Monday, December 16, 2013

"The Angels Sing"

"To reach a goal you have never before attained you must do things you have never before done!".  This thought by Richard G. Scott is a truth that I really like!  If I want to be healthy, I have to study healthy habits and patterns and then follow through with them by buying groceries I have never purchased, eating meals I have never eaten and saying no to sweets that I've never rejected before.  If I have a goal to read my scriptures daily  I need  to set aside time to read them, have a schedule of topics or chapters I want to study and then I must prioritize my time so I have no excuse not to read them.  Sounds easy does't it?  Well, easy is not always best.  President Miller trained our Seattle Zone while President Choi held Personal Interviews and these were the words he taught and it made so much sense to me.  This is a marvelous privilege to be interviewed by a General Authority who is your Mission President and as he asked me if I would accept a goal of baptisms with Very High Expectations.  "Yes" I said knowing I needed more faith than fear and knew that to accomplish this I needed to follow the words of my opening message....and Sister Carter and I will.

We are currently working with Antonio 11 and Juan 9 and Dawn, their mother who is less-active and Jose, their father who is a non-member.  He doesn't think the boys are respectful so he doesn't want them baptized.  Our first lesson was not good...neighbors in the house were talking, the phone was ringing, mother got up in the middle of the lesson looking for a scale to weigh herself on and NO ONE was listening!  We left very discouraged and in the car we prayed for guidance and help.  What are we to do to help them want to listen?   The boys have been to church for 4 weeks and participated in the Primary Program, riding to church and sitting with the Mendenhall Family.  They have 5 children and often you can see Antonio holding one of them and helping in Sacrament Meeting.  These boys say they love church.  Mom has been able to stop smoking for 3 weeks.  After talking with Jose, he finally expressed that he doesn't want the boys baptized because he will be left out.
So, this is the family we love!!  The 2nd lesson was from the B of M Alma 17 and how Ammon wanted to be a friend to the king so he told him he would be his servant.  We showed a Mormon Message of Ammon chopping off the arms of the Lamanites, the boys and Dawn did not move and liked what they saw which taught the importance of service and how we are to listen to God, who is our Heavenly Father who loves us.  The third lesson we used another Mormon Message and the boys and Mom were totally involved asking questions and telling us about what the ipad had shown and how they understood.  Sister Carter and I feel we are making progress.  Juan volunteered to say the closing prayer and it was very well done!

Sister Carter and I went to the Temple on Wednesday and the words I heard and the feelings I had in my heart were just so profound.  I had a very positive experience and I am thankful I could do the work for Ann and at the same time be reminded of the promises and covenants I have made over the past 47 years!  I love the temple very much and appreciate President Choi who told the "Seniors" we can go to the temple when we need to.  I look forward to serving in the Mt. Timpanogoes Temple again in August!!

We took Esther and John to the store to do some shopping.  Then she wanted to go to "Bartell Drug".  She saw some beautiful wrapped boxes of candy and she was just like a little child.  She was sooooo happy and excited that she could afford these gifts.  Remember, they have only been in America, from Burma and then Mylesia, for just over a year.  This is such a new and wonderful experience for her and her family.  Just love them so much!!

To all of my family and friends I want you to know the feelings of the Spirit of Jesus Christ and of Christmas are strong in Seattle.  In fact, one of the soloists sang "Christmas in the Northwest",  It is a beautiful song Two lines of this song are, "Christmas in the Northwest is a gift God wrapped in Green".   Look for the words and music online.  It is awesome.

This week I read a thought that said:
"When we love somebody, we show it by doing something nice"!
We need to learn to serve more and more and love doing it.  We need to surprise people with a good deed they had not planned on receiving.  We all have these types of opportunities at home, in school and at church and as we loose our lives in the service of Father's children, Satan's temptations lose power in our lives.  This wonderful season of the year and is a time of Love and Service.
"The Angels Sing", our Christmas Celebration was finally presented.  Friday we invited Nancy, a less-active member to come with us and the program was glorious.  The Kennedy Catholic High School Orchestra was magnificent, there were 12 soloists from a Private School and the Will Power Big Band Sound and Jazz were just great.  I did hear Angels Sing as the music of violins and soloists were heard and then the Big Band played, both music of the 60's and Christmas, I felt Jerry's angelic feet waltz me around and around the chapel.  It was just wonderful!!  Sat. night we took LaToya and TJ, another less-active couple and the sounds this night were a 100 voice Children's Choir, Hispanic Choir, Sounds of Tonga and 6 opera singers you would never believe.  What a wonderful two nights in the Chapel.

So I close this Sunday night letter with joy and happiness in my heart for the birth of Jesus Christ and the meaning His live gives yours and mine,"And The Lord called his people Zion because they were of one heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteousness;  and there was no poor among them."  Moses 7:18 May God be with all of you and bless you and keep you!  May we count our many blessings daily....put them in a jar each day and then read them on Christmas Eve.  May we smile at all we meet.
Please take time to look for the daily simple Miracles in your life and record them.
Love all of you,

                                                                                     Sister Frame

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