Monday, July 1, 2013

I'm Glad They Called Me On A Mission.....

Our Washington Seattle Mission is divided today after 15 years in existence and what a beautiful area to serve.  NEVER have I seen such beauty in flowers and some much green in trees and bushes and such!  This is a wonderful place to serve but I don't want to move here  I will be home in one year....June 30, 2014.  No, I really am not counting the day and month because they fly by too fast but it is amazing I have been gone for 6 months.
It seems that another title we wear, along with "Pioneer" is "Minuteman".  I kid you not.  Last week  the Bishop called with a few more errands we feel we are blessed to be able to assist and help him in any way.  Our Relief Society Pres. was in a bind and we were glad to help her.   We were call Tuesday to drive to Kent (20miles) and pick up a food order and bring it to a couple in Motel 6.  The couple loves us and we try to always be nice to them, but 2 days later they asked us to "run and pick them each up a milkshake".  Oh really?  No, we had other appointments.  Tues morning at 10:00 we had a call from our District Leader and told us we were having District Meeting at 1:45 so, in a minute, we called appointments and changed our agenda....yes, with a smile on our faces.
We were fasting on Tuesday because we had a Fireside with the Burmese people.  Only 6 came but there were about 40 ward members and the Spirit was incredible.  Elder Buckway and Elder Kimball gave wonderful messages.  Bishop Floyd spoke with power and the spirit and told these people they were "Pioneers" and the day would soon come that there would be large congregations of Burmese in the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints...mark my words!

Nancy, our newly baptized investigator, was confirmed Wednesday....10 days after her baptism and we are extremely happy for her.  There is still plenty of work to be done to teach and love and help her understand but she is going to do very well.

We have had so many profound and wonderful visits this week with less-active members who have forgotten what they once believed and felt and love what they feel when we come and teach them with the Spirit of the Holy Ghost....and my little ipad with Mormon Messages and Primary Songs.  This is such a powerful tool.  I am told the Missionaries in England are currently using them and I know they will soon be used by all because of the tool they can be.

This week, after tallying tonight, we realized we have visited 68 homes, given 9 hours of service and last week there were 17 less actives to Sacrament Meeting.  I know Heavenly Father was so grateful for the willingness of these people to come to church.

I probably sound like a broken record but I am so extremely thankful for the opportunity to serve a  Mission and to see the growth in myself and to feel the incredible love of these people.  They have been brought closer to the Savior in their thoughts and action and it feels so good to them.
Sister Carter and I have chosen the words by Neal Maxwell to be our Mission Statement:

"God does not begin by asking us about our ABILITY, but only about our AVAILABILITY, and if we then prove our DEPENDABILITY  HE will increase our CAPABILITY".
To all of you at home, "Make each day beautiful and may God be with you and bless each one of you....and take time to Look for Miracles"!

All my love,
      Sister  Frame

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  1. Sister Frame...sharing your experiences on your blog is hopefully inspiring to those single women and senior couples who are trying to decide if they should go on a mission. We have been blessed to serve a number of missions together and are waiting for our next call. If you happen to run into a hermana Pier who is serving in your mission, please give her a hug from her grandmother and grandfather. Bill Pier