Sunday, February 24, 2013

Where has the time gone???

I am just amazed that the calendar will roll over to March in three days!  Where have the days gone?
When did the time tick away?

We all often speak of events  held in the Stake Center....and there is no meat served?!?
We visited with Charlie and told him we were doing Missionary Splits with the ward missionaries and he was surprised that ladies as old as we were that limber and could stretch that far!!!!
So, I guess it is just a bit funny the things we speak of and think everyone else understands.

We visited with Kathleen Alvarado this week.  Her husband is a no-member.  She said she had been thinking lately about coming to church but her husband did not want her to go.  These are the things we pray for...that hearts can be softened.  That he will encourage her to go to church and not treat her differently when she does.

Brother and Sister Mah who are Chineese (about 75-80) invited us to their home.  NO ONE in our ward has ever been in this home.  He is the most impeccably, organized HOARDER I have ever known of.  They have little money, he says?!?  He says they want to move to a condo with less space so they can afford it.  BUT, they must sort through the STUFF.  Well, we went;  we took a costco chicken and a pineapple;  we were stunned!!  We told him we would help tell him how to do it, but we know we cannot discard his personal property.  We are going over Tuesday with a contract so he can see what is really expected.  We want him to start in the living room.  (Please wish us luck!)  We can go for 2 hours each week for service hours.  We will take away 5 boxes of stuff each week.  We will guide him...for example.  He can keep 2 boxes of books but he must dispose of 4 boxes.  You just can't believe what he has collected.
The home has no heat in it and we just about froze to death.  They wear coats and use a little space heater.  Oh MY.  My children are welcome to start discarding of my stuff...right now!!

I again must say how much I love my Heavenly Father!  If you could feel the spirit of all these young Elders and  Sisters, you would stand amazed!!  They are wonderful.  They lead with the Power of God and are such incredible examples.  We had District Meeting Wed and I was asked to lead D&C 4.
I can't say it as fast as they do...but I did it perfectly.  What a thrill and an accoomplishment for me

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