Monday, March 25, 2013

Today while the sun shined.....I smiled and smiled and smiled

Last night as we were going to an appointment, a young man who was visiting the ladies next door asked who were were and she told them we were some nuns.  We laughed and thought we ought to buy some different clothes."
This was a very good and interesting week. I continue to meet more people and really love each one I meet.  I am just so interested in their reasons they stopped coming to church.Last Sunday on St. Patrick's Day I ate my first meal of 'corned-beef and cabbage' and found it delicious.  We actually had two invites for the same meal so we felt very loved.
Monday was our p-day.  The Senior Sisters from Kent drove here and we rode the light rail (again) to Seattle  where we again went to Pikes Market; yes, we had crab again at the Crabpot and we sang with some gospel singers on the street.  We were greeted by 13 people people who were excited to see Senior Sister Missionaries.  It is a great testimony that "one must always live what they believe because someone will be watching."
Tuesday we spoke with Sister Mattos, a less active member.  She has been in the hospital having test that show she needs a stint for her heart.  Her surgery can't be done through the femoral artery so she will have an incision in her chest.  I asked her if she would like the Elders to give her a blessing and I think she really was surprised to be reminded of something she has forgotten.  She will tell me when  I call next week.
A great day this week was the "Plan of Salvation "and part of "The Gospel of Jesus Christ" which we gave to Dick and Annabelle, our practice figures (whose lives are being changed without them knowing it).  We sang a song with the ipad music and then Dick called on himself for our opening prayer.  We were stunned.  It was a simple work of art by an 86 year old who probably hadn't prayed in 70 years.  The Spirit of the Holy Ghost radiated the entire room and and our hearts and minds and did not leave!  Sister Carter and myself were mouthpieces of our Heavenly Father in teaching these sweet people.  It was incredible!!
Thurs we  visited a woman who finally returned our 4th phone call.  She has been active but when released from the R.S Presidency 3 months ago, has just not returned to church.  Our visit was delightful and we sang "I am a child of God" and had a prayer.  Hopefully she will soon return.
We love the Folk Family who are refugees from Burma;  mom, dad, David 19, Peter 18 and John16.  The Elders are teaching them and we went to visit.  I had met her in RS and visited with her so we were familiar.  As we visited she said she just was not sure she knew enough to be baptized.  Then the words were spoken, "You don't have to know everything before being baptized but you will know the sweet feeling in your heart as you are taught".  Esther, the mom, then said she could not deny how she had felt and loved the teachings of the Church.  Later she gave the Elders all her tea and coffee.  Wow!  You just have to be here, but please believe my words and know the beauty of Missionary Work!
Friday we had a simple and magnificent miracle.  Our GPS took us to the wrong area.  Then we received a call from Jerry Templeman whose wife we have been visiting at a care center.  We really were guided to her because Bishop did not know of her.  She is paralyzed in the legs and part of her arms.  Bro.Templeman wanted to know how he could get her to church.  We had seen some white vans come to Church but we were not sure, saying we would find out and call him.  Well, in this area where we were totally lost from the address listed in the GPS we drove into a parking lot and 3 ACCESS Transportation Vans were parked.  They drive handicapped individuals and others for $1.25 each way.  We called Jerry with this miraculous information 5 minutes after his call.
This work is incredible and Father walks with us daily.  I know Heavenly Father loves these people in Tukwila, WA but no more than those in Alpine, Nephi, America Fork, Orem, Highland and all other cities.  We are His children and He is just waiting for us to ask in faith and He will guide and direct and support us (Ama 36:3)  He did not say he would remove the trials, but he would support us through them. 
I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  I am so thankful for the Holy Ghost.  I love working with these wonderful people.
Thanks so much for all of your love and prayers and support for me.  Also, for the prayers for the thousands of Elders and Sisters throughout the world.  They work so hard and need your prayers more than you will ever know.
May the blessings of Heavenly Father be with you daily.  Love, Sister Frame

**This sunny day we went to Seahurst Park on the east shores if Puget Sound.  Great break.  I know this picture looks like the one in Seattle, but oh we'll...I am happy!

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