Wednesday, August 14, 2013

This is the Day of Miracles!!!

I am totally astonished that it is Saturday night and another week has gone flying by.  I just do not know 
where the time is going.  It seems that we just work harder every week and in Zone Meeting Friday, Aug 9 
we were told "The Best Never Rest".  I do know we never rest so we are hoping the results are great!!
     Last Sat. evening we received a call from a couple whose home we had visited about
 10 times....only meeting them on the 2nd visit and then never again; however,  we left
 our Missionary Cards each time. Last Saturday  PJ and Latoya called and wanted to know
 what time church started and thanked us for continuing to come back to their home even
 though they were not there.  They are both dispatchers for Hertz Rent-A-Car. 
It was just such a privilege to see them on Sunday and they stayed the entire block of meetings.  This is a Miracle!
 Today we went to Alan and Kathleen's home.  Alan is not a member but is very kind
 whenever we go visit but does not stay in the room with us.  We probably went to her
 home 8 times before we found her home and found her to be a rather delightful lady. 
 Her husband works at Boeing and she is retired.  She has not been to church since she
 was a teenager, now being 70, and she made a comment that she might like to come and 
she thought Alan would probably listen to the lessons.  Well, today they were both home 
and after about 5 minutes Alan came and sat with us in the living room and we really 
had a wonderful visit.  We always do PSL...(pray, song, lesson) and today on my little 
ipad we played Pres. Monson's "What Matter's Most" and then tied it in with the song of 
"I'm Trying to be Like Jesus".  The Spirit just permeated the room and when we 
completed our message and chatting when them, Kathleen said "I guess I need to finally 
go visit my sister.  I have not seen her for 5 years and she lives 15 miles away 
in Federal Way".  There were 'soft tears' in the room by both of them.  We offered 
a prayer and as we left, after inviting them to church, her comment was "Thank you 
for being so persistent"!  Seeds were planted again....and a Miracle took place!!!
 We continue to work with and love our 'hoarders' and we  are amazed at what is
 happening with their garage (not inside the home yet and we have dumped 197 boxes of
 'stuff'), their countenances and their happiness.  He has NEVER worked so hard in his 
life and he is just so happy about the change in his 'stuff' and also about how
 he feels.  He loves us and tells us.  That is a miracle and he continuously thanks 
us for helping him want to change and to improve his life.
We do PSL and they are taught (only in the church 6 years) the Gospel of Jesus Christ
 and we bear Testimony of the truth of what we teach.  It is unbelievable to feel his
 appreciation and happiness and the change that has come to both of them.  We love
 them so much.  They think we are 'Angels' and all this combined is a Miracle!
 Wed. we were driving Pac 99 Highway and saw Nancy at Wendy's, which is quite a long
 distance from her home and she is not in the best of health.   We pulled over and 
asked if she wanted a ride, she declined and said she was getting a treat and was 
just fine.  We drove to two more homes, only one being home and we ate some figs 
and plums and chatted and headed to our home.  I turned on a street that took me 
quicker to Wendy's...don't know why because I never use this street...and we saw 
an ambulance at Wendy's.   Stopping we ran to see Nancy being placed in the ambulance 
and as she saw us, crying she asked us to follow her to the hospital, which we did. 
 He son was at work and she had forgotten her phone so there was no one to contact. 
 We stayed with her in the ER for a couple of hours.  She had stumbled and fell on
 her face shattering her upper false plate in her mouth and cutting her lip very 
badly needing 11 stitches.  Why were we where we were needed?   Why did I drive a 
shorter distance to Wendy's?  Heavenly Father needed us to be 'Angels of Mercy' for 
Nancy who had no one else to be with her.  We had the privilege of being part of a 
Miracle this afternoon!! You might call these events coincidences or luck or whatever 
 but I know they are Miracles and they happen all the time.  I am extremely thankful
 that in this mission and to have been taught of Miracles and personal revelation and
 I know they happen and I am very thankful to be involved in these experiences.
 May God be will you and bless you this week and may you take time to recognize the 
Miracles in your lives.   I love all of you with all my heart! 
I know Heavenly Father is very aware of each one of us and He hears and answers 
our His time. I continue to love the work I am doing with Sister Carter
 and I appreciate every day in the Washington Seattle Mission!!
All my Love,
Sister Frame

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