Sunday, August 4, 2013

Carry On, Carry On, Carry On!

"Carry on, Carry on, Carry on"... These words were sung at the closing of Zone Conference on Tues. July 30, 2013 in Bellevue and I was so enlightened by the meaning.  Regardless of where we are in the Kingdom of God or what we are doing;  whether in the Mission Field as are about 70,000 of us or in the ranks of work in our home Wards, we must stand stalwart and brave with honor and virtue and faith in the Living God.  We were baptized and called to be his people and we said we were willing to bear one another's burden and were wiling to mourn with those that mourn and comfort those that stand in need of comfort.  All this we do that He may pour out His Spirit more abundantly upon us.  Do we realize our many blessings?
Irene's Birthday Lunch
P-day on July 9  Sister Carter and  myself took  Irene to the city on the light rail for Irene's birthday dinner.  We love Pike's Market and the plethora of beautiful bouquets and the variety of shops is just so inviting for an hour's stroll.  This little restaurant on a balcony, called the "Copacabana" was extremely fun and delicious.  We also enjoyed the scenery of a beautiful day!
Transfer Day!
Took them to lunch at Dave's Diner:
 Sister Prashad, Elder Kimball (gone) Buckway
Tuesday was transfers and our great Elder Kimball left and so did one of our Zone Leaders, Elder Geigle.  Elder Kearley is our new Elder from SLC.  He is wonderful, 18 years old, very polite and he is a fine young man.  Wow!  This adds to my feelings of age.  Elder Buckway is still our District Leader until he goes home which is sometime in Sept., I think.

Wednesday our visits were just incredible.  In each home we continue to use PML (prayer, music, and lesson) and we see the spirit come alive with those we visit and teach.  I am extremely blessed to be part of these experiences.  Oh, the joy of teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and loving all those we work with.
We found a leather sofa ad love seat that one of our friends wanted to give away.  It had been in her rental and was extremely soiled so Sister Carter ad I scrubbed for a couple of hours, made it look almost new and had the Elders come to transport it to another family who were very grateful to be the recipients.   Oh, the joy of Mission work and feeling so much love from our brothers and sisters!
We daily continue our work of helping a couple who are "hoarders" REMOVE the stuff from their home with a plan and a goal that we might have the home ready to put on the market so they can downsize to a condo before we go home.  We have just started in 1/3 of the garage and have discarded 113 large postal boxes (the white ones).  We are very happy to see their ownership of improving their home by reducing those things that are very old and of no value.  This is bringing such joy to that that this moving might really be a reality.  Oh, the joy that service brings.         This week we have been challenged to do better and we have been reminded of Alma 20:4....'I know, in the strength of The Lord thou cans't do all things".  This applies to all of our less active friends and family, to those that are active, to family members ad missionaries.  We must realize the importance of making plans and then going forth according to the guiding hand of The Lord.
Miracles continue to happen daily in our lives here in Tukwila, Washington and it is such an honor be recognize them and be a part of them.  We fast and pray for these dear friends and hope with all our hearts they will listen to the Spirit of the Holy Ghost and choose righteousness and follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by one holding the Priesthood of God. May God be with you and bless you this week and will you please take time to recognize the Miracles in your lives. 
I love all of you so much!!!
Sister Frame

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