Monday, May 6, 2013

Another Beautiful Day in the Seattle Neighborhood!!

Greetings from this corner of our Nation.

Our Missionary Conference with about 250 Elders, Sisters and Seniors was held last Saturday, May 4 in Bellevue, Washington.  Our speakers were Pres. and Sister Larkin;  Elder Bussy who is the Area President and also Elder Marcon A Aidukatis who is in the Presidency of the Seventies and is over Missionary Work.  He was also a Mission President in his home country of Brazil.  Talk about an incredible experience!  The 6 pages on notes in my journal just can't be condensed but it was one of the best meetings I have ever attended in my life.  We arrived at the Stake Center by the temple, ALL cars were backed into the parking stalls and we were in our seats at 8:15.  The meeting was over at 12:20 and we had been fed a 'spiritual feast' and we very grateful for the opportunity to be taught!!
After the meeting we went to lunch with the Kent Senior Sisters (Kent is a city) and they brought us home.  Arriving at about 3:00 we counted our blessings and the wonderful opportunity of serving as Missionaries.  We have another 27 missionaries arriving this week and another 35 due the first part of June.  Our mission will be split the first of July when a new Mission President comes.  It could mean transfers for all of us if they 'whitewash' the area.  We have heard rumors.  This will be exciting for all of us.
We found a new investigator o Saturday from Ethopia.  He is about 30 ad his name is Begashaw.  We are eager to teach him.  We found another man that we referred to the Elders because we two sisters could not teach him.  Yes, we are "catching the wave" and trying to hasten the work.  Our planners are filled and our DL, Elder Buckway is teaching us 'the better way' to fill them out  and to work the plan.  We are up and going early and usually are horizontal at 9:45 and asleep at 9:46. We are well accepted in the Ward and we seem to be making a difference and the people are very happy with the new ideas ad help we provide.  I was asked to teach RS next week.
Our Zone Leader, Elder Beetus is from the Marshal Islands.  His father took him outside EVERY morning from the time he has four years old and taught him how to jump for the sport of high jumping.  He also taught him how to run.  As a teenager he was competing in all of the local competitions on the track.  Over the years he built up quite a name.  He was famous.  He was training for the Olympics.  One day he received 2 letters in the mail... one was an offer to go to Australia and train for the Olympics.  The other letter was from the President of the Church to go to the Washington Seattle Mission.  He opened both of them up.  Thinking he was going to Australia, his mother asked him to go to his room and pray again.  His choice was to come on a mission and he is a GREAT young man and leader.  He is just an amazing young man.  He will be going home in about 4 months.
We are using the ward directory and looking for people...becoming 'little ole detectives' as we use  This really works.  One of the sisters from our ward moved to Bellevue and her phone # was 1 digit wrong.  I called it and she said she really appreciated that our Bishop cared enough to ask us to find her. Felt good! Our Bishop is having us over for dinner on "Mother's Day"  I will get a picture of them and let you see some of those that love the work we are doing.  Tomorrow is Transfers so we hold our breath and hope Elder Buckway and Elder Nebeker will be here for another transfer.  Can't believe how much we love them.  I picture my Grandson's out in the field, Jake sooner than the rest, but I just am excited for the privileges and opportunities that all of you will be able to participate in. I hope all of you are getting along and that you continue to help each other. May God be with each of you and bless you in your personal goals and endeavors.  Continue to serve others and to look for the good in each of them. Please remember how much I love each of you!
It you have time, write me on email or even a letter and let me know how you are doing
Next week is Mother's Day.  Not knowing what time we will eat at the Bishops, I will send a note and let you know.  Those that can, let's skype or whatever it is called for about 20 minutes for each family. Did all of you know, Missionaries are allowed on email for 1 1/2 hours each Monday and they can write family, friends, cousins or whomever they want?  Don't know why the rules were changed but the missionaries are so excited.  I think it also helps with furthering the work and they put excitement into the hearts of those they write and encourage the to come and be missionaries.
We are headed to Mt. Rainer at 8:30 this morning with the Sasser's.  They are from Orangeville, Utah...just south of Price.  They are so good to us and are also our Home Teachers. I love all of you.  I miss you.  And, I am becoming a better person and I am grateful for the opportunity to 'climb this mountain'.
Hope each of you experience a Miracle this week!
All my Love,
Sister Frame

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