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Memorial Day Weekend thought: When you are going through something hard and wonder where God is...Remember...The teacher is always quiet during a Test

Rhododendrum colors I've NEVER seen...
Memorial flowers for Jerry, Larry, Dad, and Widge
This letter comes out probably Monday Morning on Memorial Day and my thoughts turn to those that are so dear and loving for me. Jerry has been gone for almost 8 years and had he not passed away I would not be in the Washington Seattle Mission serving as a Senior Sister Missionary. Dad has been gone for 10 years and I have lost Uncle Larry Silcox a year ago on April 25, 2013 and Uncle Widge Quarnberg passed away April 12, 2014. Both of these brothers' deaths occurred while I was in Seattle on my mission. I am incredibly thankful for the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in these latter days that teach of Eternal Life and so thankful for the Plan of Salvation. Yes, death is so hard, but what a blessing to believe there is life after death and that I will see and be with Jerry again.

The EVER hunger Elders: Garriss and Brown
My goodness P-day was very busy for us. Same cleaning as usual and then we went to Burien and did our Dollar-Store run, to the church to vacuum the car and run off some papers, got the tires rotated on the car and that took tooooo much time. We stopped at Rite Aid and picked up some things and then we went FHE and had such a good meeting. I will get a picture next week to put in this letter.When we got home the dripping Elders arrived at our door near at the end of their day, and their money, curious if we had any dinner leftovers.  We did not, but we whipped up the leftovers we had into a warm filling dinner for them, what incredible young men we work with.

Tuesday we went to visit Sister Templeman and she was having such a bad day. In her mind she thought her husband had been shot and she had been in her chair until 10:30am worrying so much about him. She had gotten confused so we played her some beautiful music and visited. We called her son and later her husband went to visit with her. She lives in a Senior Housing Facility.

We went to a home of two non-members who live on Angle Lake to help her get ready for a Large "Garage Sale". We worked for a couple of hours and ended our visit by singing "If the Savior Stood beside Me". This is such a beautiful song and she and her son Kevin and a neighbor Carlos loved the music. This was a great service project and we enjoyed being involved with them. As we were preparing to leave, Sister Rohbar told us she had many frozen "Meals on Wheels" and wanted to know if he had someone we could give them to. We took about 15 meals and gave them to some very needy people. Service again is such a wonderful experience.

We went to visit Irene, another non-member friend who has been very sick and is not doing so well. She is going to the doctor so we hope she will get feeling better. She lives alone in a nice brick home (kinda unusual for this area) with 2 dogs and a beautiful cat (and I don't even care for cats).

We were told Tuesday afternoon we were going to have a Zone Conference Wednesday from
1-4 in the North Seattle Stake Center. Oh, we do love Zone Conferences!! President Choi told all the Missionaries he was so happy hearing 'great compliments' from the Ward Members where he weekly visits about the work of the Missionaries and as they see us work and trust us more, they are more willing to give referrals to help the work of The Lord. Our Member participation is growing fast in the Washington Seattle Mission due in part to the work of the missionaries but he reminded us of Alma 26:11....:"I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God for in his strength I can do all things." Isn't that just so beautiful...beautiful thought for all of us to remember!

Sister Choi taught of the value of singing and of the "Song of our Hearts". We each were reminded that we don't have to have a beautiful voice or be a professional musician but we must sing when we teach people and they will feel the spirit as they 'hear the spirit in our voices'. Sister Carter and I sing many times a day, with the iPad. I am sure most of you know that even though my maiden name is 'Bird'...I do not sing like one but Sister Carter has a lovely voice and she is ever so patient with me. The "Song of our Hearts" is being felt by many people and we are so thankful for the blessing to bless people's lives with the music. We sing "I am a Child of God", "Teach me to walk in the Light",  and our favorite... "A Child's Prayer!" We are now learning "If the Savior Stood beside Me" too. Sis. Choi reminded us from Matt 26:30 that the Apostles and The Savior sang at The Lord's Last Supper. Why? Because singing invites the spirit and peace; it focuses our mind on spiritual matters if the correct music is chosen and it just seems to solve so many problems and challenges. Basically, we are told to Sing, Sing, Sing! Try it in your homes and see how the spirit is invited in!!!

We were asked why we serve The Lord and the answer is...Because we Love Him! We are willing to show our love by keeping the commandments....because, "If ye love me..keep by commandments". (John 14:15) I just hope all of us can evaluate ourselves and see the good we do, the obedience we have and also the ways we can improve the way we show our love for Him.

We did not eat lunch so we went to the City of Wallingford, WA and ate lunch at "Tutta-Bella's" We have been here a couple of other times and the pizza is 'absolutely incredible'. The fun thing was that we arrived at 5:00 during "Happy Hour"....from 3-6...and we were able to have our eight inch pizza for $5 and then get some gelato with a pizzelle cookie. This took about an hour and we are allowed one hour/lunch and one hour/dinner....worked out great!! Headed home and visited two more people!

At the end of a busy Thursday!
Thursday after planning and lunch until 1:00 we had appointments at 2,3 and 4. Our day was just incredible and the visits with Vicky, Veronica and Sherry were better than we had hoped they would be...and again the music is what makes the difference and we love it. We went to our monthly RS Evening and took Pin and Sue who are less-active with us and all of us loved the 'taco dinner' and the evening of teaching "How to bring Peace into a Home". Just could not ask for a better day! We love these dear sisters and Know each of them felt more than our love this day...they knew their Heavenly Father loves them!!

We visited Dawn and encouraged her to come to Church Sunday. Her two sons were baptized on Dec. 28, 2013 and we told her how proud she would be to see the one pass the Sacrament and also she would see him 'be the Deacon sitting on the stand by the Bishop' and be so proud of the progress they have made in their actions. They really are wonderful boys.

Kathy was so pleased that we came to visit. He husband just had his chemo-pump removed today and was not feeling super so we visited on the porch. The music brought her to tears and she was 'willing' to say the prayer before we left and it was just beautiful!!! She has been less active for at least 20+ years; she said they would see us at church Sunday.

Helen's husband was out of town. They live very humble lives so we went and picked her up and took her to Burger King. You just can't believe how happy she was to get 10 chicken nuggets with barbecue sauce, french fries and 'hot water' !!!(I have no idea why she wanted hot water) I do know this....all of us need to feel loved!!
Tillicum Village Travel Group: (From L to R) Harris's, Bagleys, Allens, Sisters Walker, Swensen, Frame & Carter
Saturday 12 Senior Missionaries, 3 couples and 6 Single Sisters experienced a cruise over Puget Sound to the Historic Blake Island...the legendary birthplace of Chief Seattle. We went to Tillicum Village and enjoyed the Northwests Tribal Cultures. Our cruise was narrated by a local Native storyteller and he was excellent! (I told him about the Story Telling Festival in Provo, Utah and he had never heard of it). On arrival we were greeted with steamed clams and the shells we stomped into the 'already made path of broken clam shells'.
Inside the enormous cedar longhouse, we were able to view salmon being carefully prepared over open fires as they have been done for centuries and eaten in a delicious meal.  And after we had eaten we sat back and enjoyed a stage performance of live traditional Native American dances. The sky was overcast but we had NO rain and the day was just the best!

Ha ha...Sister Frame as a Service Oriented Missionary
picking up a sister's spilled food!!‏
Today, I am so thankful for the blessing and privilege of being a Missionary for Jesus Christ and for the opportunity to proclaim His Gospel restored on the earth in these Latter Days!
I love what I am doing! I am happy for the privilege to 'forget myself and go to work'!
I love serving with Sister Carter and what I have learned during these 17 months!
I love hearing from my family and friends through letters and emails!
I love the new friends I have found in Tukwila and SeaTac Washington!!
I am so thankful for great health and for a heart that feels happy!
May God be with each of you and bless you this coming week...and don't forget to look for the Miracles that are many in your lives!

Love to all of you,
Sister Frame

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