Sunday, June 1, 2014

"Heavenly Father are you Really there and do you hear and answer every Child's Prayer?"

These are some of the most beautiful words and Sister Carter and I sing this song daily, many times a day and so many hearts are touched....not by our voices necessarily but because of the words! How thankful I am for the beautiful and good music in the church.  We visited 40 people this last week and had 27 to Church and did 4 Service hours. I just love the work we are doing. Sunday we had dinner with Bishop Floyd and his Family. They are really remarkable people and we look on them with the highest esteem.

P-Day was Memorial Day, it brought many thoughts of family and Jerry and Dad and my two brothers-in law that have all passed,  but keeping busy helps take away the homesickness. We went to Sue and Tracy's for a barbecue and also Freddy and Matthew were there and it was just a great time. My Facetime was not working...Bishop is an 'Apple" guru so I checked with him and he did not know what to do except to make an appointment with the Apple Store in the mall. I did and after getting a new SIM card, backing up what I had, downloading the 7.0 plan....though most of the logos are different, my Facetime works. I think! I have not used it yet....and this is what p-days are all about!!! Getting what is not working fixed, buy new and bringing order into our lives.  Roberta took us to dinner and then we went to FHE with The Stake Singles. This night we played the fun "Mexican Train" and laughed and ate and just had so much fun. I really do love these sweet friends.  It seem that everyone is wanting to be kind and feed us before we go. The Powers took us to breakfast at "Pancake Chef". He told us he is having eye surgery, his lower lids are drooping, on Thursday so we will make sure to keep in touch with them.

Tuesday we visited 16 people and I want you to know we slept so well that night! Roberta, our dear friend, asked us to teach her friend the Missionary Lessons. Theresa is 59 years old and is taking chemo for cancer. She told Roberta that she wants to know God before she dies and we are so happy to teach her the simple truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We had a beautiful 1st meeting, visited and got to know her a bit and told her how much Heavenly Father loves her. We shared our testimonies of Prayer and also of the love of Jesus Christ. Then Friday we taught her of the Restoration...she is so accepting and we left with a promise that she and Roberta will read the Book of Mormon each day and pray to know if the words are true. The feeling in her home was so good and she has such a desire to learn. She asked us when she could be baptized and we put her on-date for June 21. Yeah!!!!

We went to visit Dheaa and his family. We took them some salmon a friend gave to us. We visited and found that Rosea, the oldest daughter, is getting married this Sat in Kent. Wow! what a surprise. We taught a lesson of Jesus being The Christ, played a song (Sister Carter is ill) and had prayer. This was a sweet visit. We have busy delivering the wedding invitations for Sue and Tracy for June 14, 2014. This is a great event in their lives and her hope Tracy will make the decision to be baptized after they are married.

Sister Carter has Barrett's Esophagus...diagnosed about a year ago. She has been so consciously eating carefully and taking care of herself but it has flared up again this week. In fact, she was so sick Friday we came home early and she was in bed and asleep at 8:05....she is NEVER sick or stops working so this gives an idea of how sick she was. Friday morning she went to Dr. Hartwell and he prescribed some other meds hoping it will help more. She is going to the hospital Tuesday morning for a procedure that scopes her throat. Last time it took about 3 hours and then she says...."We will get to work"...which we will!!

We visited the Juco family and had such a great time. Charles is SO gifted on the piano...I think he is 7 3/4 and he played for us. INCREDIBLE! Christian loves to assemble things with his hands and he had numerous 'lego' very complicated 'things' he had built. He is also an artist. We taught them a lesson, sang and had prayer. She also fed us dinner, which we did not know she was going to do.

Pres. Choi called us to go on "An Errand of Angels", as he called it, and work with a companionship of sisters that were having a very hard time living together and working together.  One of them even wanted to go home if the Pres. would not give her another companion. Even though Sister Carter was quite sick, we went and visited, seeing they really were not doing well with each other. We prayed and visited and prayed with them and left about 9:20 and called Pres. Choi. We gave them goals to work on in the areas they thought they could improve in. We told them we would pop back in 'anytime' and see how they were doing. Well, Sat morning we stopped in about 10:30 and such an improved feeling radiated their little home. (It is amazing how Satan works on making small things seem unbearable and we don't even know how bad things are) The Sisters shared two good things that had happened the day before between them and also 1 area they had individually improved in. It is delightful to be able to be have 'love inspired correction' and to feel strength from God as we listen to the words of correction. How thankful Sister Carter and I are to be a part of this. So, as Pioneers in this Mission, another trail was opened up this Thursday evening with these two sweet Sisters and it was such a privilege to walk it with Heavenly Father guiding us.

Barbara, being less-active since a teenager, who is now 80, invited us to dinner because she loved us so much and for all the visits we had made for these 17 months and how happy we had made her. She and her G-granddaughter took us to dinner at 'Anthony's' on the beach of Puget Sound in Des Moines. It is a beautiful place and the food was incredible. We have loved her, invited her to church and RS, loved her more but she just does not come to church. One or two times she was almost committed to come...but maybe it will happen when we come home.

Saturday morning we went to Schaats, our Ward Mission Leader, meeting the missionaries there because they can't come into our home, and they gave Sister Carter a blessing. How incredibly blessed we are to have the Priesthood restored on the earth in these latter-days! And after that, we went to work. Tsega invited all 6 missionaries in our ward to dinner for an authentic meal from Erethreia, Africa. The Elders are Elders Pfister, Gorner, Brown and Filimaua plus Sisters Carter and Frame.Wow! This was just wonderful!! A tortilla-like bread (kinda like a very thin tan sponge called injera) is placed on the plate then spead lightly with a tomato-spice sauce. Then with spoonfuls we placed a cabbage food, a Cale food, spicy cooked beef and also a mild spicy (for us) beef. Then you tear off the tortilla and mold it around a small spoonful-like amount of the food and eat it with your utensils. It was absolutely delicious and so fun!! Tsega love the missionaries but is still a non-member. She was encouraged to more consistently read the Book of Mormon and continue her prayers and keep coming to church.

Saturday night was Evening Session of Stake Conference with the theme of, "Hastening the Work of Salvation",  Elder Hensen of the Seventy's was our Visitor and the meeting was extremely good. Pres. and Sister Choi were also there and they spoke.

So, as of today we have 30 days left of our Mission. President Choi told us we were not to cry as we leave this mission and I hope I can follow his counsel!! The blessings to those in the SeaTac Ward have been incredible from the efforts of the six missionaries who serve in this area. Testimonies are stronger, more members and investigators attend and the Spirit of our Heavenly Father is touching many lives. Bishop Floyd loves the feeling that is permeating out Ward and things are going well. I have seen a plethora of Miracles. I have felt the hand of The Lord in many events. I really feel it has been more of a pleasure to serve this mission than something hard...but yes, there has been much 'love inspired correction for Sister Frame'.

I love The Book of Mormon and I know the words written in it are those of The Doctrine of Christ and they are true. And if they are true, then Joseph Smith HAS to be a Prophet of God in these latter days. The blessing and privilege of seeing my brothers and sisters brought into the waters of baptism are so wonderful and I value this very much. Thanks so much to my wonderful family for their love...notes, emails and even calls. They mean "the world to me' and I love them with all my heart!!

Please, slow down and look for the Miracles that are part of your life daily and take the time to record them so you will not forget. May God be with each of you and bless you this coming week. Live, Laugh and Be Happy and continue to serve others!!
Love to all,
Sister Frame

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