Monday, August 26, 2013

Its a beautiful day in our neighborhood...

Sister Carter and I think of this song and it makes us laugh!!  Actually, a woman was shot in the leg just across the road a couple of weeks ago;  some people living in the apartments, also across the street and a bit south, kill their chickens in their bathtubs, pluck the feathers and flush them and plug the toilets and I had $75 taken from my coin purse from our church.  Then when we were walking this morning, a friend in our apartment complex told us to NEVER leave our windows open on the ground level, which is where we live, unless we plan on using a gun.  Yes, we have been sleeping  with the window open 3 inches with a wooden block in the track but still we wonder.  Really what was Mr. Rogers singing about?    Not so sure but regardless of these events the Spirit in our lives is strong and all of you would just rejoice in knowing the miracles that are happening here in Seattle....just as they are happening in your own homes and areas!!

Our apartment, bottom right.

Our front Yard
   Our Sacrament meeting on August 18 was just glorious!!.  Pres. and Sister Choi, the Mission President just came, and remember he is a General Authority. They are both Korean and speak with accents.  He tells us "If you don't understand me, that is your problem".  He laughs but the message is that we are to pray for the spirit to bless our ears and hearts that we can understand them.   They spoke also with Sister Sifkes, a sister missionary leaving.      
   Monday for P-day we went with Sassers to Seattle and visited the Aquarium and also to the Zoo.  It was just such a fun time to be with these Senior Missionaries.  We ate lunch on Pier 54 at 'Ivars'.  I think the company and the time together was probably better than the food.
    This week I was still unable on Monday to get into the IMOS system to write Pres. Choi his weekly letter.  I had asked Pres. Miller what to do so he gave me the president's personal email.  I used it for 2 weeks but knew I should not use it again so my goal for this p-day was to figure out what I was doing wrong.   My little ipad had worked for 6 1/2 months and then was not working.  I  tried for over an hour to do 'whatever' needed to be done...nothing worked.  I asked Sister Carter for help....nothing worked.  I called my "computer-guru son-in-law' for help but it was during FHE and there was no response.  I told Sis. Carter I was not willing to go to FHE for us until the problem was repaired. TOTALLY frustrated, I knelt down at my desk chair and asked Heavenly Father to please bless my mind that I could think through the process.  I knew I had to write to Pres. Choi the following Monday so the program needed to run effectively today.  There was not other time to work on it.  Yes, most of you know I know so little about what I am doing with this ipad.....but when I completed by prayer and returned to my little ipad, I knew what to do!  I really did.  My mind walked me through the process and I was able to enter the IMOS.  I stand all amazed at the Love Heavenly Father offers me and I am so humble to know that DAILY I am blessed with Miracles and personal revelation, as are each of you.  
   We are so thrilled that Roberta now has her 4 Generations completed.  We have given her a ride to the Family History Center for 5 weeks and Brother Helland has been the 'angel' that has worked with her and helped her to have such incredible results.  This week she is getting interviewed for her Patriarchal Blessing and she has asked us to take her.  What a Miracle!!!
   We received our flu shots on Tuesday.  Wednesday we taught Marvin the first discussion.  He is about 60, has been a baptized member his entire life but never been to church since he left home at about 18.  So, our message is to remind him of those things he has forgotten, or never knew, and encourage him to come to Church.  Since we as 2 sisters can't go into his home, he is a widower, we sat on the front lawn and it was an incredible experience and all three of us felt the spirit. We visited our Chinese Friends, the Mah's and continue to pray, sing and teach them after loading their trash and recycle boxes.  We love them so much and they love us also.
     Another glorious experience was that The Sassers, Sister Carter and myself and  11 other Senior Missionaries were invited to Pres. and Sister Choi's home on Mercer Island for dinner.  This was a Chinese dinner (kim chi) and was the type of food the Chinese had been eating for 5000 years.  This was a delightful experience!!  Pres. Choi teaches us  to sing, sing, sing when things are hard or happy or whatever.  He says when we feel sick and can't work, just go to work and forget we are sick.  If we think life is hard, parents are poor or whatever, he says "So What!"  Now you make your own choices.  He wrote an article, "I love Rowdy Boys"  All of you need to look it up online and read it.  It is incredible.  I surely do love these wonderful leaders!!!!
   Well, this week we visited 60 homes!  We like this!!  Yes, we get tired but we tell ourselves we are not tired and keep going!!  We picked a gallon of blackberries for one of our dear sisters that needed them.  Blackberries are the "State Weed" in Washington!  
   I hope this blog does not sound frivolous but you need to know that I love what I am doing.  I am happy and I will ever be grateful for the privilege to serve and love and walk with my Heavenly Father in being his hands and feet and in teaching these wonderful people of the Northwest.  I am so thankful the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored in these Latter-days. I know Jesus Christ is Our Savior and Redeemer and because of Him we have the Atonement that blesses all who are baptized by those having authority and repent of our mistakes.  I love My Savior!!  May God be with each of you this week and your families and bless you!  Please take time to look for the Miracles in your lives and to share them with your children!  It is a Glorious experience to be a Missionary!!

Love to All of You,
Sister Frame

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