Monday, July 15, 2013

When we are on the Lord's errand....

we are entitled to His help.  Remember that whom The Lord calls, The Lord qualifies".  This quote comes from the words of President Thomas S. Monson and I love what it says.  Whether we are in the nursery, a RS Teacher,  a Scout Leader or the Bishop, this is a promise we can hold to and being a missionary I hold to it every day.  Our titles we wear empower us with Father's blessings and help to accomplish what we were called to do.  I think I repeat myself weekly but I must continue to tell you I love missionary work and this love seems to grown exponentially as the weeks go by.  The miracles we daily recognize just cannot be overlook and the personal revelation to accomplish all that is meant to be done is incredible.
I remind all of you that Sister Carter and myself and , maybe 16 other Senior Sisters,  have been called to  eight states to be "Pioneers" in this WAS Mission.....Women's Auxillary Specialitist.  And really, the work we are called to do is much different that the younger Elders and Sisters;  however we still seek for baptisms but mostly do the work of "Rescuing those that have forgotten what they once believed and felt".  It is a wonderful experience.  This week we saught out 71 people and handed a list to Bishop Floyd and the ward clerk of 12 people who have; moved, there is no dwelling  at the location, are deceased, have moved about 11 years ago  and their records came with just the city and no address.  Yes, besides being Missionaries, we are also Minute Men and now Private Investigators.  Such an experience I never expected.  We average about 10 service hours per week and love to visit the elderly and the lonely.
This past couple of weeks our District Leader and his companion have had an extremely bad experience with bed bugs.  Yes, it was hard for them but it will be a fun experience to chat about  later on.  We bundled up their suits and slacks and took them to the cleaners.  They call when they need ideas about what to do.  Kinda nice to be a "Grandma" in the mission Field.
Last week the Elders asked us to pick up a 21 year old Phillipino sister and drive her to the church for a Church Tour.  This experience guides them through the church:  they see the foyers, the Bishop's office, classrooms, Primary Room, YW Room, RS Room and they explain the beautiful artwork in this room, the Cultural Hall, The Baptismal Font....which is the most sacred room in the building, the High Counsel Room where they hold Priesthood and the Chapel.  The evening was just beautiful and the Spirit of the Holy Ghost was very impressive.   I was extremely touched as these Young Elders stand with the Power and Authority the have been given and teach the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in each of these areas of our church.  I realize that as members we take this sacred building just a bit for granite and forget the sacredness of it..  Julienne loved the hour in the church but mostly she was very touched by the feelings in her Heart and Soul.  This was an amazing experience.
This week has been one of the most powerful of our 6+ month out in the field.  Oh, the experiences of entering my Brother's and Sister's homes and teaching them truths and singing with them and praying with them is priceless and I want to never forget the knowledge I have of how much my Heavenly Father loves his children and how extremely thankful I am for Jesus Christ and His Atonement for you and me.  
Daily I am reminded of the power that comes from obedience to the Commandments of God and the rules of being a missionary.  As we obey, we are VERY blessed.  We have the privilege of growing and changing as we "forget ourselves and Go To Work".  I am very thankful for our past President Larkin and his wife and now for Pres Choi and his wife for the strictness of the way and the expectations that all the missionaries are to follow.

May God be with all of you and Bless you each day and please take time to recognize the Miracles in your lives and to record them in your journals.  If not, you will forget them.
Love to all of you,
Sister Frame

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