Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Home to Tukwila

I arrived home from Utah Monday morning about 11:30.  Brother and Sister Sasser and my companion, Sister Carter  were waiting for me at the airport.  I had spent just 48+ hours at home and I want you to know it was very hard to come back to the Northwest....but i was extremely glad I was about to go home and I had made a promise in my heart to 'hustle back to the mission field and get back to work!"  So I am.
There is no lack of understanding of the reality of miracles in my life and also personal revelation.
We had prayed for the opportunity to be able to touch people's heart as we teach the words of truth.
A month ago we had gone to a young lady's home, 20 years old whose mom died when she was 15.
An older woman had answered the door and was very rude.  We were standing in the rain (what's new) and she closed the door and hollered "It's those Mormons".  Melia came to the door and said she had not been to church since her mother had died and really did not want to talk.    We left, but the name of Melia stayed in our minds and hearts.  Well,  we called the Elders and asked them to go over and see if they could speak with her about what she had believed and see if she would talk about her sad heart.  We  could not get her name from our minds so last Tuesday we returned to the home of Melia.  A very kind 'older woman' answered the door and very graciously invited us into her home.  Melia was not home, but she was polite and visited with us for over an hour.  She had fallen in the rain and broken her arm.  We enjoyed our visit and went home, returning again 3 days later to see how she was doing.  After another extended visit, we invited her to our Ward Party and dance that was to be held Sat. Feb 16.  She said she would like a ride and would come with us.

Tuesday we went to the home of Denise Marie.  This was our 2nd visit.  This middle aged lady was very sad as she answered the door and we could tell she really did not want us to come in, but she opened the door and asked us it.  Her story was the same often heard.  She was so lonely.  Her husband had died 10 years ago and only 4 Ward members had come to her home.  She wanted no part of the church.  Do you blame her?  After we visited and shared feelings and love and tears she was a bit softer and happier.  We must all remember the Doctrine Christ Teaches is wonderful and often we as people do not do all those things He would have done had He walked the earth at this time.  We just ended out visit with a prayer and a sister who felt loved and a bit happier.  It will take some time for her to return to full fellowship, but remember ALL of us have the responsibility to serve and love whether it is convenient or not.  We are the Lord's hands and feet on this earth!!  Yes, she did come to the party Sat. Night but did not come to church.  Yes, she had a good time!  We will keep working with this wonderful lady and hope and pray she can have the faith and forgiveness to come back and feel the love and happiness she once felt.

Saturday we went to Marissa's home and scrubbed everything....walls, windows, bathrooms, kitchen and vacuumed rooms.  She is moving from and apt to a nice rental home to live with her Father and her son.  It saved her money and was a good service experience.

Betty Jo and Jonathan continue to be a strong part of our lives.  They are trying so hard to stop smoking....they have eliminated all other addictions, are working with the Bishop and come to all their meetings.
Charlie is again changing his mind about baptism.  This is his decision and we must let him go.  We love him and he knows the power of the Holy Ghost he has felt is real....but,  he must make a choice.
If he ever decides he has the courage to be baptized, we told him to call us.

Friday at 5:00 pm we met in a Firside with Elder Shane Bowen who is a Seventy.  This was held for the entire mission and it was incredible!!  One of his main emphasises was that of obedience.  If the missionaries are obedient, God cannot withhold  blessings and personal revelation.  He will guide us to those that are seeking truth and light.  The power of truth in the chapel was overwhelming.  What a privilege it is to serve my God and to be in is servic,

My life is so busy you would never believe I could run this fast!  I am not kidding you.  When I am horizontal at 10PM I am asleep.

May all of you experience the love and blessings of Heavenly Father this week,   Take time to pray and ponder and serve and know you will be blessed for your efforts.
I love you so much!!!!!!

Sister Frame


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