Monday, November 4, 2013

Wow!! Our First Storm Hit....

Today is Sunday and Friday evening a big storm came with rain all night and massive
winds. Saturday it was very cold and was windy and awful.  We really wished we could
have stayed home but that is not the agenda so we headed out to do our work.   First
thing we did was to head west about 8-10 miles because we wanted to see Seahurst Park.  It's 
shores are on Puget Sound and we were told the waves would be enormous and we wanted
 to see them. Well, no such luck.  The park is closed until May 21, 2014 because they
 are taking out the seawall and improving the area.  So we drove south and came to an
 area where I could  get this picture.The waves were not as large as they had been
 and I am really glad I was standing on land and not on the water. On the way there
 was a tree blown over on top of a car, there was all sorts of debris on the roads,
and a tree was uprooted and tipped over on two power lines and leaning on a 
motorhome. What a mess!!  There was a police officer with his lights on blocking the
 street with the downed lines but we went past him to visit a less-active sister. 
We were glad after a long day in the wind and the cold to come to our little
 apartment safe and warm and have stir-fry and rice.  Simple but great.
We have four Elders also serving in our SeaTac Ward and we just love them.  Since our
 transfers a week ago they are now car.  I think it is because
 Pres. Choi wants them walking on the streets so they are more visible to the people.
Also, in this area we have many, many people who walk to the lite-rail, walk to work,
 just walking on the streets and so as the Elders are on foot, they will have the 
opportunity of meeting more and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.  I 
think the Elders are doing just a super job and they really are meeting more people. 
They are: L to R: 
 Elder Anderson, Elder Flake (6'7" DL) Elder Griffiths, Elder Porter (Senior).
 Wow, this has been a very busy week.  We have visited more homes than we ever have
 but we have not been able to find as many people home as we would like.  However,
 since we took Angela and her boys, Jordan and Rashad to the Halloween Party, we also
 gave her and Jordan a ride to the Food Bank.  They are learning to trust us and 
know that we will help them in any way we can.  Yes, service is one of the more 
productive ways of people seeing what we are really like and allowing us into their 
lives to teach them and to love them.   We are taking Angela and the the boys to 
church and are excited to do it.  Oh dear, the phone just rang and Rashad is sick 
so they are not coming to church.  This is the 'real experiences' in the life of 
Dawn has been working very hard with the Elders, trying to stop smoking and to stop
 drinking coffee.  She and her two boys came to the Halloween Party and experienced 
kindness and fun and were able to come into the Cultural Hall at the church.  Anthony
 12 and Juan 9 are coming to church today.  Mom is baptized but they are not so we 
hope this investment of time and love, now 9 1/2 months we have worked with them and
 also with the Elders helping them, we now see them at church!!!  Small and simple
 means bring people unto Christ.
This week on Monday we were invited to have dinner with Jess Ramirez and his Mom 
and his 2 daughters and also with Flora Saevedra and her 3 daughters.  Also Elder
 Porter and Elder Griffiths were there.  It was just wonderful!!   These people are
 incredible....Christlike in every way, kind, loving and fun.  We had original 
Mexican food with boiled flank steak, rice and a fried egg on top.  I am amazed at
 how good it was.  Flora is not baptized and her English is very broken but her 
daughters are baptized.  She and her girls live upstairs in the home and also Jesse's
 mom and Jesse and his daughters live in the basement.  They are both divorced but 
he helps support her and the girls.  This is a work in progress and we hope and 
pray that Flora will get baptized.  She comes to church each Sunday.  Oh, I love 
them so much!!!
We drove Irene to the Ferry early Tuesday morning at 6:15 and were able to see the
 Night Lights of Seattle because it was still dark and it was beautiful.  We are also
 going to give her a ride in a month so we will be able to see the Christmas Lights.
 Thursday Irene and Sister Carter and myself prepared dinner in our own homes and 
went to Dick and Annabell's home and ate with them.  Their daughter Marie was there 
and it was a wonderful time.  We really have grown to love these dear people and we 
love to be with them.  Dick and Annabell are now coming to church and we see grown
 in strength and understanding.
We continue to visit and love Karen.  She has not been to church for 20 years...has 
received her endowments and was very strong, an incredible genealogist and such a fun
 lady who had her feelings hurt.  Yes, she did come 3-4 times in March-April but has 
not been there since.  Her husband is not a member and they ride motorcycles in the
 warm weather so we are hoping that she will start coming again and become more
 converted.  It is so hard to know that decisions are made that are not best.....for
 all of us...but that Agency it the most important gift given to us.  As Jacob says,
 "O be wise, what can I say more".   (Jacob 6:12)
This week is one of those where I  can feel the influence of Satan in my life and I 
realize the continual effort it takes to 'stay true to the course'.  I know I am a 
child of God and I know He loves me and I am trying to be like Jesus.  Yes, it takes
 effort for me and also for all those I love.  Don't become discouraged and let 
darkness be a part of our lives.  We need to look to the Light of Christ. 
2 Nephi 10:14 we are told that The Lord will be a light unto them that hear His Words. we need to take a time to go to Church, pray and study (CPR) to learn his words 
and to keep our spirits alive.
 I love my Heavenly Father with all my heart and I am so Thankful for Jesus Christ 
and for the Atonement He offered for each of us!
May God be with you and bless you this week.  Look for the Miracles that happen 
to you daily and record them in your journal.
I send my love to Mom and my children and my grand-children!!!! 
I surely wish Jerry were here with me to 'work this mission'!  Sure do miss him!!!!
Sister Frame

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