Sunday, July 7, 2013

"Today I Obey....Tomorrow I Understand"

Elder Yoon Hwan ChoiThese are the powerful words of Pres. Yoon Huan Choi of the Washington Seattle Mission whom we met last Tuesday and his lovely wife, Sister Choi and their 3rd son, a RM from Australia.  Our meeting with the Choi's (Chaa) was incredible and we were counseled with words of wisdom and love.  He spoke of 'technology' jargon which was "gigo"....garbage in-garbage out and asked us to change the wording for our lives to "gago"....gospel in-gospel out.  This was very good counsel in a world filled with many pictures, words, music and marques that 'do not need to be stored in our minds'.  We all have the potential and possibilities to be so much more than we often give ourselves credit for.  So, let's all lear of Him and as we do so we will love Him more and want to be more like him.  Our purpose is to prepare to meet God so we should all 'be on our way' and find joy in the journey.
Last Tues Bishop Floyd called and requested our help.  We were to meet a Russian lady, who had lived in Arizona 5 years, who came to Seattle to see her children.  She had been staying in the Roadway Inn for 7 days but had no money for extended room food and etc. and the Women's Alliance had failed to return the call she made.  So, we got her 2 nights in another hotel, took her shopping for food and we hope all works out well after our 4 hour excursion.
This week we enjoyed three wonderful Miracles and as we record them in our journals, we continue to stand as a witness that God is still a God of miracles and I can't deny this.  He knows us, loves us and helps us constantly.  We just need to take the effort and time to recognize our own miracles.
I love being on this mission and I stand with 70,000+ missionaries (58 new Missions) which are a total of 405 Missions.  173 New Mission Presidents were called in July, more than ever called in one time and I  value the experiences I am having as I love and serve and listen to the Spirit and 'climb this incredible mountain'.

 Most of the blossoms are gone in July but this Magnificient flowered tree was growing against a simple trailer and it is beautiful.  Never thought I would like BLUE flowers.  Are you kidding me now!! Well, may God be with all of you and bless you in everything you do....and please take the time to recognize the Miracles in your lives.
Love to all,
Sister Frame

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