Monday, September 9, 2013

Cheer and Bless and Brighten.....

The joy and thrill of being on a mission in Tukwila, Washington continues and it seems
 that daily I am learning more of how to scatter the sunshine of Jesus's work to all 
of Heavenly Father's children.  These opportunities come through teaching and
 loving and serving and enjoying each other. 

Monday Irene, a non-member invited six missionaries to her home for a barbeque. 
 It was a delicious layout of food enjoyed by all and it is fun to take a break and
 relax occasionally. You can see Elder Kearley and Elder Buckway needed a break! 
Tuesday was District Meeting until 12:30.  This was a tender time because transfers are
 next Tues and we might night see the three other Elders again plus Elder Buckway goes
 home today.  After our meeting Sister Carter and I changed clothes and went to a home
 and washed walls in a bathroom and the large family room and cleaned and polished 
double paned windows.  This was a three hour experience and it felt good to be 
'physically tired'. Tuesday evening we met with Bishop Floyd and our Elders and Brother
 and Sis McLean for our Missionary Meeting and then went on splits until 9:00. 
Wednesday morning we left home with a member, in pouring rain, for Seattle.  She had a 
3 hour appointment for heart testing in the PoliClinic.  On our way home Nancy realized
 she had lost her phone so we turned off the freeway.  She called the clinic and they 
found it in the restroom.  Only a miracle can cause a phone to be where it was left two
 hours prior in a 9-story Medical building.  We arrived home about 2:00 and then went 
and visited five more people. 
Thursday is planning time until 1:00p.m.   This week we really worked hard at getting
 our schedule out 12 days.  This makes it easier each evening in our 1/2 hours 
preparing time to see where we are going, to make adjustments and to prepare for
 Personal Study and Companion Study the following morning.  After study time we visited
 4 people and found the joy that comes as we Pray, Sing and give a Lesson (PSL) in each
 home.  The Spirit is invited and all are edified and we enjoy teaching them the 
Missionary Lessons. 
Thursday afternoon about four we went with Sassers and Coletha to the Flight Museum 
in Seattle, this was magnificent and we stood a little prouder as Americans at the 
wonderful job that has been done by the aviation aspect of our Great Country. 
 Friday we experienced another trip to Seattle to take Nancy to the doctor but this
 time it only took 3 1/2 hours and all went well.  We visited many people this 
afternoon teaching the Truths taught by Prophets and reminded them of Stake
 Conference Sat evening and Sunday morning at ten o'clock.
We also reminded them of General Conference on Oct 5-6.  It is just such a joy to
 go into people's homes and feel the love they have for us and how they like what 
is taught by the Spirit. This day we went to visit a family and were able to visit 
with Loni and Vea.  Loni is 18 and wants to go to college and then maybe go on a 
mission....but the funds for both are very limited.  We were prompted to find a
 couple who will work with her in her educational goals and help her to realize them.
 We will notify Bishop and left him know of her desire for a mission in a year.  What 
a blessing it was go to this home....and they were not on our planning schedule but 
we were prompted to go visit them. 
I know with all my heart that Heavenly Father loves all his children and wants to help 
them in their righteous desires.  I am just so grateful to be one of His tools in this
 mission and I really appreciate the health and strength He has blessed Sister Carter 
and myself with to "scatter sunshine all along our way each day 
Rossie, our investigator, returned from one of the islands by Seattle, staying with
 her son for a week, and we had a great visit with plans to pick her up for 
Conference tomorrow.
 I continue to stand all amazed at the love Jesus Christ offers me and I appreciate 
the privilege it is to serve Him and His children and also to teach them of His 
teachings. I am so thankful for the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and 
for the power of the Priesthood.  I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God and 
I know the Book of Mormon was translated in these latter-days and contains the record 
 of the people of the ancient America's, which were written by way of Commandment.  
 May God be with you and bless each of you this coming week and please take time to 
experience and recognize the Miracles in your lives. 
Love to all of you!!
Sister Frame

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