Monday, September 2, 2013

I love to see the Temple...

Tuesday our Zone attended the Seattle Temple and were able to experience the new film.  I felt it taught so well the message of the endowment and I loved it!!  Elder and Sister Sasser (from Orangeville, near Price) drove Sister Carter and myself.  In this picture, Elder Menennga is in the center and Elder Beetis is our Zone Leader on the right.  Truly this was beautiful and the flowers enhanced our experience.  Angel Moroni on the Seattle Temple faces West and he holds the Golden Plates....Learn about that!

Wed we accompanied our dear Burmese Family...Foke, Esther, John, David and Peter to the Temple to do Baptisms for the Dead.  Oh they are wonderful people!  Esther's mother died in Burma when she was 10 years old so now she calls us her 'two mothers' and the boys call us 'grandmas', even as they say prayers at home.  They have been members since June 16, 2013 and we love them with all our heart.  They truly will be leaders in their Burmese Community one but currently they are often shunned because they chose to be baptized.  Today David bore his testimony in Testimony Meeting and told of his trip...." There were 2 cars and our car had Foke, Esther and John.  We were the front car and David and Peter were in the second car.  On the way to the temple, which is the best place to go, the second car got lost in traffic so they called me and we told them where to turn and what was happening.  They found us and we arrived safely.  He compared this to life....sometimes we get lost and we must call upon Heavenly Father and ask Him to guide and direct us to our safe and beautiful goal.  This is incredible for a six month convert!

Two month ago we went to the home of a less active but he said he did not have time;  however his frail 93 year old grandmother came to the door, weighing about 70 lbs and said she wanted to meet us.  Well, last week, after speaking with her backyard neighbors who are members and asking for the phone number of these sisters she called and asked us to come over and visit her.  We have been 3 times and she is pleased with what she is hearing and wants to be baptized.  She is on date for Sept 14,  please keep Rossie in your prayers.  We are very pleased to see how she loves the teachings of Jesus Christ and what she is being taught.

I got my teeth cleaned a month ago and one of my crowns has had a leak and so now I am the proud owner of a new crown.  Lucky me!!!

Blessings continue to follow us as we go out and about.  Bishop asked us to work with a couple who needs to be taught about hygiene.  They live in a 'horrible' motel on Pac 99 Highway.  We have been to visit them often enough so they know we love them and they know they can trust us.  We take them food, milk shakes, food orders etc.  Well, this day as we spoke kind and gentle words but the message was hard and they were very angry.  She said she would never attend church again,  she cried and  she profaned and hollered and he left crying.  Because he left she threw her wedding rings at him and threw the phone in the ofter direction.  Oh my!!  As we continued to communicate with her the Spirit of the Holy Ghost finally touched her heart (someway).  The message that was given was accepted.  Later they called us and apologized.  Yes, seeds of love had been planted prior to our assignment from the Bishop and this distilled through their hurt feelings.  I just feel so strongly that feelings of trust and love must developed as we lived and work with people and this will enable the Love of our Savior to penetrate our hearts. We set goals with them hoping that they will rise us to the level of expectations.  We will go over Monday and see if their goals were accomplished.

We continue to work extremely hard and are seeing the blessing of people embracing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   Visiting those who are less active with a real love lifts their hearts so much. Yesterday Candis called us.  She has some learning disabilities and other challenges.  A man came in to take care of her (she is about 50) and later they were married.  He has been very abusive, but last winter had agreed to be baptized and they had just started coming to church in Jan when we arrived.  About 3 months ago he informed ALL of us in the ward, and also the missionaries, to never come back and they were NOT coming to church.  This was so sad because Candis loves the church.  Well, when she called us,  the police had just taken her to a safe house after someone called because of his abuse and she asked us to come and get her for church.  What a privilege to be the ones called to help....because love and kindness had been shone prior to he hard times and we had taught her of Jesus Christ.

Well, today is Sept 1 and we have 9 months until our mission is completed.  Most of you know Jerry and I have never moved from our ward in Orem since we were married so for me to pull up stakes and come to the Northwest for 18 months was....yes, rather hard!!  But the experiences are priceless and I will never forget these dear people and their love and the incredible Elders and Sisters and Seniors I have worked with.  Take a minute, those who are older (Seniors)  and have more minutes, and evaluate how much you have to share with other and realize how you can bless other's lives.  I love my mission,  I love my Heavenly Father!  I love Sister Carter and I love with every fiber of my being my wonderful family at home!!!!

May God be with each of you and bless you!   Please take time to recognize the Miracles that are part of your daily lives and then thank Heavenly Father for them.

Love to all of you!
Sister Frame

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