Monday, January 21, 2013

A light in the Fog

          Hello to All! The fog has been so extremely thick this past week it is amazing!!! And yes, I drive my little CRV in the rain, sunshine, and fog and I am learning more of the streets. I live in Tukwila, Washington....just south of Bellevue and the temple.
Bro. Sid Gilbert's grandson, Elder Gilbert is a District Leader in our Zone and is doing a very good job. Elder Allred is also a Zone Leader and is great! He is the grandson of Ronald Allred from Salina, Ut.
           The fog rolled in on Tues of this week and it was soooooo thick. We had an appointment at the church with the Elders and some investigators at 7. Not realizing the severity of the fog, we had called the Elders and told them we would stay and vacuum the foyer and the halls. On out way, both of us were a bit cocky and thought we could find our way to the church, even in the fog, totally forgetting "Sally" who is out GPS navigator. We decided we could do it, not even considering how we would get home. We worked at the church and waited till 8 and the Elders called and said it was too foggy. Really!! They and the investigators were not coming.
        We left the church alone, without 'Sally', on a dark, foggy night thinking we MIGHT be able to get home. It is about only 7 miles, I was so scared to drive on the freeway, thinking I might end up in California or who knows where else. After driving 1+ hours, we pulled off on a dark road and prayed that Heavenly Father would bring us home. Yes, we had been cocky and ill prepared without our GPS and we both knew we could not do this mission, or life, without the guidance of our Heavenly Father. Probably 15 minutes after our prayer we were on Southcenter Road and were in the road pulling into our gated community. NEVER have I been so afraid and I don't think I have felt the Need for Divine Intervention as much as I did on Jan 16, 2013!
               I KNOW Heavenly Father knows me, knows what I am doing and though he might be frustrated with my pride and lack of preparation, he will be with me and guide me. I am trying very, very hard to be extremely obedient to mission rules because Pres. Larkin says revelation about our work will not be withheld if we choose to be obedient..
          Saturday was a wonderful day. We went to 13 homes and found 8 people home and 5 not home. Sister Geddherrt was in a trailer court and we have spoke with her on the phone 4 times but she has been sick. Today we went to her trailer without calling. She is such a sweetheart with nothing. We asked her to come to church with us on Sunday. She said yes; wore white slacks and a sweater and just cried when she took the Sacrament, It has been over 4 years since she came to church. That is our calling to rescue the Less-Actve so that they can remember those things they once felt and loved about Jesus Christ. We are also teaching a non-member this Wed. and visiting another non-member on Tues. Please Keep Sister Carter and Sister Frame in your prayers.
           I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ with All my heart and so glad I can seek others to share it with. Thanks to all at home who have rubbed shoulders with me and helped me be a better person.  Make this a wonderful week for yourself!!!
                                        Love, Sister Frame

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