Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What a week!!

We are busy in this part of the Northwest.  We continue to dodge raindrops, drive in the rain, visit people, eat p-nut butter sandwiches, observe ALL the beautiful flowers and blossoms coming into bloom and we sleep very well because we are exhausted!
This week was very busy.
Monday we went to Verizon to get Sister Carter's new phone to work the way she wants it to.  It is a new Droid and she is having a few issues so the 2 hours in the mall seemed quite long.  We had to shop and do some errands.  Then at 6:00pm we went to the church for FHE and waited in the rain for 40 minutes.  Our 'lady with the key' was t-boned in an intersection on her way and ended up in the hospital.  Not too serious but her car is totaled and she is extremely stiff.
Tuesday our zone went to the Bellevue Temple and experienced a wonderful session.  I felt so at home because the Endowment Rooms and the Celestial Room are just like the Provo Temple.  This is hard to understand because the Provo Temple is constructed round and the Bellevue Temple is tall and rectangular.  Anyway, it was a good day and when we arrived home at 2:00 we went to Dick (86) and Annabell's(81).  They were baptized as children in Salt Lake and have never gone to church.  Their names are on the records of the church so we sought them out and we dearly love them.  We have become dear friends so we asked them if they would act like non-members and allow Sister Carter and myself to practice the Mission Lessons.  We taught them The Message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. and it was a wonderful experience.  They felt the Spirit of the Holy Ghost and so did we.  After the lesson they invited us to dinner Friday evening at Hong's Gardens...a Chinese restaurant that was delicious.  As we took them home, we went in for pie and ice cream.  At 8:50 we told them our curfew was 9 so we left after a fun evening.
Wednesday we drove to Renton to have a meeting with Pres and Sis Miller, 1st Counselor in the Mission Presidency and also the 2 other sisters on the same mission we are on, only in another city.  Great Day with excellent training and ideas exchanged and I came away feeling I was really doing a pretty good job as a missionary.
Thursday we went to Irene's home, a non-member with a severely broken arm.  Her good friend is a member and we told her we would like to do some service.  Irene did not want Mormon's in her home preaching but we promised we would not say a word (which is hard for both of us) so we just cleaned and smiled.  If was such a good time and we were invited to come back in a couple of months for some barbecues and games and fun times.  Service is the best way there is to show the love of Jesus Christ.
Friday morning we invited the 2 Elders in our ward to come to Sister Purcells and clean the yard of her mobile home.  She is the one in the car accident.  After 2 hours and 4 people working, it really looked GREAT.  We then drove her to her bank and helped her arrange for a car rental.
Feels good to physically work and it feels even better to serve!
We spent 1 1/2 hours listening to one of our less-actives who is trying to come back from drugs and addiction,  also her husband.  Well, they both crashed this week!  It is incredibly painful to suffer the consequences of our choices...and running will not help.  So, we listened and listened and listened.  I hope they can make wiser choices with the help of their Heavenly Father.
As I live each day I am extremely thankful for the blessings I have.  I live in this beautiful land of America and the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored in these latter days.  I just know Heavenly Father's desire is that all His children would come unto him.  This city in Tukwila where we live is most diverse. Often we never see another Caucasian in this area.  People are from Somalia, Ethiopia, Burma, Philippines, China, Japan.  I went to a barbershop to place a sign about the english class we are going to teach.  The barber and owner was very kind and gracious and as I reached to shake his hand, he said, "No, I can not touch you.  I am Muslim".  I learn many things daily and respect of others is at the top of my list.
Thanks to all of you for your notes and thoughts and support and prayers for myself and all the missionaries throughout the world.
I Love my Heavenly Father and I am so appreciative to serve him.
Make your day a great day!

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