Sunday, October 13, 2013

So What.... !

Just wanted you to see the beautiful flowers at Pike's Market on Puget Sound this time
of year.  Caught this little boy carrying flowers for his mom....prices are $5-$10. 

 Our opportunity to enter many, many homes each week is such a privilege in my life.
I love to visit and listen and learn and I really enjoy hearing the stories of my 
brothers and sisters and why they 'do what they are doing' whether they are active 
or less-active or non-members.  This past week we called a sister in our ward to go 
with us to visit Marvin, who is an incredibly fine, 56 year old, less active, 
widower because  two Sister Missionaries cannot be in a home with a man,  even if he
is 80 years old and has had a stroke and can only say 'yes' and 'no'.  This requires
that we call another person so we can be in the house.  Prior to the cool weather
coming, we have been meeting with him on chairs in the yard. Well, this day after 
viewing and discussing the Mormon Message of "Your Potential-Your Privileges", 
narrated by Elder Uchtdorf, the Spirit of the Holy Ghost was with us in his kitchen.
It felt so good and Marvin liked what he heard and he was reminded of what he knew 
from many years past.  We then invited him, again, to come to church on Sunday.  He
said he had not been to church since he was 19-20 years old and then I heard myself 
say, "So What!  That was then and you can start in two days".  To all who read this
blog, these are very powerful words! Some examples often used by all of us are: 
1)  I have not fasted in months so I am not able to fast.   "So What....start 
    fasting this month. 
2)  My sister has not called me for two years. "So call her and start 
    a relationship." 
3)  I just cannot teach Gospel Doctrine because I am not smart enough. "So What....
    study, pray and practice and you can do the job with the help of Heavenly Father."
We all have weaknesses, faults and have not done things we were expected to do. 
"So make your own choices and start over today."  You will be very
 blessed for your efforts and your desire to improve.   I KNOW!! 
We had Zone Conference this week.  Elder Vang ad Elder Seppi counseled us with wisdom.
They taught, again,  of the first Law of Heaven which is Obedience.  Remember in 
1 Nephi 2:3 we are told that Lehi was obedient unto the word of The Lord;  likewise 
in Luke 22:42  Jesus Christ knelt to pray saying "remove this cup from me; 
nevertheless not my will, but Thine be done".  Jesus was obedient to His Father. 
It is an act of faith and though we don't understand all those things we are asked
to do...we obey!  And not 92% of the time or 99% of the time but 100% of the time. 
One of our Elders told us his high school football coach had taught them, "The Devil
is in the details."  We must choose to do the small elements.  We may not have been 
100% obedient in not shopping on Sundays.  "So What....start this Sunday and do it!"
Elder L.Tom Perry said on pg 122 of PMG..."The discipline contained in daily obedience
and clean living and wholesome lives builds an armor around you of protection and 
safety from the temptations that beset you as you proceed through mortality." 
Isn't that the most powerful thought.  We must be protected and it really is not that step at a time by small and simple ways.
Our Mentors, Home Teachers and dear,dear, friends, The Sassers, are leaving the 
Washington Seattle Mission Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013.  They are driving their
candy-apple red Doge Charger 'filled to the brim' back to Orangeville, Utah. 
Oh, how we will miss them.  Their departure will make Sister Carter and I the 
only Senior Missionaries in our Zone.  We have enjoyed their wisdom and friendship 
and their laughter and tears....and Sister Sasser's Southern accent.
      We learned to love them
          as we have served by their sides.
      They have fed us and taught us
         and shared many rides.
       We look to each other with
          much respect and love.
      They now complete their Mission
           with Blessings from Above!
 Well, I just re-read my letter and I am sure you can tell I am filled with feelings
of love, appreciation, emotions and admiration for those people I have spoken about 
this week. Our week has been very challenging, though we have had a couple of 
'glorious' experiences.  We have worked very hard, going to 55 homes and I want you
to know when we are vertical at about 10:10pm it requires about 32 seconds for sleep
to overtake both of us.  It feels so good to be exhausted because of physical service
rendered and love and emotions felt.
Again I tell all of you how much I love my mission!!
Thank you so much for your prayers and letters and love!
May God be with all of you and bless you this week.  And please take the time to 
notice the personal Miracles that God has given to each of you....and take time to
record them.
Love to all of you,
Sister Frame

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  1. Sister frame, thank you for your wonderful blog. I have really enjoyed learning about the Seattle Washington mission. You are a marvelous missionary. My grandson, Elder Tanner Hunt is also serving in the Seattle mission. He is struggling mightily. If you see him would you tell him that his grandmother loves him dearly and is praying for him ...mightily?