Saturday, March 2, 2013

"It rains as we walk and walk and walk....."

This week has been the wettest of our two months in Tukwila...but we love it.  Really, we never use a umbrella because we were told we would look like, we either walk without or flip our hoods over our heads.
Monday we rode the lightrail into downtown Seattle, to Pikes Place and Market Pier 57 where we ate AGAIN at the Crab Pot.   SOOOOOOO GOOD!!  We walked the streets and foud little stores, enchanting eating areas under pergolas lined with green leaves.  Oh, how Fun!  The ride into Seattle was 30 min and the return ride was 20 min.  The 'exclusive' ride was $1.50 for Seniors for all day and we could have gotten off at any of the 12 stops.
District Meeting was Tues and with Transfers last Tues we were introduced to our new DL...Elder Buckway from Centerville.  He is very tall and attended Viemont High.  Fine young man with great leadership skills.  Sister Carter and myself came away with new challenges to perform and we still feel such a strong desire to 'rescue and love' those that are less-active.  If we don't bring them into activity, who is going to fellowship all those new converts brought in by the thousands of new missionaries?  Really, this new program is vital to the success of membership involvement in fellowshipping new converts.
Tomorrow is Sunday (I am writing early because we are too tired to stay out any later)  Last week we visited 77 homes.  Not sure this is the best way to do this work so the last 2 days we have prayerfullyconsidered  what we are doing and how to improve.  Yesterday and today we spent all of our time visiting with fewer people and learning more of them and realizing we need to do this more.
Tomorrow we expect Tracy, Sue and Matthew;  Betty Jo and Jonathan;  Dick and Annabel Powers...he is 86 and is a stubborn ole sort (kinda like by dad used to be) and we just love these two people.  He just loves these 2 ole ladies and is really starting to soften!!  This will be 2 Sundays at church.  Also, we expect Vicki and Charlene.  Not a bad addition to any Sac. meeting.
I want all to know how much I love serving my Heavenly Father and standing as a witness of Jesus Christ.  Yes, it is hard work, but my family gave me some wooden blocks reminding me, "I Can Do Hard Things!"  And yes I can!!!
I just know Heavenly Father loves His children.  He wants all of us to be taught the Doctrine of Christ and to follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone holding the Priesthood Authority of God.  I feel it a honor to be called as a missionary to spread this message.
Thanks to all for your love, support and friendship.  I Love all of you!!
(Five of our children went to Salina to spend a day, a night and a day with their grandmother Bird on her 92 birthday.  Can you believe that?!?  This kinda makes my eyes sweat and I love them for their kindess and unselfish behavior).  This also makes me homesick!!

Sister Frame

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