Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Already...

I am just surprised that another week has gone by and I am now writing on June 2, 2013
Our p day last week was a stay home and get caught up.  Then our dear friend Sue invited us and the Elders to her home for a barbeque.  Her son Matthew was there with his Grandpa, Freddy, who is a non-member and not much interested about the church but he is a fine man.  Without another male in the home, the Elders would not have been able to go.  This was such a nice time.  And then when we arrived home, we turned around and went to FHE for the Stake Single Adults.   This is a very diverse group, you would never believe the different personalities,  but we all need a friend and to be loved.      We played "Mexican Train" with dominoes and just really enjoy ourselves.
Monday was not p day because we are going to the temple tomorrow.  We had district meet at our chapel and we were instructed by our Zone Leaders and also our District Leader.  I am sure all of you know of my insecurities in thinking I can't do many things.  I am so afraid of how I will look or what I will say wrong.  Well, Elder Beetis told me to read Alma 26:27 and told me basically to not worry about myself...that I was being prideful...and that I should not worry so much about myself and depend on my Heavenly Father to bless me and strengthen me and inspire me when I do my part.  Words were spoken to me that made a profound difference about some feelings.  The Holy Ghost was with me and I was taught by the Holy Spirit....and I felt I learned.
Tuesday we had the privilege of going to the Seattle Temple in Bellvue.  It was a wonderful experience, especially since I love being there and when we can only go once every 4 months it makes the experience that much more meaningful.  We drive another set of Sister Missionaries that work with the Tongans and had a very nice time.
We went tracting this week, after my experience at District Meeting,  and I really am surprised at how calm I felt.  We found 3 people that said they are interested and we will go back to them this week.  This certainly is not the most effective way to find people to teach but it can make a difference.  We knocked on 45 doors and 3 were interested!  Not the best odds. The weather has changed from a solid week of rain and we are excited to see the sunshine and to feel warmth during the day.
I really am loving a missionary and the people in the Seatac Ward have wrapped us in their loving arms and we really are happy.  We see progress and feel happiness that was not here 5 months ago.
I am extremely thankful for this calling and daily trying to learn that "With God, all things are possible".
Thank you for remembering all the missionaries in your prayers, especially me.
Thank you for your notes and letters and emails and for the love I feel.
May God be with each of your this week and bless you with your righteous desires.  Remember how much our Heavenly Father loves all of us and blesses us with his guiding words through his Living Prophet and His Apostles.
Make each day beautiful....and look for Miracles each day of your lives!
Sister Frame

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