Monday, July 29, 2013

Oh what a Glorious Day...

This weeks begins with wonderful blessings given to me by Heavenly Father!  I am so indebted for His kindnesses and His love and I stand all amazed at the love that He offers me and hope that all of you can have these feelings in your heart this week.
Yes, I flew home for Steve's wedding which you saw last week.  The blessings of seeing my family and my mom and my friends at church were wonderful!  What a blessing for airplanes that enable these experiences!!  I am extremely happy for Steve and Allison and their children!!!!
Upon returning to Tukwila my feet hit the ground running and we have not stopped this week with blessings un numbered given to us.  We had District Meeting, in fact, the last one of this District because Transfers are next week.  
This picture shows our DL, Elder Buckway kneeling with our Zone Leader, Elder Beetus, kneeling on the right.  Back row is Elder Kimball, Elder Geigle...our Other Zone Leader. Elder Menenega, Sister Carter and Sister Frame with Elder Sasser on the back row and Sister Sasser is taking the picture.  This District will be changed Tuesday so this was a tender meeting and we rejoice in the friendships that have grown as we have served The Lord together.
Sister Carter and I renewed our commitments of PSL...Prayer, Song and Lesson at each home we enter,  whether  they are members or nonmembers, the results this week have been wonderful.  Lives have been touched and testimonies have been strengthened and love for God has grown.  The experiences are those kind that are entered into our journals.
We have taken on a project of helping a couple declutter their garage and their home....and it has been hard work.  In 4 days we have discarded some 47 apple size boxes of "stuff".  The ultimate goal over the next 11 months....when we go to make this home able to put on the market and sell so they can downsize and go to a condo.  They are wonderful people but have just saved and saved until their is soooooo much of little value.  Whew!!  We come home tired and a bit dusty!
Monday a lady called whom we had tracted out and her granddaughter asked us to come back when she was home.  Well, we had returned 2 times with no answer.  Her call asked us to come and talk to her about the church.  What a wonderful visit where the spirit was felt strongly and we will return this week.
One of our friends is getting rid of a very lovely tan leather sofa with queen size hide-abed and also a love seat.  Yes, we found another couple who need a new sofa so the "Sisters" (as we are often called) were able to make others happy by being involved and sharing love.  Just love these experiences.
Oh, Wed as we were knocking a door, I felt a terrible "sting" in my right REALLY hurt and I even pulled out a stinger.  The pain was intense but I was "Tough" and we kept going.  This bite grew in size to a 3 inch diameter on my calf, bright red and very painful and hard and hot.  Friday night we noticed by ankle was swollen and below my calf the skin was tight and red.  Oh my, I dislike going to doctors.  We called Pres. Miller and he thought we ought to go to Highline Medical Clinic in Des Moines.  Sat morning we were the 1st in line.  Yes, there was infection and I am on 10 days of Kaflex.  This just adds some spice in my life!!
Day after day we are blessed with the privilege of feeling the love of Jesus Christ in our hearts and sharing this with His other children.  No, not every day is perfect but through this opposition we try hard to draw closer to Him.  This week my favorite scripture is 2 Timothy 1:7
"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power and love
and a sound mind"
May God be with each of you this week and Bless you and please, will you take the time to recognize the Miracles in your lives. I am so thankful for the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in these Latter-Days! I know that even through the knowledge of "Worlds without Number (Ensign Aug 2013) Heavenly Father knows me and loves me and answers my prayers.  I am extremely grateful for this!I love my family with all my heart and was sooooo glad to see Mom looking well and beautiful.
Love to all,
Sister Frame

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  1. GRANDMA! I went to Snow College with Elder Geigle. IS THAT CRAZY OR WHAT? He roomed with my dear friend Jordan Rivera!