Monday, November 18, 2013

"...the flower fadeth; but the Word of God shal stand forever" Isaiah 40:8

Monday morning after washing, mopping, cleaning, vacuuming and studying we needed a break and jumped on the train for the city.  The lite-rail (or train) is just a short block from our apartment so we are a bit spoiled. When we got to Seattle we walked 'down' to Pikes Market and saw these "Cabbage Bouquets" for just $10. They are just beautiful and then I found the verse in Isaiah and knew I had to share the bouquets with you so you could all read and see the flowers and know the power of God's word.  Hope you enjoy these three bouquets!!

Weekly, on Monday, we receive The Washington Seattle Mission "Good News".  This week Pres. Choi wrote the letter and he expressed gratitude for all the hard work and effort that is exhorted each and every day.  The he said, "This is the time that The Lord is hastening His work. His High Expectations must become our expectations.  We must raise our vision to His vision.  And although our thoughts are not His thought yet, our diving goal is to become like Him....that each of us can focus upon the Lord's thoughts and ways so that we can further His work." Pres. Choi is a Seventy and our Mission President and how grateful I am for his love and his desires to us to 'step up' to do His work.

Every week I also remind all of us to look for the Miracles that are a part of our lives. Thurs. @ 3:10 we drove down a very long lane to visit Dorothy whose home in on the shore of Angle Lake.  I drove down the lane and undecidedly turned the car around and headed it out. We still had about 500 feet to walk before we reached her home. After our extended visit at 4:20 (and almost dark) we went to the car, turned the key and there was 'narry a sound'... not even a click as I turned the key...because I left the lights on.  So I called AAA and the driver could not find the address until after his call to me.  It is now 5:30 when he arrives and its very dark.  He came down the very narrow lane and was pleased to see my car headed out the drive, attached the cables and WaLaa!!! the car started.  Why did I turn the car around instead of driving next to hers? These are the simple miracles I speak of...not luck!  I shared these thoughts with the driver and he was very 'impressed', shared my testimony of a Heavenly Father that loves his children just as we love ours and keeps his eye on us.  This was a great missionary experience, planted a seed and hope someone else will come into his life and water it and teach him.  I am glad the lights came on but now the radio, clock and CD are not working plus the 'maintenance required' light is on.  Saturday we spent 45 minutes at Auto Zone and after the gentleman checked all the fuses he said he did not know how to fix it.  Oh my, it is not fair that these '2 ole ladies', who are both widows have no one to take care of these car problems.  Sometimes life just is not fair!

Our count for the people we have spoken with this week is tallied to send to President Miller.  We  visited many, many people because we were tracting and 80% were non-members.  The plan for our visits was to give each home a ticket and tell them about "The Angels Sing" which is a Non-Denominational Celebration of Music held in our Seattle Stake Center.  This production has been held for 7 years and some of the diverse participants are:  The Ebony Church Gospel Singers;  The Catholic Kennedy School Orchestra;  The Spirit of Sounds Acapella Singers; The LDS Choir; Mt Rainier Orchestra; Community Orchestra from So. Puget Sound and Soloists from U of W.  I am sure you can feel what a glorious experience this will be of Celebrating Jesus Christ and His Birth by reading the program.  We pray for all that come that they will fill the beautiful beginning of The Christmas Season. One lady we visited is extremely pleased to hear of this production.  She has a depressed friend and is looking forward to bringing her to the performance.  Alli, an Islamic gentleman, told us he would like to come;  then he asked us if we would come to one of his Islamic Celebrations and we answered with an excited acceptance.  I do hope this works out.

To all of you I express my love for my Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ!  I know that Jesus is the Savior of the world and because of His willingness to all He was asked to do, you and I have the incredible blessing of the Atonement that enables us to be forgiven for the sins and mistakes we repent of.  How incredible!!! I hope all of us can work harder at doing 'all we have been asked to do' to serve those with whom we are given a stewardship....and love doing it. I am very grateful Tami and Steevun Lemon lived through a Trek on the Wyoming plains during winter storms of November 14-16 with Steev's Young Adult's Ward. Thanks for your letters and emails.  Love to hear from all of you I love you all so much and pray for you and your success daily!
May God be with you and bless you and will you take time to look for the Miracles that are a part of each day of your lives....and record them.

Sister Frame

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