Sunday, December 29, 2013

I Believe in Christ....

This glorious week of Christmas has been filled with so many opportunities to love and serve and to experience the teaching of Jesus Christ that what I feel to say is ..."I do Believe in Christ"!Elder Oaks said, "Our lives of service and sacrifice are the most appropriate expressions of our commitment to serve the Master and our fellowmen." Our blessing this week have been extremely powerful and I am so thankful that Sister Carter and I have been instruments in the orchestra of the "Teachings of Jesus Christ". Our friends, Sue ad Tracey invited us to serve and feel the homeless again. We prepared 50 brown sack meals with ho-made chili, water, rolls, an orange and a twinkie. We had gone to the manager of a grocery store and he dropped the price of oranges from .69/lb. to .39/lb and asked us to come the morning of the event so they would be fresh and 'hand pick' the 50 oranges. Then he GAVE us the twinkies. So thankful for the kindnesses of many people that made it possible to help others. Loved this experience!!

Christmas Eve from 4-6 we went to Bow Lake Mobile Park and helped Doris with her Christmas Program for those who had no family. We visited and sang carols and ate and closed the program with two verses of "I am a Child of God". (We forgot the last verse...remember I am getting older and forgetful but the message was still beautiful!) This is a wonderful privilege to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ through song.

Rossie - December 31, 1919 - December 18, 2013‏

Our Dear Rossie, the 93 year old friend who was baptized on Sept 14, 2013 passed away on Dec. 18, 2013. Her Graveside Service was held in the Tahoma VA Cemetery which is in Covington. This however is out of our Mission, but her grandson Derek called and wanted Bishop Floyd to speak and asked for his phone number. He asked us to come and we told him we could not attend and would not ask....and we were so sad. She would have been 94 on Dec 31.  Well, Pres. Miller text us about an hour later and told us Pres. Choi gave us permission to go. The Service was held in a permanent structure to protect us from the never ending rain of the day. After the service all left but Bishop Floyd asked Sister Carter and I to follow him to her plot and be with him during the Dedication of the Grave. We arrived at a new area of the cemetery with only mud, hundreds of headstones...and continual rain. Upon our arrival a crew of 6 men standing and a backhoe driver were just preparing to fill the grave with dirt. Bishop asked very kindly if he could have 3 minutes to 'dedicate the grave'. The mocking looks of the men and their manner of disrespect showed how they felt and the driver of the machine said, "30 seconds"! Bishop started and such power came upon this small gathering as we bowed our heads and the words of the dedication of the grave were very impactful. When Bishop completed his prayer and I opened my eyes, these men stood with a look of respect and awe for what they heard and felt and I felt so humble to be apart of this powerful event. Never have I 'seen the power of the Priesthood' visible and I cherish this event that afternoon in the rain in the Tahoma VA Cemetery. We prayed we would be Emissaries of The Master and the Holy Ghost definitely blessed us in this manner.

Juan, Sis Valtierra, and Antonio 

Sister Frame, Elder Flake, Sis Carter‏

Our most glorious event of the week was the baptism of Juan and Antonio. I told you about them last week. Oh, I just don't have the words to tell of how reverent and quiet these two young men, who are usually rowdy, acted this day at the baptism. In attendance were about 55 people; five non-members, 4 sets of Elders and then the remainder were our Ward Family. What a blessing for these boys and their mother to see and feel the love of those in the church that care about them and are 'part of the Village' that will love them and teach them. Elder Flake did the baptizing and being 6'7" tall, the water came to his knees and he had to stoop very low. This is the most incredible baptism of our Mission. We have known this family for 11 months and the blessings of the Holy Ghost softening the heart of their father to allow the baptism is immeasurable for the boys and for future generations. I am so happy and thrilled at the close of this week of Christmas. My greatest gift was the blessings of love and service and feelings of the Spirit as we worked. To experience miracles is priceless and I am unable to write in words the feelings of my heart.

The Blessings of Family is totally immeasurable!! I was able to 'FaceTime' all of my children and most of my grandchildren. What a wonderful time I had and felt!!! I Love the technology that makes all of this possible. Our four Elders, Flake, Anderson, Griffith and Brown, came over to our Clubhouse for their allotted time and 'Face timed' their families. Then they made us the most wonderful picture frames, they had painted and written on and placed their pictures in. Unbelievable!! So kind!! We love these Elders who work so hard in the service of Jesus Christ. Their parents would all be so proud of them.Thanks to so many of you for the Christmas Cards and your kind words.  Mom sent me money to go to "The Crab Pot" on Elliot Bay and eat fresh crab and think of her.  I promised I would, in fact I think we are going Monday, Dec 30th so "think of me and be jealous" :).  May God be with all of you this week and bless you in your endeavors. Please take time to look for and recognize the Miracles in your lives....and record them.
          Love to all of you,    Sister Frame

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