Monday, May 20, 2013

Hello from the Beautiful Northwest!

Hello  from the beautiful Northwest with blossoms of every color and kind.  It is Magnificent!! This is what happens when the rains comes and comes and comes. The time is flying and it will soon be five months since I left home and it seems there is just no time in each day.
We go to Church about 9:15 on Sundays for meetings, then drive home and pick up less-actives or investigators, attend church and classes and then visit more.  Monday is P-day and about every other week we do something fun but we also wash and clean and shop.  Then we go to FHE with Stake Singles at 6:30 and come home about 8:30. Tuesday is always District Meeting usually fro 12-2 and then we visit and teach until about 5.  Eat and then go to Bishops Missionary Meeting at 6:30 and do splits with the Ward Missionaries until 9.  Wednesday we visit and teach and tract usually all day until about 5.  We then prepare for our ESL Class that is in our Clubhouse at 6:30.  This is a delightful experience. Thurs is study and plan from 9-1 with appointments the remainder of the day.  Each Thurs at 4 we cook dinner for a Less-active couple.  He is 87, she is 82.  They are delightful and stubborn about not stopping their coffee but we just love them....and they love us.  Last week they also invited the Elders to come with us and they just love them.  Wow!   So much love.
To all my grandsons and granddaughters, these missions are the MOST WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE you will ever have.  Look forward to them and prepare yourselves to work and work and work.
Friday we usually visit and teach all day.  We have two referrals this week so pray for us.
Saturday we often do service and visit.  Sister Carter curls the beautiful white hair so an adorable 92 year old Sister who has a horrible Doward's Hump.  She is incredibly crippled and so happy and the least we can do is spend 1/2 hour making her pretty.  He husband is almost blind but he tells her she is 'beautiful'  What a choice experience for us.  Last week I typed a letter for him as he is sharing his 'last testimony' with all his neighbors....who are all non-members.  It was beautiful.
Then  we start another week and we love what we are doing!!

Our Elders, who are our District Leader and his companion whom he is training, call occasionally and  we often respond with a MacDonald's Run or some pie a non-member friend made for us.  I think these 'Grandma's' make them happy and help with the work.  We help them by giving rides for their investigators to various places.  They are very pleased we are teaching an English Class ESL...for their Burmese Investigators.
Nancy is 22 and is from Burma.  She and her family are refugees who left the country or they would have been killed because they are Christians.  Nancy's parents and 2 sisters went to India.  Nancy went to Malaysia for 4 1/2 years and then came to America and lives with her aunt and uncle.  She speaks ok English and had to stop school in 9th grade to work and pay rent.  She came to class and spoke for 15 minutes and did ok.  Then we had her read the Book of Mormon and with every verse her English improved.  After about 30 minutes of reading, she hugged the book and said, "I just love this book"  She want to be baptized BUT she is addicted to coffee, drinking it since she was 7.  She was also putting tobacco on the roof of her mouth but has been able to stop. Her language is a miracle and so is her love of the B of M.  Now we are praying for another miracle that she can stop drinking coffee.
I was reading in Alma 53 and realized the effort and energy it takes to make plans to stand strong against the battles Satan gives us in our lives.  We have to labor and make fortifications to guard against the enemy.  These fortifications, for us, are prayer, fasting, study, obedience, temple attendance and those actions our Prophets remind us to do.  I am amazed, as we do these things, the number of miracles we experience and the personal revelation we receive.
Foke, our dear 64 year old Burmese father, husband of my daughter and grandsons (picture) has only been a Christian for about 6 weeks, yet this morning when his ride for church did not come (church is 7 miles away) he walked 1 mile to meet the bus, rode for 5 miles to the bus stop in Burien and then walked to church.  Why?  Because he loves The Lord.  He was an great example of someone who had made a stand against Satan.
I am extremely happy in this I climb this mountain!    I love the people so much and I am so happy when the less-active come to church.  Karen is incredible after 15 years away with hurt feelings.  Roberta is literally an angel after never being active and we love her dearly.  And the list goes on and on... I love my Heavenly Father.  He has given me so much and I feel it a privilege to share with others the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ and I am so incredibly thankful for the Atonement He made for us.
My God be with all of you this week and bless you!

Sister Frame

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