children to select people in their family or school of neighborhood that they could share more kind acts of love and also how they can be examples.

I want to thank all of you that have written me and shared events and experiences of the Sharon 2nd Ward, of your families and those things you are doing. I am extremely thankful for your friendships.
I am so happy that with modern communications I can receive emails and messages from my family. I love the 29 grandchildren I have and love those 6 children and their spouses that call me Grandma and Mom. I am extremely thankful for Sherrie and Dennis and Merrily for taking such good care of my Mom.
My heart this morning just seems overflowing with love for all of you...and especially from my Savior Jesus Christ. I love him with all my heart. I love the Book of Mormon and I know of it's truthfulness. I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet in this latter-day dispensation and I am thankful for all he did for the Work of The Lord.
May God be will all of you and bless you this coming week. Take time to look for the small and simple miracles (which are never small and simple) and discuss them with you family and teach other....and don't forget to record them.
Love to all of you,
Sister Frame

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