Sunday, February 9, 2014

"The Best Never Rest!"‏

I was reading some of my older Journal entries and I found this note by Elder Birati at Zone Meeting on Aug 9, 2013.... "The Best Never Rest!"‏.  I just loved the thought it imprinted into my mind of the value of working hard and never stopping. And that is just what a mission is about...and so is life. To just keep going and serving and doing good things and making good and powerful decisions. Acts 10:38 says "Jesus went about doing good" and in Phillippians 2:7 it tells us that during His mortal ministry, the Savior "took upon him the form of a servant". We all need to follow our Savior and be consistent in our efforts to serve and love and realize "The Best Never Rest!"  

This has just been the best of weeks and we feel as we have worked hard and tried to be obedient and very sincerely pray for unity, we have been blessed with great strength to bless the lives of other people. The most marvelous happening is that we had 30 less-active and new investigators attend church on Sunday, Feb 2, 2014...the same day as the Superbowl. Our meeting, as all of yours, was  Testimony Meeting and the Sprit was strong and powerful and we feel that all of us in attendance were certainly taught from on high.

 We have talked that we need to start walking more and because the weather is cold or wet we decided to go to the church and walk the halls and the cultural hall for 1/2 hour. Let me tell you what...this ole body of mine does not even move the nights we do the walking. When I am horizontal it takes about 42 seconds to go to sleep...and I love it.

Well, the blessings of this week are many. We have been visiting a lady named Doris, who lives in Bow Lake, for just about a year. When we first met her she was critically ill and her legs were so swollen the skin had split vertically and were infected. She weighed over 300 lbs and we all figured she would pass away. We could not visit in the hospital because we were not family. Well, it is now a year later, she has lost over 70+ lbs. with no help from a doctor or pills, is doing so well and after another invite from us to come to church she has finally decided to come. We are very happy for her and will pick her up tomorrow.

We had been to the home of a family that live near 56th Ave on three different occasions. They are members of the church but have never come. Today we had to cross the freeway to visit some other investigators and at the last minute decided to go see them again. This time Lailan was outside cleaning her car...and it was freezing!. Her family is Tongan. Her husband has seen the card we left 1 1/2 weeks ago and she said he printed on his Facebook..."Two Angels came to our home to day and we missed them and I am so sad". Yes, we were very surprised and as we invited her and her family of 5 to church she said they really had wanted to start coming but just never did do it. Then we tell her church starts at 1:00, they can still sleep in and then come to church. Really, she seemed a bit excited, in fact saying her husband usually is saying, "Let's go to Church". We were surprised to hear her speak of her husband because his name is not on the Ward Directory. She told us he and his brothers were baptized in Tonga and it has happened before that the records have been lost. So, we will see what we can do. Yes, they say they are coming to church tomorrow and we are praying they come. Please remember to keep all these people in your prayers. There are thousands that the Missionaries are working with all over the world that need the faith and the prayers of the members in behalf of those they have found and are teaching and those they are rescuing and reminding.

Today we went to Ed's apartment, who is a less-active member. After visiting for a few minutes we invited him to church. At first he told us he did not want to come, telling us he was shy, has done some things wrong, has not paid tithes for a few years and he has no clothes. And we said, "So what! Start right now and make some changes in your life. Please come to church tomorrow and we will save a seat for you, dress how you will feel comfortable and you will love what you feel and we will be so glad you are there!" He proceeded to tell us of his baptism as a teenager because of a great friend. He attended Seminary every morning at 6:00am, never missing. He lived as he had been taught to live.  Then he joined the Military and still continued to live the LDS lifestyle he loved, knowing the opposite activity was not an option to be considered. Somewhere between the military and now he just stopped coming. When he moved to this area a few years ago he contacted the Bishop with his information because he wanted to make some changes and come back to church. However he did not come back. So, today these "Two Ole Sisters" helped him feel the Love of Jesus Christ and the Power of The Atonement through the Power of the Holy Ghost. Ed's countenance changed right before our eyes and his voice and attitude changed also. He sounds like he really wants to make some different choices in his life and come back to church....and he did come!!

Friday morning we attended the Seattle Temple and just loved that experience very much. I think I have said this temple reminds me, in the inside, of the Provo Temple. However, instead of walls that softly curve like the Provo Temple interior, the Seattle Temple has square walls. The Endowment Room is the same and I just feel so comfortable. I often look across the aisle, as I did so any years ago, hoping I can see Jerry but I can't see him...just think a great about him. We feel it such a privilege to live in a mission with a temple to be able to go to the temple a couple of times a month while serving a mission.

Sunday morning we woke to this:
A world of Whiteness....about 3 inches of snow. All meetings in the 9 and 11 times are cancelled. Our 1:00 block with have just Sacrament Meeting. I am speaking on "The Blessings of the Temple". Probably no one will be there because their snow is so wet and icy and they say dangerous. Irene invited us to lunch after church. This will be a laid-back day because these "Two Ole Sisters" are not going walking and take a chance on falling.

What more can I say..."I love this work and I am just so amazed at the many, many blessing that are given to the people in this SeaTac Ward of the WA-SEA Mission. Lives are changing and growth is happening to so many people." I am trying not to rest too much because we want our work to bring about the best!! Thank you so much for your notes and letters and love, especially those from my Grandchildren write and for the many prayers they say for me!!!!

May God be with all of you and bless you this week and please take time to look for the Miracles in your lives and to record them. Love to all of you, Sister Frame

P.S. Sister Carter gave me this number to 'Stop Cellphone calls from local/international callers for 5 years." 1-888-382-1222 just in case you're interested.

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