Monday, April 22, 2013

SEATTLE... Many Colors and the Space Needle!!

P-day was a wonderful day in the City....Sister Lance;  Sister Frame;  Sister Carter (my companion) and Sister Moreton.  These two other sisters we met in the MTC and they live and work in Kent...about 15 minutes away. In the city besides seeing the Space Needle and going to the top, we also took a tour that goes underground to the City of Seattle that was burned down in the Great Fire of 1889.  The city of a 30 square area was rebuilt on top of itself and so we saw what it was like in the original state.
Very interesting.

When we went to Safeway the other day, these 5 gentlemen were sitting on a bench outside the store.  We asked if we could take their pictures and they were most accommodating.  They are from Punjab, India. 

 The difference in size, color and shape of the turbans is personal;  the length of the beards, we thought was because of prestige, but it is very personal.  This type of dress and the men are ALL over our area.  We appreciated them sharing with us their faces and garbs. This was kinda fun! The intensity of the colors in the Northwest is absolutely incredible!!

This week was unusual and a bit week in the Missionary Department:
Monday we were in the city.  
Tuesday we went to Federal Way to Zone Conference.  This day I learned that Sid Gilbert's Grandson, Elder Gilbert, is one of the new Assistants to the President.
He did a great job and his family would be very proud of him....especially his grandpa.  The Spiritual Food of the day is incredible as we are taught by Pres. Larkin but it is a long day.  We left home at 8:50 am and arrived back at 5:30.  That evening we also went to Singles FHE so when we went to bed at 9:45 we were dead...and not teaching by us was done.
Wednesday morning at 7:10 I took Sister Carter to the ER because of some problems in her throat and chest.  Went to ER because we had no doctor and really would not have been able to get into one.  We got home at 1:30 and stayed for the remainder of the missionary work done.
Thursday we taught a lesson to Roberta and another one to Barbara.  Went to 2 other homes and they were not there....and Sis. Carter did not feel super.  Went to a specialist at 3:00 and got home at 6:00 and made an appointment for a barium swallow Tues, 23 at 9:00...and not much missionary work done today..
Friday we tried to work harder but it just didn't seem to flow well. Still, we visited 6 families and had dinner with one. That morning I was thinking about..."serving him with all my heart, might, mind and strength"  We just were not able to do that this week because of health interruptions and I was reminded that when we can't work as asked to do...the rewards are not there!  I am not feeling guilty because life is life and things happen.  But I do know that missionary work requires a great deal of effort.  As I made commitments this day to be more focused on Jesus Christ and my efforts to teach and bring others to day was a little better.  
However,  Saturday was Incredible!  Sister Carter is a little stronger each day, and that helps, but we just worked so hard.  We went to the home of 1 non-member and 5 others and the visits were wonderful.  We picked up someone to take to the Baptism, went early to set up (the Elders asked us to make it look nice), attended a baptism for Foke, Esther and John.  Now the family of 5 is baptized.  Glorious!!!  Went to Safeway's and picked up some ice cream bars and went to their home for a while.
So that is my 'unusual' week in the Mission Field.  Hopefully this coming week will be better.
My little CRV is adding about 1000 miles/month.  Love that it is little and can 'flip a u-turn' anywhere because the streets are....very interesting.  Love this car. Thanks again for your letters and notes and help.  I love all of you!
"Pray always, and I will pour out my Spirit upon you and great shall be your blessing..."
D & C 19:38
Please remember Wendy Frame Call in your prayers.   Her family went to Costa Rica during Spring Break.  She is at the University of Utah Hospital with Dengue Fever and is very, very  sick, she will be released today as there is no antibiotic for this and she just has to treat the symptoms as they come.
It is wonderful that family and friends have faith in prayers and we know Heavenly Father hears us.
Much Love,
Sister Frame

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