Monday, June 17, 2013

Called to Serve Him.....what a privilege!

This is a glorious Day!!!  Yesterday Nancy went to church with us and following Sacrament Meeting she said she needed to ask Bishop a question.  Coming back she smiled at me and said she wanted to be baptized into our church. An excitement thrilled my heart and when we told the Elders, Elder Buckway asked if she wanted to get baptized Sunday 6....and she said yes!!  So, motion was in place and all things started to happen.  A program was planned, she was interviewed, arrangements made for the RS room, the font was cleaned and started filling (takes 3 hours) and this wonderful lady "followed the example of Jesus Christ and was baptized by someone holding  the priesthood authority of God.  What a beautiful Sabbath Day!  Actually, I was able to be one who was used to teach and preach and share this beautiful message with Nancy who was waiting for someone to find her and teach her.  I am overwhelmed with this privilege.
Last week was Zone Conference and it was an incredible meeting with President and Sister Larkin.  President is a profound speaker and does so with the Holy Spirit.  16 missionaries who are being released in June and July bore testimonies about the work they had been involved in.  Pres and Sister Larkin are being released on June 30 so this meeting was held to be able to say "Good Bye" to all the missionaries.  It was a rather emotional day and filled with learning and love.
P day of last week Sister Carter and myself and the Elders went to the Powers for a barbecue.  Powers furnished the meat and we (the Sisters) brought the rest.  It was a fun day and the Elders brought the message.  We love the Powers.
Tuesday morning we visited 4 less-active families.  At 1:00 Sister Carter had an esophageal procedure administered in the hospital and it took us out of work for the day.  It seemed to go well and she will have results of her biopsy done in 7-10 days.
We continue to teach ESL and are finding it easier to go to the homes of these beautiful Burmese people.  The Pow Mung family is one of our dear families and we are teaching Hat Nu, the mother.
 Front R to L: Mary 20: Hat Nu (mom); Pow (Dad) Back row: Esther, Samuel, Zo
Our days go by so fast, we wonder how we will ever get all the work done but we continue to work and try as a team and pray for strength to be 'successful pioneers in the work we have been called to do".
I must tell all of you how thankful I am that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored in these later days.  What a blessing it is my life to be in the Seattle Washington Area with the privilege of serving, meeting wonderful new people and feeling the love and direction of our Heavenly Father as we did yesterday and last night at the Baptism of Nancy.  Such joy is hard to find in this world when so many things pull our time and efforts away from Christ.
I value the teachings I have received to seek for personal revelation and to recognize it daily.  We are taught to "Look for Miracles" and we find them!!  What empowering words of truth have been taught to me and I pray with all my might that I will never forget the blessing that are affordable to all of us if we seek them.
I am aware of Heavenly Father's love for me and all of His children and I pray daily to seek those I am here in Seattle to find and serve and to forget my own selfish feelings.
May God be with and Bless all of you....and look for Miracles.

Sister Frame

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