Monday, September 23, 2013

What beautiful fall days we have had in the Northwest this past week!  The leaves 
are changing colors and the grass is becoming green.  Wow, it is fantastic!
And then the rain came today and the wind.  It reminded me of the month of Jan.
when I came at the beginning of the year, but this time of the year I really 
don't mind it.  In fact, it was really nice.
P-day this past week was glorious!!  We traveled with Sasser's in their car, taking 
the ferry to Vashon Island which is just west of Seattle.  It started as a cloudy 
day but changed to absolutely beautiful with the sun shining and coolness in the air.
The landscape of the island is very green and beautiful.  We saw sailboats, grape 
arbors, churches and this small light house.  
Though this lighthouse is small and 
very simple, it is powerful to those in Puget Sound as it guides them across the water.
Hopefully each of us look to The Lord as he is a light in our lives and guides us 
through the storms...if we choose to pay attention.
Also, I have been sitting this morning thinking of the changes and, hopefully the 
growth that has taken place within me in the previous nine month.  I find myself
profoundly surprised!  Not that I was a bad person but I have seen areas of weakness 
that are improving and becoming stronger.  I am extremely thankful for my Heavenly 
Father who has been patient with me and has tutored me in many ways as I have climbed 
this mountain.  I see He has placed many people in my path that have loved me and 
taught me and helped me realize what I can be and reminded me of the good that is in 
this "daughter of God".  I will work harder and more effectively daily as I serve Him 
to pay my debt for His Goodness.
This week we have had many experiences that have blessed the lives of our brothers and 
sisters and we have felt the Spirit in many ways. Our most remarkable experience 
happened Saturday.  A less active sister's name haas been on our New Directory for
two months.  As we introduced ourselves she wondered how she had been found for she
had lived in this same home for seven years and was just a bit surprised.  Maria is
about 40+ and as we visited it was very evident that she loved The Lord and also the
teachings of the church.  While living in Calif, before coming to the Northwest, she
was very active in the church.  She attended the temple regularly, was YW President 
and more than once drove the youth of here ward to SLC to experience General Conference. 
She said she just love being in the church. Well, she divorced, remarried a non-member 
and her work required she Sunday work every other week.  She just seemed to "wander 
away" like the lost sheep in Luke 15:3-7.  She was not trying to be against the
teachings and she did not realize where she was going.  Later she felt she was being 
a hypocrite so she removed her garments trying to be honest in the eyes of Heavenly 
Father.  This is her story.  Well, on this day we found her our purpose was to remind
here of what she believed.  We taught her and sang and prayed and she liked what she
heard and felt.  She asked for a Spanish "Johnny Lingo" to share with her husband and
also asked if he had any Spanish Liahonas we could get for her at this time because
 Julio's English is very poor.  Then she wanted to know if there were
Spanish Missionaries that we could find to come and teach Julio....very slowly. This 
was a Miracle!!   It was not luck we found Maria at home on the 3rd visit.  It was not
luck this was her weekend to be off work and had just return from shopping.  No, 
Heavenly Father loves his children and guides others to touch their lives.  We are 
extremely thankful to be an instrument in God's hands and we pray for Maria that she
will have the courage and faith required to "return to the fold".  This was such a 
beautiful hour!!
Well, we just took a break and did our walking in the rainy morning but it felt good. 
Now I am back. I want all of you to know that I LOVE being a Missionary.  I love the
privilege to serve and find those that also Love The Lord even though  some have 
forgotten.  I appreciate so much being reminded in the mission field of the power 
that comes from obedience and the important part it plays in my life.  I am extremely 
appreciative of Jesus Christ and of the Atonement He provided for all of us!
May God be with each of you this coming week and bless you.  Please take time to look 
for the Miracles that are daily a part of your lives.
I am very thankful for all of my family and for your prayers and your support.
Love to all of you,
Sister Frame

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