Monday, September 16, 2013

The Time is Far Spent there is little remaining....

We heard a very touching story from Elder and Sister Sasser (our Sr. Couple friends from Orangeville, Utah).  They have friends that decided to put their papers in and go o a Mission and  when they received their call, they were surprised to see that they had been called to Siberia (Russia).  They talked it over and decided they just could not do a Mission that extreme.  They sent the papers back and said they were very sorry but they could not accept the call.  A few months later they decided to try again.  They sent their papers in and received their call......  SIBERIA (RUSSIA) again.  They felt very sad to turn down the Mission call again  so they decided if that is where The Lord wanted them to serve they would do it.  This was an extremely hard mission for them.  They were doing Humanitarian Services in the city and they were asked to clean a 'very horrible prison' dirty she could hardly manage doing the cleaning and they only thing that made it possible was her decision to "sing primary songs" as she worked.  This is kind of what our Pres. Choi says...sing,sing,sing!  Well, anyway as she was scrubbing this very dirty floor in the prison and singing primary songs, she heard these words, "Mother, is that you?"   "Mother, is that you?"  So was so taken back she could not believe it because the voice she had heard was their son.  They had his funeral 3 years prior because they thought he was dead.  Come to find out he was taken and placed in the Siberian Prison as a spy.  He was awaiting trial but his name never came up.  He had been forgotten.  They went to the American Embassy and pleaded with them to start proceedings to get him back to the United States   He still has not been released but imagine if they had not accepted the call to go to Siberia.  They never would have found their son.  The Lord works in mysterious ways!!

My picture technology did not work last week so I will try again.  Elder Buckway, our District Leader until last Monday went home to Centerville, Utah.  He and Elder Kearley were such great Missionaries and were wonderful examples of fine Servants of The Lord.

Thursday, Elder Birati went home to the Marshall Islands.  He was one of our Zone Leaders and was such an 'eternal optimist'.  What a privilege to work with all the Missionaries in the Washington Seattle Mission!!

Fokes, our dear Burmese Family, was notified of their eviction last Sunday Morning from their apartments because they were condemned and they were to be gone Tuesday.  Yes, and where are they to go?  So, Foke and Esther and Sister Carter and I went looking for apartments for 3 hours Sunday (just had to be done).  We traveled to 12 apartments to get and idea but all were closed until Monday.  Therefore, our p-day was spend looking for apartments again ....just Sister Carter and myself because Foke and Esther were working.  Now we have a list of 15 that might work but they are all just too much money.  So, two that were in a poor part of town by Foster High just did not seem right and we headed to the other side of town to the Skyview Apartments.  We found and incredible apartment....long story short, this wonderful family has an apartment, new carpet, much larger than the previous one and in a much better area.  Really, God does provide miracles for his children.  They are so excited....and so are we!!!

 Sister Carter and I went to the temple this week and I really feel this was one of the better sessions I have ever participated in.  What a privilege to be able to attend while serving in the Mission Field and to feel the incredible Spirit of the Holy Ghost.

 Miracle of Miracles....Rossie, our 93 1/2 year old investigator we have been teaching  is ready for baptism and I want you to know she is sharper than a tack. She really wanted to be baptized and this took place Sat, September 14, 2013.  She probably only weighs 75+ pounds and is very fragile so we had two Elders in the water to immerse her so she feel safe and secure but her toe did come up.  Therefore Elder Kearley had to immerse her 2 times.   Wow!  This is incredible!    We took her for some hot soup after because she was just freezing and we enjoyed the time together.  Today she was confirmed in Sac. Meeting by Elder Porter.  What a marvelous experience it was!  I am so impressed with her tenacity to want to be baptized and to follow through.  It would be easy to just never have called us and just thought she did not need to change in her 'Senior Years". I am extremely thankful for the privilege of "Rescuing those that have forgotten what they once believed and those who have not been taught".  This is only our 2nd Baptism but lives are being changed and this is a glorious experience!!!

I love the Teachings of Jesus Christ...that because of the Atonement we will all be resurrected and I just hope and pray that as I trying to be more like Him, I will find myself 'comfortable' in the presence of My Savior.  I pray that God will be with each of you and bless you this week.  I hope that each of you will take the time to notice the Miracles that are so often around you and that you will also hear the personal revelation that is given to you.  I love my family with all my heart and appreciate how hard they are working to take care of each other while I am gone!!  I know they can get along without me, but it just touches my heart and soul as they serve each other and Mom!
Make each of your day's be beautiful!!

All my love,
Sister Frame


  1. Thank you so much for your blog! My youngest (Elder Rowe) just arrived in Seattle Tuesday the 10th. I have been searching for any information on the Seattle Mission and there you were!! Good luck to you! If you don't mind I will keep following your adventures!

    BJ Rowe (Las Vegas, NV)

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