Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year....I mean Happy NEW Year 2014!!!!! A Time for new and marvelous changes!‏

Ink Dots by a new member....just really needed some color in this letter.‏

I hope and I am sure most of you do hope this will be a great new year.  That at this wonderful time when were are alive we will be able to see growth when hard times come;   happiness when their was sadness and excitement and joy when we realize the process of 'climbing our mountain' has given us experiences of growth that we had no idea we could obtain.  Yesterday the sun was shining in  Tukwila and it was beautiful, not sure what it will be today but I just am so blessed to be able to do and enjoy so many things.  Yesterday Sister Carter and I met the Kirkland Sisters (Sister Swenson and Sister Walker) in the Seattle Temple, enjoyed a beautiful session and then we chatted over lunch about what each companionship is doing and ideas to share with each other.  We enjoy these 'Senior Sisters'!

Our P-day this week was just plain and simple. We studied first, then cleaned our apartment, did our hair, shopped at Costco (WOW! you't can't believe the number of people), went to the Dollar Store, Fred Myers, gassed the car, wrote letters....and then the day is over.

Tuesday we had a miracle.  During our Companion study we felt we should visit Kathleen.  She is less-active and although she says she wants to come to church, she expresses words that her husband is sick with cancer and won't let her come.  When we knocked, she never invites us into her home and we visit on her porch, she came outside and closed the door (It is rather cold) and  she cried and cried with her head on our shoulders as we gave her hugs.  She said she thought of us all morning and "prayed us there".  She is having problems with anxiety and depression that we have never recognized for a year until this last month.  Anyway, she calmed down a bit and said she and her husband were going to come to church last week and then she had a hard time.  We visited, had prayer with her and for her and left.  Thursday on our 'bread run' we decided we needed to check on Kathleen and give her a couple of loaves of this delicious bread.  As she opened the door, so extremely grateful to see us....and the two loaves of bread, her husband popped his head around the door and graciously introduced himself and we shook his hand.  He told us he felt he really needed to do a better job of taking care of his wife and they were coming to church this week.  Yes, it has been a year and by small and simple means great things come to pass.

Wednesday Bishop  called us and asked us to 'find PanNaMa'.  We reminded him we were Missionaries but also pretty good detectives so we would go to work!  She is the only member of her Burmese family with a husband and 7 children.  Their family moved in Feb. and 'no one' went looking for them that found them...including us.  So, we went to their previous apartment complex and knocked on 5 doors looking for someone that knew where the family in #112 had moved.  No one knew or would tell us.  As we were leaving "Colonial Gardens", a u-shaped complex, a lady on the opposite side came out with a baby on her hip and another little person at her feet and asked us if she could help us.  She was also Burmese.  We told her the name 3 times and she did not understand us until we said "Apt 112".  Then she knew it was PanNaMa, she invited us into her little apartment and she gave us the address and the phone #.  Why did this lady come outside?  It was one of our  'incredible miracles' that happen daily.  No, we did not change water to wine, or walk on water but this sweet little lady just stepped outside because Bishop Floyd needed to know when one of his sheep were!!! We found the apartment, visited, met the children who had been in school for the first time since we met her in January and shared Heavenly Father's love with her!!!

Zone Meeting was at the N. Seattle Stake Center on Wed.  We left home at 9, knowing we needed to be there at 10:00 and never knowing what the traffic on the Seattle freeways would be like.  Our Entire Zone went to the meeting fasting and the "Spirit' just could not be restrained for the entire 2 1/2 meeting!  What a privilege and blessing it is to experience hours such as these. President Choi is a Seventy, a General Authority, and it is such a wonderful opportunity to 'sit at the feet of this great man'.  He tells us often to 'Have Fun with the Spirit' and that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is glorious and brings love and happiness into peoples lives so we need to enjoy sharing it with the World.  He is such a positive person and so are his messages.  Sister Carter and I feel it is fun to share such a message with those that have forgotten or those who have never known the truth of it's words.
He told us to check our Spirituality.  We are each like a computer and when too many Apps are added to our computers, they slow it down and it does not run as well. (I know most of you can't believe I am talking like I know much about computers..but this made sense to me). We are likewise slow and not running as well when we add so many of the 'Worldly Apps' in our lives.  It is necessary to re-format ourselves  and clean out the bugs and unnecessary  activities in each of our 'Personal Computers'.  We do this by repenting, deleting out weaknesses and being obedient to those rules we know we should follow.  Then we will be able to 'Run our Computers (that is us) at a greater speed and reach Higher Expectations.  

Well, I have chatted long enough.  Hope your NEW Year is great and even better than the last.
I want you to know that I am extremely grateful for Jesus Christ and for the Atonement.
I am very thankful to be a Missionary and to have the health to do all we do.
May God be with all of you and Bless you this year!
Sister Frame

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