Monday, December 23, 2013

"Sleepless in Seattle... No, Christmas in Seattle!"‏

The days and the events of these December days seem to be running together but I must share with all of you the incredible experiences we are having. Saturday evening we picked up Veronica,
an investigator working with Elders Flake and Anderson. She is a beautiful young adult, parents from Russia who were refugees when she was 4 1/2. We went to Bellevue for a magnificent piano recital by Sun Beam Choi...our Mission President's son who is a concert pianist and also a professor of piano at BYU. The beauty of the sounds from the piano and also the incredible movement of his hands, the large screen in the chapel was down and a camera was on the keyboard and his hands, was just unbelievable!!! What a glorious Christmas to all present last night. I was reminded of the Parable of the Talents in Matt 25:14-30. His words were, "Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things and I will make thee ruler over many things; enter thou into the joy of The Lord." How well Sun Beam had increased his talents through many, many hours of work and practice. This is such a great reminder that I will do likewise and work at increasing those things I have to share with others.
Macy's Dept Store Christmas Tree--Downtown Seattle
My "beautiful Christmas tree" in Seattle 2013

Lights in Seattle in the Rain---Sister Carter and I

Prior to the concert we took Veronica to the Temple, just next door to the Stake Center, and took her inside to the front desk. Then we went and sat down in the room off the foyer and chatted about her questions, also sharing our testimonies with her of the beauty of the temple and of the blessings it is to be married for time and all eternity. It amazes me that the Christmas Season throughout the World is so designed with Lights...bright, clear, colored and shiny! May this be "The Light of Christ" shining to everyone and many "know it not". The lights look beautiful, makes one feel so good and always has a star that is brighter than anything else. What a beautiful Holiday for all Mankind!! Friday night Sister Carter and I went to the city on the lite-rail with Sue, Tracey and Matthew. It was so good to 'sit and ride', see so many lights
Downtown Seattle
and visit and chat with those we have come to love. How good it feels to love and to be loved. How can we ever express enough Thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for showing and teaching us the way 'to be filled with love towards God and all men" (Mosiah 2:4) and to experience the peace and happiness that comes from the choices we make to do so. I love the teachings and messages from our Scriptures. Our MTC class for our Ward Missionaries continues to go well. Elders Flake and Anderson taught the first two lessons. We, the Sisters, taught the second two lessons and Elders Griffiths and Brown teach the last 2 classes. These have been wonderful experiences for all of us. AJ and Latoya came with us to "The Angels Sing" a week ago, they came with us to Church on Sunday and someone asked AJ to sing in the ward choir. He was so pleased to know that he is needed. Isn't that what we all want? He grew up in Guam, left the Catholic Church and his family to be baptized. I stand in awe of people with that kind of testimony, commitment and faith. They are such good people. We picked them up for church this morning and it was so good to see them.  Last Sunday Roberta arranged for all 6 missionaries to eat in the Clubhouse at The Bow Lake Mobile Park. She was so proud to be surrounded by these four tall, well groomed, good looking missionaries called of God to eat at her table. Her little trailer is extremely small and there is not room but she loves the missionaries so she arranged for the dinner. These are such privileges to rub shoulders with these kind and humble people. We just love her!! Monday evening we were invited to Pipkins for dinner and just loved the food prepared. But even more than that, once again the same words come forth, we love and respect this sweet family with all our heart. They are humble and kind and having far less material goods than most people and filled with more love than '10 average people', we just love to be in their home. What a privilege to do this work!!! Daily we have been teaching Antonio and Juan with their mother, who is less-active, in the room. These have been wonderful and challenging experiences. Our hearts get discouraged but we continue to teach and love and share the word of The Lord. Last night Bishop Floyd called us and asked to act as "Santa Clause" for these boys because someone donated some money. Sunday we will chat with Dawn and then see what we can do on Monday and Tuesday to bring a happy spirit into their lives. We have spent a couple of mornings making sweet rolls and then delivering them to the many people we love and admire. The truth is that 'the more you share and give away the more your are blessed'. Isn't that a wonderful feeling to know and to appreciate. Our dear, sweet friend, Rossie Hanes passed away this past week. We were pleased that her grandson Derek called us an let us know. We went to visit him, with a plate of sweet rolls, and after 1 1/2 hours we left with still more love in our hearts for Rossie and her Family. What an incredible experience to meet her and baptize her just 2 months prior to her passing. I know God work in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. This beautiful Christmas Season as all of us enjoy the blessings of The Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, we rejoice in the feelings of love and kindness from everyone. It seems that these feelings increase because these are the powerful traits of Jesus, whom we call Our Lord and Our King. I love Him with all my heart and I am immensely grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ that was restored in these Latter-days by a Prophet of God, Joseph Smith. May we all strengthen our commitments to obey God's teachings and to 'increase our talents of love, understanding, kindness and service! I hope and pray all of you have a Beautiful Christmas Week and that each of us can remember those things that matter most in this life and be less concerned with the material aspects. Take time to be aware of the Miracles in your life this week and record them so you will not forget them.

                 Love to all of you,
                    Sister Frame

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