Monday, April 15, 2013

"Each Day is a Beautiful Day to Enjoy!"

The post title came from note on a card from a wonderful friend that lifted my heart and spirits the day I received it. And yes, regardless of rain and wind and clouds....I love each day and I hope you do also!
Last pday about12:30  not much was happening so we decided to take the light rail and  zip to Seattle, walked about 35 blocks, ate Piroshky, a Russian sandwich for lunch, watched the people, the birds and the water of Puget Sound and the boats.  It was very relaxing. This morning we are going to Seattle (again) with Sister's Lance and Moreton who are also in our Mission  We met them in the MTC and see them at Senior Conferences and Zone Meetings. Tell you about our trip next week. These are a few of the beautiful blossoms we've been seeing around where we live, some days the rain is worth the bloom.
Our days continue to be busy and to fly by.  Really, we have been in this mission for 3 1/2 months and it was just yesterday when I left.  We are teaching and working with 10-12 people each day.  The joy and the kindness of Father's children is so great.  We love them and we see progress.  Yesterday morning prior to church Roberta texted me.  We had given her a lesson last week to read the Book of Mormon.  She has been a member her entire life but her knowledge and testimony of most things is weak.  So, our lesson continued to focus on her Patriarchal Blessing and also preparing to go to the Temple before we go home.  Her message said she had read 4 chapters in the BofM and she threw her coffee pot away.  She was excited to see us at church.  She has worn white pants and white blouse to church for about 3 months and we had a beautiful blue blouse and black skirt for her.  She was beautiful and so pleased of the progress she has made.  Do you think she made my eyes a bit teary....Oh my!

Friday we went to Mercer Island to a "Senior's Conference.  28 Seniors were in attendance at the home of Pres. and Sister Larkin.  The meal was an incredibly delicious pot-luck experience.  After the meal and mingling, Pres and Sister Larkin spoke with us.  The message was that our assignment in the Mission Field is to build up the Kingdom of God.  We have been set apart by the Priesthood of God  to "Preach My Gospel" and great blessings are being bestowed upon the people of the earth that do not know God.  Pres. Larkin promised that our families will be blessed and Father will care for them ad watch over them.   Our families will prosper because we are willing to make this sacrifice and give this service to Him on our Mission. He closed with Pres. Hinckley's quote that everyone needs a friend and to be nurtured and loved. Roberta says that is why we were sent to find her, love her and bring her back to Christ.  These words make the time, money, effort and energy worthwhile!
I hope all of you are working hard to strengthen your love of The Lord.  Thank you for the years of my life that I have watched and observed you and saw the good and the kindness you give to others.  Every morning each of us should go on our knees and pray for the experience to share the  gospel of Jesus Christ by our words and actions that day.   We are extremely blessed to have the knowledge of The Savior and His teachings in our lives.  Make this a beautiful day.  Take the time to tell those you love how you feel.  Life is so Great!!!
Sister Frame

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