Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wow! What a week!

            Hello from Tukwila, Washington!!  I have never heard of this city in Washington in my life, but this is now where my life is centered for the next 17 months. I can hardly believe I have been gone from my home for four weeks.
           Our Sundays are busy because we have Ward Council at 9:30 and then go pick up Less-Actives and bring them to church which starts at 11:00. Oh, how I love to see the smiles on the new people's faces as many in the ward stop and shake hands and visit with them. Then, when tears stream down their cheeks as they take the Sacrament for the first time in years...I truly feel My Savior's Love. Sister Carter and I have a plan to sing in the ward choir but for the past 2 weeks the leaders have not shown. Thanks so much for Bro. Stout and Sister Griggs for their committment and dedication. Then we usually visit another 2 or 3 people or families that we have not found home during the week.
             Monday is P-Day and we drove to Federal Way and had lunch with the other Senior Sisters, and started a fast for baptisms in our mission. We shopped, got me a new keyboard and washed and vacuumed the car. That night we went to FHE for the Singles. I Love being with this great group of 8-9 people, we watched the movie "Esther", it was excellent!!!
          Tuesday was District Meeting on Mercer Island at a church built by members. It is incredible to see the power and strength of these young men that serve as Assistants to the President. I stand amazed at what they do and know that they motivate as they bear Testimony of Jesus Christ and the truth of his work. These things are manifested very strongly when the entire district is fasting and the Spirit is with us to bear Testimony of Jesus Christ.
          President Larkin is an incredible man and can motivate and encourage in a most exceptional way and make one think we can do the impossible when it comes to  conversions and baptism. My heart and soul were taught this day and I knew I had power to teach of Christ and bring people to the waters of baptism.  The following day when we went to teach Charlie, the words we taught he accepted and understood and following a hour, we asked him about being baptized and he said yes! Wow!! What and incredible experience that I was an instrument in teaching someone about the Doctrine of Christ and that he follow what the Savior did and be baptized just as Jesus Christ did by someone with the Priesthood.
          Our week continued with teaching and visiting about 8-10 people each day. The Bishop gave us a list of people that were less active and needed to know if they still had the same address and see how they were...and we met with them and made a difference a few times!!!!
           I want you to know that I know the Gospel Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the church restored in these Latter-days. I know we have a prophet on the earth today and I a so grateful for him. I love the missionary program and if you could rub shoulders with these might Elders and Sisters and see the work they are would be amazed and soooooo thankful.
          May God be with you and bless each of you this week.I love my family with all my heart and pray that their individual needs will be meet and that they will always be "Seekers of Truth".
Sister Frame

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