Sunday, October 27, 2013

"The Falling Leaves Drift by our Windows......"‏

Roberta Gedhert
The Autumn leaves in the North West are just breathtaking! Really, they are! This is a picture of our sweet friend Roberta, whom we took to the Seattle Temple on Friday to do her first Baptisms for the dead. She has never been in the Temple, except for the open house in November of 1980. It was a glorious experience for Sister Carter and I to be with her. She was the only patron in the Baptistry and President Bishop, 1st Counselor in the Presidency, came and spoke with her. He reminded her that she was now in the most Sacred Edifice on earth and was worthy to be there. He invited her to never forget this blessing and then to  never 'move from this course' that allows her to be in the Temple on that day.
Secondly, he reminded her that on this day doing Baptisms for her G-Grandma, she was blessing her with a privilege that her G-Grandma could not do for herself and to always work on her Family History so she could do more of this work. Since Roberta became active, about 6 months ago, she has done 7 Generations of work for her father's family and is also working on her mother's family. She never misses church or RS night events or her Visiting Teaching. We just love her. Roberta is one of the most humble sisters I know. She has very few of the 'things of this world' but her heart is overflowing with love for others. She is constantly making quilts for those she loves and also the Elders. After doing the Temple Baptisms, we took her to lunch in the cafeteria and then she was able to go upstairs and be in the front foyer of the temple....behind the recommend desk and she was so astonished at the beauty of the chandeliers!! I am so thankful to be part of the plan that introduced us to Roberta and helped us to get to know her. She is amazing!

Sunday we were able to count 17 less-actives and 1 non-member at church. This is such a wonderful thing to see these people in attendance. Kathy and Al came. He is a non-member and she is less-active but they love what they are being taught and really enjoyed being at church. It was awesome to have all that came there.

Monday we needed a break so after washing sheets and clothes, vacuuming our little apartment, scrubbing bathroom and kitchen, I made sweet rolls and after writing all our letters we walked to the Lite-rail and rode to the city and down to "Pikes Market". We really needed nothing but just had to get away so we each bought these 'humongous' cookies that we cut in fourths and eat with yogurt for breakfast. Then we walked back up the sidewalk for 2 blocks, got a soda at McDonald's and came home. The Norm Smiths took us for lunch at "Sizzler" at 2:30, had a great meal and a delightful visit. We love these sweet people. He is 80 and she is about 73! FHE was at 6:30 that evening, the sweet rolls were done and off we went again. It is a fun time to meet with these wonderful people we have grown to love!

Tuesday was Transfers...Oh My, we lost our Great Elders Kearley and also Tracy. It is really hard to let these young men go when we have grown to love them so much as they work very hard and also send people to us. Elder Porter's new companion is Elder Griffiths from Holladay, Utah. Elder Flake's companion is Elder Anderson from Rexburg, Idaho. They are just great Elders. And the biggest news is.....neither set of Elders have cars!!! They are walking and taking the buses. This is very unusual BUT, they are young and strong and are willing to obey....and then understand tomorrow.

My car breaks are wearing out so Eric, a member of our Single FHE is helping me. He told me to go to Auto Zone and get new Front and Rear brake pads and also the front and rear rotors. The following day he installed them for me...only allowing me to buy lunch for him. He says we are doing the Missionary work he is not able to do. What a great guy he is!! We visited with the Gov Family this week and it was an exceptional meeting. The Spirit was very strong and all of us that we there really felt His warmth and the truthfulness of the words that were spoken by all. The come to church when we visit but the weeks we don't make it, they usually do not come.

Thursday afternoon we prepared dinner for the Powers and also Irene and we ate at Power's home. We had liver and onions, which we all love, and the fried potatoes that Dick loves. It is a good experience to go to their home and share with them love and friendship and usually just listening to them chat. I have said that Dick is 88 and he is 82. Thursday night for RS we took Sister Mah and also Jerylyn, a non-member. We had a lovely dinner and then went into the Family History Center where all we taught how to do Family Search. Jerylyn liked what she learned and is interested in the church.

 Tonight was the Seatac/Burien Wards Halloween Party. We drove the Mah's over and then came back and picked up Angela and her boys....Jordan and Ramone. It was a fun party and this little family, who are non-members, loved what was going the treats. We were able to go to 52 homes this week which is really quite good. We see success with some and then we see other slip and slide away a bit but we can NEVER give up hope that somehow we or someone else will make a difference in their lives. Well, the week is over and it just flew by. I don't know where the time goes but it is really moving rapidly. Sister Carter and I are doing well. We feel we are making progress with the people we are working with and look forward to continued success.

 I did not get to chat with my Mom this week so I hope all is well in her life. I am sure it is. I usually get a note or two from most of my children and they sound well. May God be with all of you this week and Bless you! Take the time too look for the Miracles in your life this week and to recognize them.

Love to all of you, Sister Frame

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