Sunday, June 15, 2014

GREETINGS from Tukwila, Washington!!‏

Well, as it is getting closer to June 30...I don't know if I should do some packing, or studying, or texting our investigator or friends or write in my journal or write a letter! I feel like I might be another Charles Dickens and his "Tale of Two Cities" "It is the best of times and the worst of times." I have fallen in love with another family in my life, our Seatac Ward Family, and it is going to be very hard to leave Tukwila...yet, I can't wait for the wonderful reunion with all my family and friends I will be able to see at home. I guess I really have not known how to reach out much to others. I grew up in Salina and lived there for 18 years and then away to schooll Four years later, Jerry and I were married and moved to an apartment in the Orem 16th Ward in Orem, Utah. Then 18 months later we bought our 'little starter home' when Steve was 6 month old and I am still in that same home, 6 children later, and have never left our the Sharon Second Ward. Oh my, I love those in my home ward with all my heart and never had any idea I would learn to love another Ward family as I do those in the Seatac Ward. So, knowing I am leaving soon is not an easy thought in my mind. Yet there is so much to do and I must be careful not to become anxious to see Mom, 12 sons and daughters and 29 grandchildren and friends! So, I just finished preparing ideas my talk as we both are to speak In Sacrament Meeting on June 22. I promised this morning in Recessations: I will keep my eye single to the Glory of God...and I will continue to serve him with all my heart, might, mind and strength and Sister Carter just reminded me "That it ain't over until the fat lady sings"! We both laughed because we sing much and love what we are doing....and really we are working hard and running out of time !!!

Sis Larsen
It seems that I just kinda repeat myself each week but really we do so many different events and come home exhausted each night! Today it has rained all day and we were glad to see the rain because everything needs the moisture. It is nice to have it and you must realize we NEVER use and umbrella because we will look like tourists.

Sister Larsen had us to dinner on Monday night and it was delicious with a baked onion bread and Strawberry nut salad; we also had some fruit. She is a widow, is in the Relief Society Presidency, is just being released from a 5 year mission in this Area and does nothing without a laugh and a smile. She is an incredible seamstress and is respected and loved by so many!!

Monday we just had the best visit with Candis and Alicia. Alicia has had some issues in her life and has not
been to church in years. She decided, as a member of the church, it was time for her to make some changes so she moved to Tukwila and found a place to live...with Candis.Really, it is a wonderful message that the words, "Well, that is just the way I am" need not be. If we seek and work to make things better then the words "Who we are is not who we can become." This is the miracle of Alicia. She has become so much more than who she was and we are thankful to have been a part of her life in this last year.

Roberta and Theresa
This week was very hard for Theresa, our investigator. It seems when she made the commitment to be on date for June 21 baptism, everything went south. She had two lessons and then became very ill, finding out she had mixed up her meds and taken too many of some and not enough of others. Her friend, who is a member, called the missionaries and they gave her a blessing. The following morning we decided to make her some ho-made chicken noodle soup because she looks like she is starving to death...the chemo makes nothing taste good to her and we thought the home cooked food might entice her to eat more. We hope she is feeling good enough to have a lesson Sunday evening at 6:00 She really is going to try to come to church on Sunday.Our Mission has set a goal of 100 Baptisms for the month of June. We were so excited to be able to add to the number, but after seeing Theresa so extremely ill and nearly on deaths door, the number has no meaning, but the privilege to help her be baptized before returning to Heavenly Father is foremost in out hearts and mind. We love her dearly and pray for her strength to return so she can be taught and learn to prepare for Baptism.

We stopped to see Charlie whom we have not seen for 10 month. He was an investigator but just did not make the commitment. I know we planted seeds in this 60 year old man and maybe sometime the Elders will be able to teach him at a time he will be receptive.

Wednesday we had a Zone Meeting in the Seattle North Stake Center. At the beginning of the meeting Six missionaries that are departing on Jue 30 were call on to bear our Testimonies. This was just so hard...I literally had prayed I could express my feelings and Testimony without crying, which I did, but the emotions of love and appreciation for what the Savior, Jesus Christ did for us were incredible. How I love Him! I am so thankful for Joseph Smith and the strength of his character as he did all he did to bring forth the Book of Mormon and to bring to pass The Restoration of The Church of Jesus Christ in these Latter-days!
Oh, I love rubbing shoulders with all these young Elders and Sisters who give me such strength with their examples and the Power with which they serve. I love the Senior Sisters and Senior Couples with all my heart. I am Eternally Thankful for the privilege to serve this Mission!! Elder Richard K Hansen of the 5th Quorum of the Seventy's spoke to us...and also Pres. and Sister Choi. WOW! I know that is what I say each time we attend these meetings but I continue to be spiritually fed and I love the messages. President Choi began the Conference by asking us to open our hearts to receive guidance from The Lord. He urged us to show a willingness to take notes to correct those things we can improve on as we listen today to the words of Elder Hansen. He told each of us to make notes of all the things we learn today because this is what the Holy Ghost is teaching us. We are to write down what is individual for each of us.
One thing I was taught was that when The Lord asks us to do something...we are to do it! We are to keep trying even when it seems just impossible (It seems that everything that can go wrong with Theresa is happening) He told us that God will provide a way for us to accomplish His work!! What a privilege it is to hear something so personal that applies to me right now and what I am doing.
Our meeting with Our Leaders was just wonderful.

We visited Kathy and Conrad and just delight when we are with them. They had returned home from work, and yes, he has cancer and is currently having chemo through a secure port. He amazes us that daily he does landscape work....Kathy right by his side working... unless it is rainy. If there is an emergency and the job needs to be done, the work despite the weather. These two dear people have such tenacity...when he is sick, he says he is not sick and when there is work to be done, they do it! They said they will be to church Sunday and we hope they are. Kathy and Conrad are ones we hate to leave...wondering who will have he time to love them as much as we do. But, I know we are not irreplaceable. God will bless them with someone else that can add to the love and the teachings we have given them...they will water the seed we have planted....and we pray Conrad will join the church!

Saturday we attended a baptism for Paul whom Elders Pfister and Gorner taught and baptized.
This was at 10:00 and then we stayed to help Machelle set things up for Sue and Tracy's Wedding. This was going to take place April 2013 and it has finally come to fruition. We are soooooooo happy for them that they made this choice; so happy that Sue can now have a church calling because she is a member and equally happy for Tracy, hoping he will soon choose to be baptized into the church. Sue has a son, Matthew, who is 13 years old. He love us Sisters and it was fun to be around him at the wedding.

Lulya is having a birthday today and she is now two years old. Tsega is her mom and Molaka is her dad. She was born in American and both her parents are from Erethrea. Tsega comes to church with Lulya all the time but has not been baptized. We just love them so much and it was a great experience to be with her family and people.

We were supposed to help Tawni with her garage sale Sat. morning from 9-12. We have been to her home three times to get materials ready and also to price them and, as I have told you, we sing to them and give them Mormon Messages...they are non-members. Her son is Kevin who lives with her, is 58 years old and of a simple mind....and we love them both so much. More than anything Kevin loves to hear us sing...and always wants us to 'come back tomorrow' or asks us if we can 'come tomorrow and cook for them and clean their house'. He just does not want us to go. Well, we told Tawni on Tues. that we had a baptism on Sat Morning and it would be impossible for us to be helping her. She was disappointed but we had no choice...we are missionaries and needed to be to the baptism. We did tell her we would bring them each a milkshake (I can't count how many milkshakes we have bought for our friends these last 2 months and it makes them extremely happy...just to be remembered) Tawni wanted choc and Kevin wanted strawberry so after the wedding we took them their milkshakes and also one-half of the upper piece of the chocolate wedding cake from Borracchini's in Seattle. Oh my, the frosting is 'to die for'. Tawni and her neighbor-helper, Tanni, just could not believe we really would come with the shakes....and also the cake!! They were both so tired and the fact that they were remembered was such 'a sweet surprise'. Kevin was so happy...but mostly wanted us to 'sing a song' so we sang "I am A Child of God" and his smile spread across his face. Yes, he asked us if we could come sing but we told him we would be their next Sat. for the 2nd Garage Sale....yes, we will sing for him again!!!

Well, this has been quite a week! We just counted that we have visited 55 people, attended two baptisms, and wedding and a birthday party. Oh, we also attended a 1/2 day Zone Conference in North Seattle and I went to the dentist for my cleaning. Yes, "our time is far spent and there is little remaining to publish glad tidings by sea and by land"...but we only do it by land and love what we are doing. :-) Matt 25:10 says,"...Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me". We really are trying to do all He expects of us and and as we go and do...many wonderful happenings are taking place!!

This is my 84th Blog...two of them were put together... and again I tell you of the most wonderful experiences these last 18 months have been! I had NO idea of the joy and happiness that fill my heart day after day. Yes, I have had some 'very tall mountains' I have climbed and I slipped and stumbled many times but I kept climbing and I experienced vistas of extreme beauty and feelings I have not often felt, for which I am eternally grateful. Alma 26:27 To you Senior Friends that might be reading this blog, please ponder in your minds and hearts the great gift you can give your Heavenly Father by serving a mission. Senior Missionaries, both couples and Sisters, are PRICELESS and very much NEEDED. I hope all of you will experience God's blessings and love for you this week. And as you busily do all you do, please take the time to recognize the Miracles in your lives and record them.
Oh my, how much I love my family!!!!

I had a friend that drove by my home in Orem and texted me this picture with the message...
"Drove by your home and had to stop and take a picture....Frame family busy at work". It was 3 pictures of everyone on my roof....did not even know what was going on. Oh dear, the cat was out of the bag. I just can't thank my kids enough for all they did for me. They was just the BEST!

Well, it is time to get this note sent. This has been a beautiful Sabbath Day and I love all that is happening in my life. Next week will be my last letter....I just can't believe I will close for now.
Love to you all!!!
Sister Frame

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