Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Meeting with President Larkin

Pres. Larkin, our Mission President, sent his weekly letter and the words and message were  what all of us needed.  It was beautiful!  He and Sister Larkin will be released on June 30 and the fervor of his words were loud and strong.  He spoke of 1 Samuel 7.  The Prophet Samuel told the children of Israel that they were losing their battles because they had turned from their God of Israel and were worshipping the Gods and vain things of the world.   He promised the people that God would deliver them from their enemies if they would only turn away from the world and serve The Lord God of Israel.  These words are appropriate for all of us and as we seek to serve in a more dedicated manner, He will help us with out battles.  I am a witness of the truthfulness of these words and I love my God ....for His blessings for all of us.  I would challenge all to read this chapter and feel the love of a Prophet towards God's children.  We are blessed with the privilege of living in the sound of a Prophet's voice and we should choose to follow Him, even Thomas S. Monson.
Our Zone Meeting was held this week and I continue to be impressed with the Power of The Priesthood these young men have and how well they present themselves...especially those that are teaching and role playing.  I just love all of them and also the strength of the Sisters and the number of people they are bringing into the waters of Baptism.
This is a picture of our Zone.
 Elder Geigle and Elder Beetis, kneeling, are our Zone Leaders and very excellent ones!  Third from the left is Elder Buckway, my District Leader and Elder Nebeker, his companion, is just over my right shoulder.  Sister Carter, my companion, is standing next to me.   This was a wonderful meeting and I learned much and I appreciate the experience of learning.
I love this work...love the missionaries I am working with...love the people in the Tukwila Area and I love The Lord.  Last week, after experiencing a miracle,  we started teaching Nancy...an extremely tender ad loving lady of about 50.  I invite all of you to pray for her that she will have the courage to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God.  She is such a good person.
This week we gave service to Irene who is 73 years old, with the help of our District Leader and his companion, and we pruned kiwi's (they grow on vines the way grapes grow), deadheaded rhododendrons, pulled weeds, raked, picked up many trimmings and watched Irene use the electric trimer.  Missionaries can not use these (plus for some reason they scare me).  After working for 1 12 hours we had hot dogs, potato salad and baked beans.  Great feeling to be physically tired and to sleep extremely well that night.  Irene is a non-member who adores the Elders and loves Sister Carter/ Frame as we love her. 
We continue to teach and work with Roberta, The Fokes, Kathleen, The Beckers, The Powers, Sue and Tracy, Irene, Mary and Kim.  Sat morning we drove Irene to Seattle to catch a ferry for a day visit to Vancouver.  She will spend the day and her son will bring her home tonight.
I just love being a missionary.  I am extremely appreciative for the experience of growing and serving and meeting so many people that I love.
May God be with each of you this week....and may you experience Miracles!!

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