Sunday, November 24, 2013

This could be rather repetative.....!

It seems to me that after about 48 weeks in the Washington Seattle Mission my words and letters home are rather repetitive and boring.  I really hope not, but there is a certain concern.  My daily schedule is almost exactly as the day before and on and on and on.  Our Mission Pledge says the day begins at 6:30 am (my time is usually 5:15 because that is when this crazy body awakens) and then we retire at 10:30pm (but Sister Carter and I are usually in bed by 10:30 pm). Really, it is a wonderful way to be organized and to leave the cares of the world behind but to try and make it more interesting is sometimes hard.

This week we did a 3 hour service project with the 4 Elders included.  Irene, who is 78, had all of us come about 4 weeks ago and remove all the upstairs furniture out...or into the basement and then pull up the carpet and all the pads.  It was a very big job (the carpet was extremely soiled by her 2 dogs and 1 cat....really, there are more animals in the homes than there are people).  Then this week we all went back to put it all in place.  The elders moved the very heavy furniture and we also moved furniture and we made all the beds and vacuumed the house as we completed and it was a 'beautiful' gift for her and we loved doing the work!  She also grows kiwi's and since the first frost was this week, they are now ready to be picked and she needs this 'team of workers' to come back and pick the fruit, she will put it in a box in between newspaper and keep it for about 10 days and WaLaa....they will be ready to eat.  We are excited.

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago our Mission President Choi challenged us to have 20 contacts per day...which we have done.  You need to remember we are working with many less-actives and some new investigators...but not 20/day so this takes much work.  As we sat down this evening our count is 125 people we have visited with this week by knocking on doors.  We are outside and this week, though the sun has been shinning, the temperature has been between 42-46 degrees (according to Sis. Carter's Droid).  The air is very 'crisp' and a bit cold but really the experiences of meeting and visiting with this many people has been incredible.  This is a picture of the invitation we leave with them. 

Saturday Greg ad Angela were married by our Bishop Floyd in the Relief Society room in our ward.  This is the second marriage I have seen the bishop perform and he does a very nice job.

Angela is a non-member and a beautiful woman and Greg is a member.  She has had many lessons by Elders and also Sister Carter and I but still has some questions so we hope the time will come that she will join the church.  Angela was so thrilled to see us there, as she walked into the room with the music she squealed our names with excitement and stopped for hugs from both of us.  She and I feel that we probably knew each other before we came to earth.  

This week Sister Carter and I went to the temple to do an Endowment Session at 10.  Well, the roads were very, very busy and slow so we arrived in the dressing room at 9:55...too late.  Well, too late for an Endowment Session but such a blessing to do Initiatory Work.  This is the first time I have been in Initiatory since Dec. 2012 and I have missed it very much.  I really love doing this part of the Temple experience.

Sunday we had dinner  with "The Crockers" and also with Elder Porter (Layton, Utah) and Elder Griffiths (Holiday, Utah).  You would be amazed at the kind of young men these Elders are and the way they teach and handle themselves in the homes and how they pray for the members and bless their homes.  It really is a privilege to be with and associate with them.  
Monday Sister Carter and I had dinner with the Foke Family.  This is the Burmese Family that we have 'adopted'.  Esther tells us we are her mothers because her mother died when she was 10.
The three boys call us 'Grandma' and we love them dearly.
Foke Family: Foke, Esther, John (20) David (18) and Peter (16)

We have also taken it upon ourselves to be the "Bread Delivery Van".  The Methodists have the food bank in their church and a person applies and is able to partake of the goods with identification that they live in the area.  We do not use this program but outside the building they  have RACKS and RACKS of Franz Bread and it is delicious, especially the 24 Grain bread.  This Food Band is opened three times a week from 11:30 to 10:30 and we often stop and pick up a couple dozen loaves of bread. We give the Elders (2 Companionships) about 4-5/ week.  We give Jack a loaf, Essy upstairs a loaf or two, Irene a loaf, Nancy a loaf, we take one, and give our Ward Mission Leader who is a struggling student with a wife and 2 children 4-5 a week.  Anyway, we give away as many as we can.  What is not taken will be thrown away...into the dumpster so we really try to help as many as we can.   The Elders give part of their to a homeless man who does not have enough food and the 'circle of love' goes around and around and around.

This is really for Steve but tonight for dinner we went to the Ramirez family for dinner, our dear Mexican family we love so much, fed us Pozole....chicken and hominy beans and juice topped with shredded lettuce, sliced radishes and squeezed limes and crushed oregano in your hands and sprinkle on top.  Soooooooo good!!!!!!!

I daily see the work of my Heavenly Father in the lives of the people in this Tukwila and SeaTac area.  They are humble and extremely good people and I love that I have gotten to know so many of them and to feel of their love.  I have learned to love the Book of Mormon more and more and I know with all my heart that the words of this miraculous book are true and it proves that Joseph Smith is a Prophet in these latter days.  I know the value of prayer though often it is not answered when I wish it were so I pray for more patience and things 'just seem to have a way of working out'. Thank you so much for your love and kindness!  Thank you for your letters and all you do.
May God be with you and bless you.

All my love,
Sister Frame

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