Sunday, August 18, 2013

Where has the time gone?

No one has a garden here, they just plant in pots, but what pretty color we see here! Isn't this beautiful!
I am just so surprised that the date today is Aug 18, 2013.  Where has the time gone? 
 Really, it is Sunday then it is Thursday and Sunday again.  However, as the days fly 
by so do the great and wonderful events in the Washington Seattle Mission.  We are
 happy and well and working very hard.  For example, we visited 60 homes this week 
and 52 were second visits;  we did just 7 hours of service and had 16 less active 
people to church last week.  Really, this is quite a lot of work for these two little 
ole ladies but we seem to be making a difference.  With both Elders and Senior Sisters
 in the Seatac Ward we are most often responsible for about 20-25 people in attendance.
 Today our mission president, Pres. and Sister Choi came to our ward.  What a 
blessing for all in attendance.  Our congregation has Chinese, Korean, Hawaiian, 
Burmese, Indian's, African, Ethiopian, Blacks and Caucasian.  What a glorious mixture 
of people that love The Lord and want to show their love by church attendance and 
serving! The missionaries in the Washington Seattle need not 'go forth to different
 nations'...because they are right here in the Washington Seattle Mission. They both
 spoke, Pres Choi and his wife. Pres. Choi compared the Gospel of Jesus Christ to 
kemshee e (a fermented cabbage with hot sauce that they bury in a leaf in the ground), because the words of the Gospel are not of 'this world' it is hard to 
understand and to live at first. He says most dislike kemshee e immensely at first 
but when you learn to love it (as the Gospel) you just can't live without it. 
Chuckles were heard in the audience but it made sense.  In 2 Nephi 31 it speaks 
or the Doctrine of Christ and how it is simple and plain and that our souls should
 delight in the plainness.  Therefore, we work to understand it (as we work to 
love kemshee e) and then as we understand the Gospel it is hard to live without.
Love this thought!!
    Our Monday was a simple one, did not have an adventure but just some shopping and 
then FHE with the Single Adults.
    Tuesday was Zone Conference from 9-4.  What an incredible experience to be
taught for hours at the feet of our General Authority Mission President Choi and 
his wife.  It was glorious and I feel it such a privilege to have this type of 
opportunity.  Pres. Choi choose a new Mission Song and it is "The Time is Far Spent" 
p 266.  He told us this song is very important to Heavenly Father and we are to 
learn it well and to learn from it.  Each of you ought to read the words.
Brother Sidney Gilbert's grandson is an Assistant to the President. 
He was assigned to speak about "Why we are on a Mission"  He did a very excellent job
and it was very inspirational.
     We worked very hard on Wed, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  We experienced
 revelation and are so appreciative of the Miracles we have seen and felt.  How 
blessed we are!! I see the growth of the young Sisters and Elders we are working side
 by side with and I am extremely thankful for what we see and feel.  I do hope and
 pray that I also am growing and making some headway in my progress in the kingdom. 
 The privilege of serving and loving and being obedient is just something that can be
only experienced....which we all do but it is easy to forget.
    We received a referral on Saturday so we will teach her this Tuesday.  What a 
privilege!  We were reminded today in Sacrament of the importance of praying for 
specific names and events and blessings and privileges.  In The Washington Seattle 
Mission we unite each morning at 7:30 in prayer we have a prayer list for our 
District and we say each name individually.  Today in Meeting the benediction was
 given and  the blessings for the Missionaries of our ward were stated individually.
What a beautiful feeling.  I want to close to thank all of you for your notes and 
letters and for your prayers.  "No unhallowed hand will stop this work from 
progressing" and I find myself very humbled to be apart of the effort to send for
 the Truth of God!
May God be with all of you this week and bless you and will you take the time
to recognize the Miracles in your lives!!
Love to all of you,
Sister Frame

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